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Everything Microsoft forgot to mention
Everything Microsoft forgot to mention

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Don't miss our Top Story this week: Win8.1 Update becomes the new patch ‘baseline’

When Windows 8.1 Update came down the chute last week, Microsoft tossed in a surprise: if you want Windows 8.1 security patches in the future, you have to install Win8.1 Update first.

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Perhaps you haven’t seen an honest movie trailer lately — or ever. We recommend this one, for “Gravity.”

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Backup Backup Backup!

Backing up your PC on a regular basis is the only sure-fire way to protect both your system software and your data.

There are many backup options; here’s why separating system backup from data backup can make your computing life a bit easier.

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Long gone are the days when PC security mostly meant installing anti-virus software and keeping it updated.
Today, the digital assault on our money and privacy is expanding and changing at a truly mind-boggling pace

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Top Story this week: Turmoil at Microsoft; implications for Windows users

"Microsoft in general and the Windows group in particular have gone through enormous changes within the past year. All the key Windows 8 players are out..."

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Top story this week: Sorting out the revolution in PC backups - Part 2

Don't miss Fred Langa's overview of the five major types of backup technologies available today for WindowsPCs.

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Before you get your hands on this week's Newsletter tomorrow, make sure you don't miss last week's Top Story:

Sorting out the revolution in PC backups: Part 1

Over the past few years, backup technology has improved so much that you’re virtually guaranteed you’ll never lose important files or other data.
But with so many good options available, it can be difficult to settle on the backup method — or methods — exactly right for you.

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Rumors: A clear preference for the next Microsoft chief?

Never more so than these days, with the release of Xbox One, the end of the hated stack-ranking employee-evaluation system — and especially the question of who will replace Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.

This photograph of Alan Mulally was produced by Agência Brasil, a public Brazilian news agency.

Don't miss our Top Story this week: MS adds more options to Office 365 Home Premium
No matter how you measure it, Office 365 Home Premium has defied the odds and become a surprising success.

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In case you missed it - here's our Top Story this week: A hands-on look at Microsoft’s new Xbox One
Microsoft is out to conquer your living room with the new Xbox One entertainment system.
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