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What should you look for in a web hosting provider? - (

There are thousands of web hosting providers out there. There's very well known ones, like Hostgator and GoDaddy, and then there are more business-level ones, like Media Temple, and us. Just because a web hosting provider is well known doesn't mean that it's a good one.

In fact, if you get shared hosting from one of these providers, you're likely to be sharing space with many, many clients.

So what do you look for when researching web hosts?

Generous features

Disk space
Managed and unmanaged options
Root access
Backup solutions
Domain names

Dependable IT Support

You can reach JaguarPC constantly. That's not the case with all types of web hosts. You want people that can help you quickly and efficiently, with multiple ways to contact them, based on what's convenient for you.


Of course, pricing is going to be an issue. Our pricing is transparent and fair & balanced. Price shouldn't be the deciding factor, but you want to balance pricing with features.

Contact us today!

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What do you look for in a web hosting provider?
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Benefits of Choosing a U.S. Based Web Host Over Other Regions - (

41.2% of websites are hosted by the US. Hosting your website with a U.S. based web host gives you the advantage of years of experience and high-quality server technology.

Affordable web hosting plans from American-based hosts (like ours) will often include SSL certificates, daily backups, cPanel, along with all of the other features and benefits we offer.

Some companies are very worried about data security. In fact, we're aware of clients that won't use email software that's not 100% U.S.-based for data security reasons. If they can't use Contactology because it's moved overseas, then how could they use a web host that's hosted overseas? That means you might be losing business if your hosting is not in the U.S.

Plus, there will definitely be no language barrier.

Contact us today!

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Do you host in the US?
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How to Optimize Your Page Load Speeds - (

As we've talked about in previous posts, page loading speed is everything. You can drastically lose sales and conversions because people are impatient, and expect your page to load quickly and efficiently.

Not sure what's the issue? Check Pingdom. In the meantime, here's some solutions:

Wordpress plugins: If you have a ton of plugins, it'll slow your site down. Limit your plugins to the bare necessities.

Web hosting: As we've mentioned before, shared hosting is likely to slow your site down. It might be time to upgrade to VPS

Add CloudFare: CloudFare improves your website performance by offloading your content to a network.

Lightspeed and Apache: Lightspeed will make your PHP 6 times faster

SSD Hardware: Adding a Solid State Drive can speed up your website. It's able to deliver more inputs/outputs per second, which is great for dynamic sites.

We can help you with all of this. Contact us today!

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What's the best hosting solution for e-commerce? - (

E-commerce has a lot of variables when it comes to measuring success. As we've talked about before, sometimes little things, like a one-second delay during checkout, can drastically affect how people feel about the company, and whether they'll be repeat customers. Your web hosting company affects that. Here's the options:

Skip past shared hosting

The only people that shared hosting works for is a static blog or portfolio. It's cheap, but it's going to be slooooow. Like, way to slow for people to check out on. It's also less secure, since people can hack into shared hosting spaces.


VPS is probably the best option if you're just starting out (visitors in the thousands). It's not as susceptible to performance issues, and you get more RAM and more disk space while you're establishing your company.

Dedicated servers

Most e-commerce sites that are larger need a dedicated server, but this isn't necessary in the beginning. Unless you're in the six-figure visitor counts, it's unlikely you're at that point yet. You'll notice when your site starts to lag, and when it's time to upgrade.

You need a strong hosting company. We won an award for the best business hosting, so we want you and your e-commerce site!

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What hosting solution do you use for your e-commerce site?
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What’s the Difference Between a Dedicated Server, VPS, and Shared Hosting? - (

Trying to figure out a hosting plan when you're setting up a website can be really difficult, especially if you're not up on the lingo. No worries, we're here to help.

Shared Hosting

This is the plan for the people that really want to be "hands off." They don't have e-commerce, and they don't expect to be high traffic. It's slower, and one of the cheapest options. It's great for people that only have a few static pages, and don't have a lot of images to download.


One of our most popular options is VPS hosting, especially in the cloud. It's a middle-of-the-road option, as it guarantees you resources, and a spike in a neighbor's traffic won't slow your site down.

Dedicated server

If you intend on having a high-traffic or e-commerce site, this is the type of hosting you need to go with. It's the most expensive option, but site speed drastically affects your conversions, as we've discussed in the past.

While it initially may be confusing to try and set up web hosting, JaguarPC has quite a bit of tech support and tools to help you on your path. Contact us today for more information!

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Do you have any questions about the three?
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Negative SEO - Part 4 - (

Today is the final post in our series on black hat SEO. Crawlers and fake reviews are both methods that can be used to negatively affect your website.

• Crawlers – Have you ever gone to a site and pages took forever to load? So, even though you wanted to see the content, you decide you have a life and go to another site instead? That is exactly what crawlers will do, it someone decides to sabotage your site. Crawlers make your site slow to load and use, and you can lose both existing and potential customers due to a poor user experience.

• Hijack Reviews – Most people using the internet read reviews on products and services before purchasing. This makes reviews an easy target for black hat SEO. Competitors can create fake reviews and post them. If Google thinks that you are creating these reviews, they could drop your rankings as a penalty.

We hope you have learned something in our series on black hat SEO. Our goal is to be a true partner, by educating our customers and providing the technical expertise that can help you focus on growing your business. JaguarPC has been delivering quality hosting backed by exceptional support for over 18 years, and we guarantee you a satisfying hosting experience. Contact us today at, or call us at 1-888-338-5261.

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Have you ever been a victim of crawlers or hijack reviews?
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3 Important Time-Saving Features of cPanel/WHM Website Hosting - (

When you're trying to determine what website hosting service to go with for your rapidly growing website traffic, cPanel's WebHost Manager is invaluable.

Server and Account Configuration

When you use cPanel with WHM, you can change passwords, settings, and preferences to your specifications, ensuring your hosting experience is always smooth and seamless. You can easily change your account information, for things like your IP address, upgrading your account, or altering bandwidth. It easy for experienced and inexperienced users.

Scheduled Server Backups

Losing data is many business owner's worst fear. You can set up automatic backups constantly to prevent this happening.

Reseller Hosting Solutions

The WHM can allow resellers to do any of the following:

Access the Reseller Center
Manage reseller accounts
Send emails
Update account holders
Check usage statistics
Manage IP addresses
Add/remove resources

Make sure you're using the right administrative tools, and go with JaguarPC today!

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Does Your Email Reach Your Customer? - (

While this blog was written quite a while today, the topic is still relevant today. Many people use email addresses that are assigned to them by their web hosts. If you choose to host with a less-than-reputable company, then when the host goes down, the email goes down, and you can't reach your customer.

That's bad. You always want to have access to your email, so if you're going to get your email domain name from your web host, make sure it's a reputable one. Want to 100% verify the email hit? You can use +Emma, Inc., +Constant Contact, +MailChimp, etc. to send out your mass emails, and check the opens and CTR individually.

If you want to check your personal emails for deliverability, +HubSpot has a great plugin that will tell you whether your emails have been opened and clicked on.

But most of all, use a reliable web host or email provider, to make sure you're always available for contact.

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Do you have problems getting your emails to deliver?
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When do you need a dedicated server? - (

When you're trying to start a business, you have to balance spending money while not losing money on shoddy hosting. You don't want to handicap yourself by spending too much money, but you also don't want to render your product unusable.

Deciding to go with a dedicated server is an expensive solution, but it's necessary sometimes.

Recap: dedicated server

We've talked quite a bit about dedicated servers lately, but we'll still recap how it's different. A dedicated server is great if you have a high traffic site. You're not sharing space with anyone, and you have an entire physical machine dedicated to you.


If you're getting hundreds of thousands to millions of visitors, you need a dedicated server.


Dedicated servers are more secure. It shouldn't be the only reason you go to a dedicated server, but it's definitely a bonus.

Heavy sites

If you have a feature-rich site that has specialized functionality, and you have lots of programming going on, then you need a dedicated server to make sure that visitors can visit your site smoothly.

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Do you have a dedicated server?
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Anatomy of the JaguarPC Center - (

Data centers are some of the most locations in the world. They house the data for thousands of companies, and it would be disastrous if they were lost, and that data wasn't backed up in the cloud, or locally.

The Guts

Inside the data center, there are cages, lined with cabinets that contain racks. On each rack, are multiple servers. Sometimes hundreds of thousands of sites are using these servers, depending on whether a site is using shared hosting, VPS, or have a dedicated server.

There is massive amounts of cooling happening in these rooms, because if the servers heat up, it's bad news.


There's an enormous amount of power needed for these rooms, not only to power the servers but to power the cooling systems and other infrastructure support. Even if the grid fails, these server rooms are protected against power failures. Even if that fails, there's backup battery power.

Connectivity and bandwidth

Data centers have multiple server rooms, for different kinds of businesses. Bandwidth is needed by the files in the data centers. Because all these are in one place, administrators can take care of the needs of all types of businesses.

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Did you know how data centers worked?
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How a Cloud VPS Can Change the Way You Do Business - (

We've talked quite a bit about the cloud over the past few weeks. Basically, we've established that everyone uses it already, so there's no need to fear it. But we haven't covered what the cloud can do for your business.

A cloud VPS system can help you work remotely. In today's day and age, that's pretty common and very useful. Any tablet or desktop with a remote app can get you tethered and connected.

The cloud also offers extra security. If you store everything locally, then an extreme event or accident could result in quite a bit of data loss. If your organization also runs special software that's burdensome to your computer, then a cloud VPS can do the work for you.

Read more here!

#CloudVPS #VPS #datasecurity #webhosting
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What type of web hosting do you use?
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How Site Speed Could Be Affecting Your Bottom Line - (

There are many factors that could be affecting your bottom line, but site speed is not one of the commonly cited ones. However, it's one of the ones that you can easily change and control. Your web hosting company is usually responsible, or the type of hosting that you have.

Here are the factors that it affects:

Customer satisfaction - Most customers are impatient. We're used to having sites load quickly. 40% of people say they'll give a website three seconds before they move onto another one. A one-second delay will decrease customer satisfaction by 16% during a transaction. 1 second is not a lot, and 79% of customers won't shop that website again.

Search Engine Optimization - We've talked quite a bit about negative SEO lately, but honestly, rankings mean everything. Site speed does play a role in Google's algorithm.

Conversions - Each second of website delay lowers your conversion by 7%.

Web hosting has a big role in website loading. Contact us and we can assess your needs in choosing the correct package for you!

#webhosting #sitespeed #SEO #customerservice #website
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Have you tested your site speed lately?
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