In our Spotlight article on Jean Francois Porchez (, we talk about some of his interesting typefaces, among other things. One of them is AW Conqueror Carved, a layered subfamily of the AW Conqueror family consisting of five typefaces that can be overlapped to create various designs and depth. Pretty slick!

You can download the entire AW Conqueror family for free from Conqueror (, a promotional site made available by ArjoWiggins, the company the entire family was designed for. This is the URL to access the fonts:, but due to the site's development (they want to keep you around a while), it forces you to the root, where you must begin the hunt.

The download is under the CONQUEROR SOLUTIONS tab at bottom-right of the page. You have to wait for the Flash animation to load the tab. Under the tab, the Flash randomly shows 2 or 3 different views. The one you want reads (in pink) Exclusive new fonts for you to play with, and the link to the fonts is provided in the lower-right of that view. You need to click the link before it disappears, or cycle through it all again. Once there, the kind folks at Arjowiggins would like to get you as a potential lead, so you'll need to give...a-hem, contact details before the download.

The package download includes:

* AW Conqueror Carved
* AW Conqueror Didot
* AW Conqueror Inline
* AW Conqueror Sans
* AW Conqueror Slab

The Conqueror Carved subfamily is composed of five typefaces making up the layers: Regular, One, Two, Three, and Four. Regular is actually just 1-4 altogether, so it's really the last four you'd play around with in terms of layering. When using in your graphics application, the subfamilies appear under your Font family menu, and the associated typefaces—e.g., for Carved—appear under the Typeface menu (surprise).

Here is a quick sample to show the potential...

Enjoy! And please go read our full Spotlight article on Mr. Porchez as appreciation.
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