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Sangh Parivar’s duplicity on Shaheed Bhagat Singh-National Herald-22nd March 2017
Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons Statues of martyrs Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev near Amritsar On one hand BJP-RSS have been trying to appropria...

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Distorting History: When The Right Wing Hung Bhagat Singh on Valentine's Day, Instead of March 23
Distorting History: When The Right Wing Hung Bhagat Singh on Valentine's Day, Instead of March 23 CHAMAN LAL Wednesday, March 22,2017 NEW DELHI:  Bhagat Singh is such a charming personality that many aspects of his life and ideas have taken the shape of fic...

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The Tribune editor Harish Khare column-
Professor Chaman Lal of JNU has drawn attention to the stupidity of some sangh hotheads, wanting to make February 14 as the execution day of the greatest martyr, Bhagat Singh. It appears that some organisations are determined that we should not be observing or celebrating Valentine’s Day (February 14) and are trying to reinvent that day as the day of Bhagat Singh’s shahadat.
Prof Chaman Lal, who has researched and written extensively about Bhagat Singh, wants to remind everyone that it was on March 23, 1931, that Bhagat Singh’s petition got dismissed in the Punjab High Court at Lahore. The execution of Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev was set for the morning of March 24, 1931.
Granted that we are in the post-truth age, yet history cannot be totally falsified. The right-wing fanatics would need to come up with some other ploy to prevent young men and women from enjoying Valentine’s Day.
Well, enough of these unhappy notes. Time to brighten up, with a cup of coffee.

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Bhagat Singh Execution controversy
Those nonsensical Sanghis who are stupidly or mischievously trying to make 14th February 1931 as Bhagat Singh execution or sentence date-they should first check facts! May be ABP channel at 8.30 pm focus on few of these facts! Dateline-Lahore Conspiracy Cas...

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Seven Books by Che Guevara and one on Tania-the Revolutionary
              Seven Books by Che
Guevara and one on Tania 1. The Bolivian Diaries-Authorised edition, Ernesto Che Guevara,
Introduction by Fidel Castro, Preface by Camilo Guevara, 1 st ed.
2006, Ocean Press, Melbourne-New York, Pages 303, Indian price, Rs. ...

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Face to Face with Castro-Fidel on Religion and Che Memoirs-Tribute to Fidel-3 books introduction
66 . ‘Face to Face with Fidel
Castro-A Conversation with Tomas Borge’, translated by Mary Todd, People’s
Publishing House, New Delhi, 1994, pages 183, Price Rupees 90/ ( App. 2 US $ )   
Originally published in Cuba in Spanish in 1992 and translated in

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Why I am an Atheist-French Translation
débat pour savoir si mon manque de foi en un Dieu omniprésent et omniscient
découle de mon orgueil et d’une outrecuidante vanité. Il ne m’est jamais venu à
l’esprit que je pourrais être un jour impliqué dans une polémique de ce genre.
à la suite de quelq...
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