Bubble Witch Saga Add Me & Help anything you need - comment below!

Who wants help with Bubble Witch Saga ?
Bubble Witch Saga casts a spell of familiarity!!

Edit: if you don't play Bubble Witch Saga , mute this post
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need one more to break a spell. :)
add me please for breaking spell... and once more thanks Thelma :)
Azra K
Add me please ;)
Please add me for Bubble Witch!!! Can't seem to find anyone who is willing to help me break spells anymore. Please add!
who's playing CityVille ? Add me ... and be my neighbor ..
add me please to bubble witch saga!
Add me for bubble witch saga please :)
I have been stuck on level 25 with two broken spells for months now, please add me so I can get help breaking the last spell. :)
you're welcome, Peetra :)
add me to your circles please :):):)
add me pleases need help to break a spell for the next levels.
add me please.  need help breaking a spell
Luh XD
add meee break spell too -
Luh XD
Help me breaking the spell
Help me break the spell please!
add me to any game you need friends for 
add me for games or even to chat to :)
can one person help me break the spell? ill return the favor
Add Me For A Mafia Member In Crime City !!!
Renu A
Go ahead and add me
Add me plz. Been stuck at the first barrier for ages :(
Yep Still stuck at the first barrier myself for atleast 2 months
It would be great if the game could tell me who are playing tha game currently...
Most of my 70 Bubble Witch Saga friends dont play anymore and are useless for me.

These are the friends that are always helping me:
 John Shawler
Alison Miller
Robert Soyars
Matt Bush
Ben Jordan
Robyn Bowns
please add me. been stuck for ages at the first barrier
+Thomas Gapp
Add me and start sending the requests...

Sometimes you need do it more than once cause the game fail to recognize that Im helping you.
I play it on Facebook but never.on my phone
add for add everyone. i follow back!!
Add me on g+ & ladies first 
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