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Working on your reading list for 2017? Here are the top 10 books in my reading cue for the new year!

#worthreading #bookrecommendation #christianbooks

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Top 3 Most Influential Books I Read in 2016

Of the over 300 books I read this year, here are the top 3 most influential books I read this year. These 3 books are most likely to influence my life for a long time. Definitely worth adding to your 2017 reading list.

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35 Simple Things All Moms Should Keep in the Car

What are the bare essentials for this mom’s car? Well, when organizing a family-friendly vehicle, less is often more. That said, it is nice to be able to be prepared for all those mini-emergencies we are bound to experience as moms. Thus, below is a list of items you will often find in our car.

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Favorite Christmas Books for Kids

What are some of our favorite Christmas books? And, what Christmas books do we really hope to get soon? Well, if you are looking to add some new Christmas books to your library or prepare for your own book Christmas countdown, below are lists of some of the best Christmas books ever. Have fun reading!

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Countdown to Christmas with This TV Program Calendar

Since the girls are a bit older this year we are looking forward to introducing them to a few Christmas classics as they air throughout the month. Want to join us? Below is a 2016 Christmas TV Schedule calendar for your convenience. Feel free to download and print it to keep track of all the Christmas rabbit-ears selections this year.

#christmas   #tvprogramming #countdowntochristmas  

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Ultimate Guide to Christmas Music

It’s the day after Thanksgiving and what do you do? Bring out the Christmas music!

Thus today I want to share an Ultimate Guide to Christmas Music…for every occasion. From that upcoming Christmas party to a little iPod motivation for cleaning the floors, it’s all here. And, if you’d prefer a quality album that has several hits all together, those are pictured on the right as well. Have fun listening and Merry Christmas!

#christmasmusic   #christmas   #musiclist  

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Best of the Year Homeschool Sales Not to Miss

Best of the Year Homeschool Sales! Don't Miss Them!I’ve told you before I am NOT a big Black Friday fan. The stores are crazy. The sales you can usually get at other times of the year. And the parking lots…oh spare me!

That said, there are a few Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals that I enjoy taking part in, especially since I can participate in them from the comfort of my computer chair.

This year is no different. I’ve been scoping out several upcoming deals for Friday and these homeschool sales have definitely caught my eye. What can I say? I still have the “penny saved is a penny earned” mentality. So, in case you want to join me, here are some top deals I’ve found for this weekend. Have fun shopping!

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Twenty-Four Nights Before Christmas

Twenty four nights before Christmas and all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

Then low and behold, what do I see?
Two glowing eyes twinkling under the tree.

“Which one should we choose, the big one or small?”
Each night a child will choose only one from them all.

Inside each lays a book, some old and some new.
Stories of dreams and folklore, and some that are true.


#christmas   #christmascountdown   #childrensbooks  

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100+ Places to Find Planner Printables for 2017

Looking for a new planner for 2017? Ready to get your home, blog, school, finances, and…well…life in order? Printing costs aside, there are a LOT of resources out there to help you organize your year for free or nearly free.

While I still prefer having all my planning printables match, with resources like these you can mix and match to create your own organizing masterpiece. That said, here are links to 100+ 2017 Planner Printables. Happy Planning!

#planner   #printable   #2017planner  

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Ultimate Guide to Nativity Inspired Christmas Gifts

Are you trying to think of ways to keep Christ the focus of Christmas this year?

For our family, the nativity is an important part of why we celebrate Christmas. Without the story of the Christ child, there wouldn’t even be a Christmas.

That said, let's get looking at how you can make the nativity an important part of your Christmas via your gift giving. Here are some great ideas to get you started!

#gifts   #christmas   #advent   #nativity  
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