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3Generate is on the Horizon
Happy Monday one and all! 3Generate is fast approaching.
After months of discernment, discussion and prayer, not to mention the sheer amount
of man hours, it all comes together this weekend. You may be a young person
attending the event, or a parent sending...

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What Kind of Day it has been.
I had no intention to have this be my first blog post as
Youth President. In fact, my first post was planning to be a verbatim copy of
what I said at my induction service as a way of introducing myself to you all.
Something with a bit of a positive edge to ...

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Craig Gaffney- Who am I?
Introduction Blog-Who am I? Wow, It seems so long ago now that I was elected Methodist
Youth President at 3Generate 2014. Here I am now, sat in Methodist Church
house, a week into the new job, writing my first blog. What a journey it has
been and what an am...

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Dream Big. Engage Bigger...
I started off the year so
well with my   blog but as things seem to
have progressed and things pop up my blog seems to fall by the waste. Sorry for
that. Blogging is not a great gift
of mine, I think party due to my dyslexia but also because I'm worried I d...

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I'm supporting The Inspirational Women's Campaign because....
The verb inspire means to motivate, encourage and enthuse.
So when I was asked about a woman that had inspired me I had no doubt in my
mind who it was I was going to speak about. This woman has an amazing
personality, a generous heart, ceaseless love, endle...

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WELCOME 2015: A Youth Rep Post
Welcome to 2015 So this week Bx Belshaw, one of our Methodist Council Reps, has something to say....       Hi everyone, Welcome to 2015, all of us on the team hope you have had a good New Year. The emails have started to fly backwards and forwards between t...

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Make The Time for Christmas
It's that time of year. Yes, it has come round rather fast.
Christmas has this way of sneaking up on you and before you know it the days
here! The CHRISTMAS has arrived!   So in
true festive spirit I’ve written a...’poem’ if that’s the best way to describe

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Heat. Happiness and Heaps of Hospitality
It was hot.
A mean not just hot....but HOT! The sort of heat that makes you really hot. Did
I was hot? If you
haven’t guessed by now, in good British fashion, I’m talking about the weather
and clearly not the British weather.
I’m talking about ...

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