We just played Sundered Land. People. PEOPLE. These games! Sweet jebus, these games.

We had three players. We played three of the nanogames, shifting GM duites each time.

First, Caravan Guards. I was the hazard player. We found out how the wielder of ancient weapons, battlescarred veteran of war, and the reincarnated blood champion, child of blasphemy fared against the giant trapdoor spiders of the the Burnt Road. Answer: they kicked ass, but over-reached, shaming the caravan-leader priestess-seer. (Game time: 26 minutes)

Second, At ends in the ruins of the future. +Dylan Green played the city. Ryan played his battlescarred veteran. I created a character, the shamed priestess seer from the caravan. We found out why the the veteran had an invitation to a reception and dinner at a great house, and why the priestess was accorded honor and duties that she did not want. (Game time: 1 hour)

Third, Restless ambition. +Ryan Dunleavy was the hazard player. Dylan played his reincarnated blood champion. I played the sororiarch of the house Alije, a necromancer, committed to a ceremony of dread. We found out what a reincarnated blood champion is, why the veteran of war was his bodyguard, and why the shamed priestess was a sacrifice. (Game time: 1 hour)

These games are wonderful. Brilliant is a word I will use.

Big surprise (not really, in hindsight): we were totally playing In a Wicked Age! I mean, in that style, of course. The way characters came and went, were shared, ascended, fell, were destroyed or redeemed. The flow of nanogames was like stringing together chapters in IAWA. Of course it was! Still, didn't see that coming.

I am FULLY IN LOVE with the Sundered Land. I'm bringing it to Go Play NW -- and I'm bringing nothing else.

(+Vincent Baker +Jonathan Walton +Sage LaTorra  +Adam Koebel +Judd Karlman +Matt Wilson +Bret Gillan +Ajit George +Meguey Baker +Epidiah Ravachol +Emily Care Boss +Paul Riddle +Jason Morningstar +Matthew Gagan +Christian Griffen +Kira Scott)
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