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John Harper
game designer | graphic artist | combatives instructor
game designer | graphic artist | combatives instructor

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Suddenly in the market for an off-brand vampire RPG?

Undying captures the essence of vampire in a brutally concise, diceless roleplaying format that lets you explore both moments of terror and epochs of scheming.

Find it in print at +Magpie Games online store and find it in PDF on their DTRPG page:

Also, check out the g+ community:

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Hello, all! I'm excited to announce the launch of my new Patreon to create illustrated maps from +John Harper's game - Blades in the Dark!

I'll be creating rooftop maps of select buildings throughout Doskvol. At higher tier levels, I will be illustrating interior floor plans to help you plan your perfect heist.

Pledging at any level will allow you to immediately download a hi-res, detailed illustrated map of the city of Doskvol. This map will also be available for anyone to print at a variety of sizes but patrons will receive access to a discounted print option.

I've been lucky enough to be a part of the world of Blades in the Dark for a long time and I look forward to continue adding to that amazing universe.

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Fantasy City Maps

Do you need detailed maps of a fantasy city? I suspect many of you do. +Ryan Dunleavy is making very detailed maps of an entire city, including floor plans and encounter notes for what will be hundreds of buildings. It's incredible.

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Duskwall Maps Patreon

Scoundrels, I have very good news for you. The incredibly talented +Ryan Dunleavy is launching a Patreon to make even more maps of Duskwall.

He's making rooftop maps of individual buildings all around the city... PLUS, if you support at a higher level, you get interior floor plans, too! It's amazing.

Also: Just for pledging (at any level) you get Ryan's super-detailed map of the city at hi-resolution for use in your games. Some of you have seen this map in the Bloodletters series I run on YouTube. It's awesome.

Last but not least: Ryan has made the huge city map available for print in a variety of sizes (including huge wall posters). You can find the link to the print shop on the Patreon page.

I'm so excited for this project. Duskwall is coming alive!

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Nathan does great design work. He's available for freelance jobs!
Hi friends - I'm looking to fill my freelance calendar over the next couple of months. If you're looking for help with graphic design, layout or the publishing process, I'm happy to talk! I specialize in working with other small-press publishers.

You can see some examples of work and credits at portfolio page (linked), or email me to start a conversation at n.d.paoletta at gmail. In addition, I do all of the graphic design and layout for my own work, so if you like the look of my games, there you go!

Feel free to share this post. Thanks!

(Image is a set of icons commissioned by +Jason Pitre, currently featured in his Kickstarter for Sig: Manual of the Primes - )

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These games are SO GOOD
Wishing us all some deep abiding love, this February.

This month, folks who pick up a copy of the Romance Trilogy book receive a greeting card for a friend or sweetheart. One comes free with the book, and they can by bought separately as well.

Valentines Day is a time that is about sharing love, but it can also make people feel isolated and alone. So these cards are not just for lovers, but for beloved friends who also make the world go round.

And many people's love gets left out of the popular conception of romance--so I've included polyamorous options, and welcome suggestions of custom greetings to add.

I chatted with Dr Tom the Frog about this recently ( And thanks to my sweetheart +Epidiah Ravachol for the idea for this special. <3

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U'Duasha Teaser #1

Here's a little bit from the special edition content. :)

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Hey folks! I've been hard at work on a project for over a year and I'm dropping it on you today. Announcing Plundergrounds, a zine devoted to Dungeon World adventures! (Also suitable for Macchiato Monsters and other OSR games.)

Get your hands on the free first issue at my Patreon link below. It's got 24 pages of politically-motivated intelligent apes, gladiator battles, weird alien tech, and an insane dimensional portal. Yeah, all that, and some cool art by +Sean Poppe to boot.

If you enjoy it, subscribe through my Patreon and get issues in every even month of 2017.

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Hello everyone! I'm going to be streaming a 24 hour gaming marathon on March 4th to raise money for Planned Parenthood. If you're interested, more information can be found at the link below. I'll be splitting my time between games chosen by my donors, and if there's more than 12 then the top 12 will be picking the games. For more information follow the link!
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