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Wow.  I especially like the quote,
"In addition, there are well-established cognitive effects where recall is best when it matches the context of encoding – so if you’re caffeinated when you study for the test, you better be caffeinated when you take it."
Now THAT's an eye-opener! ;~)
I guess that means I should take the test sleep-deprived and on a sugar rush as well.
h/t +Michael Ireland 
(Tue01) Neuroscience explains how to optimally consume caffeine:

Hat tip +Lifehacker 
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EL Bacon

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WooHoo!  I really hope they post the hangout on youtube later.
We are planning to do a hangout about Planetary image processing techniques. We will show how we capture planets with telescopes and cameras, and how we stack those images and process them using some dedicated programs to reveal some details of the targets. Any one who want to share their processing techniques is welcome.

Possible Topics:

1. Preparation and Video Capturing
  a. Attaching a Camera to a telescope

  b. Capturing Video
     - Using Video Capture Softwares (SharpCap, VirtualDub etc.)
  c. Capture Settings

2. Image Processing
  a. Preparing images for stacking
     - Frame extraction, RGB Splitting, Centering (using VirtualDub, RGB Split, Castrator, PCFE - ninox)

  b. Stacking
     - Stacking with AutoStakkert2
     - Stacking with RegiStax 5 & 6

  c. Post-Processing
     - Wavelet in RegiStax
     - Deconvolution with Astra Image
     - Enhancements with Photo Shop
     - Noise reduction with Neat Image

3. Image Measurement and Processing with WinJUPOS
  a. Image Measurement
  b. De-rotation of images
  c. De-rotation of R-G-B frames
  d. De-rotation of video streams
  e. Map computation
  f.  Ephemerides
  g. Creating Animation 
Planetary Image Processing Techniques
Sat, July 7, 2012, 3:00 PM EDT

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EL Bacon

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Fiery Sunsets Change EVERY View - and if you Start With a Stunner then WOW!
Earth port
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EL Bacon

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This is the strangest interesting thing in a while.
OK, no idea what this is, but it sure is addictive.
Michael Ireland's profile photo
Hahahaha!  What in the name of all that's holy prompted someone to make such a thing!  It's awesome!
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EL Bacon

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I really like Slate Magazine & I really like this idea - let's hope it take's off <hohoho>
h/t +Michael Ireland for this
American kids should be building rockets and robots, not taking standardized tests

Down with standardized tests! Let kids make and tinker! I fully support this model. :)
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Well, we are a "reading family", my wife sits with the kids every day and reads a variety of things.  Interestingly, though, my oldest son really took to reading when he was very young.  He was curious about books right from about 8 months old, and started picking up how to read on his own as we went.  In particular, it was the Peter Rabbit flap books.  But his learning to read was highly self-directed.  Our daughter (10 years old now) learned to read at a "normal" pace, not becoming fluent until grade 1, but she devours books these days at well over her peers' reading level.  With our youngest, we actually purchased "Your Baby Can Read" and began with just the short videos when he was only a few months old.  He was fascinated by them.  He's 2 now and can read as fast as I type this, and he understands nearly all of it.

Interestingly, as the article suggests, I also subscribe to the "learning by making" philosophy.  I don't know if our schools do, but here's an example:  I build PC Computers at home by buying the parts and assembling them here in my house.  As my son reached the age where he was dexterous enough to help, I decided to have him select all the parts for a machine, and then I directed him to assemble all the pieces.  He was involved with every step, from learning about compatibility, to price matching, ordering, selecting shipping methods, right to assembly and installing an operating system (Ubuntu Linux!).  He loved it.  He was 8.

I guess what I am getting at is that we as active parents have to take the initiative to fill in the gaps where our school system fails.  And we should enjoy it!  Too many parents feel like it's too much work, and I can fall into that category sometimes.  But it's incredibly rewarding to see your child beaming and excited about something they have learned, and using it for something practical.

Don't get me started on how kids these days seem to have a serious problem writing coherently, and I don't necessarily think it's entirely their own fault.

/end rant LOL!
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EL Bacon

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This is Amazing  One of those Masters you feel in your bones when you watch for the first time - I have seen this level of artistry on strings only twice before in my life.
 This instrument only has 3 strings by the way.
h/t to +Milos Janata Friends who said "In Alex Arkhipovski`s hands balalaika sounds like a harp, as harpsichord, as banjo, like, ultimately, all world string instruments!" & it is so true.
h/t also to +Oliver Janke for sharing & saying "Let your balalaika sing... you would not believe it if you just heard him play and not see his performence. Impressive."
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He's definitely cool to listen to, especially for those of us inundated with western music all the time.  And following the links organically on YouTube (related, etc) brings all sorts of really interesting thigns.  Thanks for this!!
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EL Bacon

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Now This is Cool!
The Knitted Death Star, planetary destruction never looked so warm and cuddly ;)
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EL Bacon

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Holy Crap!
and the final line of the story...
"and Cisco reserves the right to continue to update your router, even if you set it not to allow automatic updates"
Don't buy a Cisco router. Don't buy a Linksys router either; they're the same company. Why?

Because they now lock you out of your own bought-for router unless you join their online service. A service that gives them the right to use your data, shut down your connection and to unilaterally change these terms at their whim.

Now, you may think that nah, they're not really going to do evil stuff like that. But they already did — you want to bet your money and your privacy that they won't again? There's lots of makers out there, so why take the chance?

Just stay away from Cisco and Linksys.

#Cisco #linksys #fail  
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Worth reading the comments which include dialogue from Cisco. At first I was all "this is a Snopes-level practical joke, yes?"
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EL Bacon

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This is cute.
And did everyone get the FANTASTIC Two TEDTalks re: electronic circuits for Children <of all ages> - the first one to use diff homemade playdoh recipes to build REAL & WORKING circuits &  the second is the intro to the AMAZING "littleBits" - "a growing library of pre-assembled circuit boards that snap together with tiny magnets" open-source Maker Project

AnnMarie Thomas: Hands-on science with squishy circuits
Ayah Bdeir: Building blocks that blink, beep and teach"
<> KNOW that you can download & MAKE these YOURSELF - you do not have to buy them
ELECTRICAL • RESISTANCE • Geekie Sewing Sampler 
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EL Bacon

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I'm Such a Geek!
and +Martin L. Cahn 's suggestion is perfect.."UFP flags out with the American flag. Cool!"  & he is right!  LOL
Flag day is coming up so be ready...
In honor of Flag Day today, we've pulled together a list of some of the most famous fictional flags that have popped up in sci-fi and fantasy films and on TV in recent years. Considering how important...
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How come I have never seen any of these on "The Big Bang Theory"; my fav of course.
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EL Bacon

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Fantastic TEDTalk - especially the part about <Awesome> Autistics being a possible evolutionary response.

#awesomeautistics   #autism   #awetism     #evolution   #modernevolution   
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EL Bacon

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+Oliver Janke is on a roll!  This is Great - I've liked Every TED-ED I've seen so far - like THIS one - :)  They keep it always short & entertaining.  I do wish she had not even mentioned the plagiarist's name at the end.  By mentioning him, and then saying that he had stolen that from another, makes no sense - say instead the Original Researcher/Scientist's Name - Robert Remak - and then that "this other guy stole it & used it to disprove another theory."  Or something like that, but that's just nitpicking me... :~P
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