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Greetings from the American Southwest (Tucson) with a hearty thanks for this posting of a well produced video containing this song. Clean audio and great video scene selections with well balanced lighting make for a completely enjoyable presentation for ears, eyes and indeed soul. Thank you.

Mark Toth

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Mark Toth

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Yes, I do. 
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Moved to Tucson, Arizona, after boring 25 ft diam holes in the Pacific from Papa Hotel. Hawaii taught that one does not have to endure Ohio winters and 240+ days of cloudy skies, though miss the sweet corn, Black Angus beef, the maple syrup festival and a real tomato.

Stayed in Tucson as it is the largest "Mayberry RFD" I've seen. While Tombstone goes by "the town too tough to die" the unofficial Tucson motto is "the town too slow to grow up". 

From its Presidio days of being the northern most Spanish settlement in Sonora Tucson has been a rare case of generally working together with the locals. The Spanish/Mexican and the Tohono O'odhamm together tried to stave of the Apache attacks. Later working together spilled over to Americans from C.D. Poston to the Buffalo Solders and even after Geronimo's surrender when the Apache threat was no longer motivation came the Pascua Yaqui out of Mexico. 

This is somewhat locally displayed today during the local "Tucson Meet Yourself" which unofficially goes by "Tucson eat yourself" due to the expanse of good food from our diverse ethnic population from Armenian to Yaqui.
Meanwhile I like being able to track the nightly planetary progression, welcome Orion in winter and see meteor showers. Even ranged up and down Santa Rita Mts. for the elusive Tucson Meteorite Crater and of course think we got it. Also had a hobby in public access TV production, as tech of course not talent. 

For various reasons fell into Field Eng/Sys Analyst/Data Comms/Tech Deploy Proj Mgmt. Progressed from DEC VAX VMS and IBM S/3x through DOS & Windoze to Linux OSs.

Found out via stretch in Nav Res that yeah its like we used to say about skimmers.

Rig for dive little duckies...

Thumb rule on life:
       Always be smarter than the tool you operate.

Logical follow on:
       Some people shouldn't play with rocks.
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Upon remarks at the VFW have tried "Snack Shack" out. I've now had half a dozen items on the menu and all were cooked in reasonable time and enjoyed. Prices are fair for quantity. Everyone friendly and cares to do good food. Richard was in the kitchen each time cooking. Recommend picking up menu. Phone in to check for specials.
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Very often now I find better deals here than at places in Phx Valley.
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