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Excellent Answers as Always.
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+Suma Chatterjee ---21st April , 2012 - +Chris Mowat ~~~ I am introducing Novel Power Generation Plants in INDIA . For rural poor people of India , it is essential to find out some way , that will be cheap . I prepared a Project on Wind-Turbine for the rural masses . But , recently , I have been informed that , these turbines cause huge noise , to pollute the Environment constantly , as well as , kill big to little birds , whenever they fly closer to those Turbines . So , I am looking for some other means , excepting Solar Energy , that I have prepared , but , may not ask most of the State Govts to implement , since , we love to preserve huge storage of water in India . My main Project is , Liquefied Natural Gas Power Generation Plant in India . I have prepared my Project on Iranian LNG , I need to pass time idly , after getting absolute "YES" from Industrialist Mr. Ratan Tata & Govt of India . Next year , it willbe implemented . Meanwhile , to pass time , I went on contacting wrong group of Google+ people , who left no single opportunity to insult me .
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