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After 4 Days of enjoying my Samsung Gear Live, which got at the Google I/O, it is no longer possible to use it. The mechanism to hold the power supply in place broke after only 4 loading cycles. Even if i did see this coming, I expected it would last some month instead of days. I'm pretty disappointed with this build quality.

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Isn't this just bad design and engineering? What did it look like not broken?
In the upper right corner of the watch, there was some kind of square hole to hold the counterpart of the power supply in place. This is broke and now I have to use some kind of tape, weight or rubber band to hold it in place.  And I thought that it will brake some day by design but not not after only 4 days. Its not a great idea to rely on this construction for a daily use.
The charging cradle of the LG G Watch seems more durable because it uses a magnet to hold the watch and the cradle together.
Ouch, and this is why I went with the LG G watch; risk of getting Samsung'd.

The magnetic charging cradle on the LG is great - the magnetic is strong enough that it just snaps into place, no need to fuss with it in the slightest. It just works.

I imagine the Moto 360's Qi charging will be the same way.

I hope Google will be nice enough to RMA it for you, as I know (from past experience with a laptop) Samsung will turn around and just blame you for the damage and refuse RMA. Although judging from the email we got, I don't think we get much of a warranty on these.
do you have the piece of plastic that is missing?
Yes. but there is no way that i will hold again. 
My TrueSmart cradle broke.  It looks like my solution will work for you.  Find a cylinder about 2.5 to 3 inches in diameter.  Put the cradle with the watch in it on the cylinder and wrap the watch strap around it.  Tighten the strap until the contacts make connection and start charging.  Put on table gently.
My Pebble Steel is made of... Steel... 
You're wearing it wrong /iRony off
I am not even sure how this would happen?  
I've gone with the LG G Watch as I have an LG Nexus 5, but this is worrying to see a similar product breaking so easily and so quickly ...
I would've warned you not to waste time with any Samsung smartwatch. Lol. I've got the LG G Watch on it's way to pair up with my innovative G Flex; the best or nothing. 
+Steve Albright +Sowande Brown-Lawson Maybe (and hopefully) its only my back case but it is showing new sings of cracks on other parts as well. And i only had it on my arm and charging in the night. The craddle itself is fine. 
clothespin? you just have to make sure that the contacts are connected... ;)
Didn't we get 1 year of warranty and support? Did you try to exchange it? 
+Bo Stone I hope Google will help me with that even if I am from Germany. I wrote them an email. 
You may want to try Sammy directly and harass them through Twitter :) 
+Sowande Brown-Lawson  for me a rubber band holds it in place. Problem is, that the holding parts for the wristband showing first cracks too so i think i will not be able to use it for a long time.  
+Samsung Developers US No i was not. Google never replied, and the us customer service agent from Samsung could not help since i am from Germany and i got the watch at the Google i/o (so there is no proof of purchase). 

So i would be glad if you could help. 
^ hahah look who's here..the power of social media?
Falk B.
Bei mir das gleiche Problem nach nur zehn Tagen Benutzung. Schade, ich hatte mich so sehr an die Uhr gewöhnt. Nun bin ich unsicher und habe sie vor erst zurückgeschickt. Die LG sieht im Gegensatz zu Samsung ziemlich öde aus. Gibt es mehr Hinweise dass dieses Problem bei Samsung öfters vorkommt? Denn ich bin momentan am überlegen ob ich mir eine neue bestelle oder noch ein, zwei Monate warte.
+Falk B. also soweit ich das sehe kommt es ab und zu vor aber nicht bei allen Uhren, dass der Mechanismus so schnell versagt. Generell ist der Mechanismus aber nicht langlebig ausgelegt. Das ist so einfach nicht gut gelöst, wie bei LG mit dem magnetischen Ladecradle. Aber ja ich finde die Samsung vom Display und vom Design her halt auch deutlich besser als die LG. Eventuell wartest du auf die moto 360? 
Falk B.
Die moto steht schon lange auf der Wunsch Liste. Eigentlich wollte ich einige Zeit mit der samsung überbrücken und den hype der moto erst mal sacken lassen. Ich hab irgendwie im Gefühl das diese Uhr an zu hohen Erwartungen geknüpft ist die Motorola vielleicht nicht 100% erfüllen kann. 
+Falk B. ja aber sich jetzt eine Uhr zu kaufen die entweder den Erwartungen ans Design (LG) oder and die vermutliche Haltbarkeit (Samsung) nicht gerecht wird macht ja auch nicht so viel Sinn. Dann doch lieber noch die 1-2 Monate ins Land gehen lassen und mal schauen wie das Feedback für die Moto ist. Zumindest beim Lademechanismus haben sie ja auf wireless gesetzt was schon mal ne gute Idee ist. Wie die Laufzeiten sind wird man schnell hören. Und schick aussehen tut sie. 
Falk B.
Ja da muss ich Dir recht geben. Wird wohl auch so kommen. Dann können wir nur hoffen das die 360 auch in D verfügbar sein wird, und das auch noch in ausreichender Stückzahl. 
Well my watch just gave out in the same way... I read this thread and was very careful to try to prevent such a thing happening to mine as well. But alas it has. Also one of the corners has come off. All the other corners have big cracks and will likely give out as well. Time to give Samsung a call and see if they'll replace under warranty.
I bought mine last Christmas and it cracked two weeks ago:(
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