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名札 ∙ 支部 - 名前と段位を記した支部のプレート。
Our Shibu's Nafuda — Our Shibu's plates with names and ranks.

The nafuda are the wooden plates which are placed along the walls of a traditional Dōjō to write the names of all its active members. The official nafuda of our Shibu includes members in several countries.
#nafuda #shinjinbukan #名札

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New Shinjinbukan European Shibu Dōjō

Dear Shinjinbukan family and friends,

In 1992, I met my teacher Onaga Yoshimitsu Kaichō in Okinawa, and began the adventure to learn Ti(手), the ancient martial art which originated in Okinawa and preceded modern Karate. For years, this pursuit has allowed me the opportunity to travel and teach in many countries, particularly in Europe.

On October 15, 2015, I, Jimmy Mora, Renshi, Roku Dan, in accordance to the authorization given by my teacher, Onaga Kaichō, transferred the job and full authority of Shibu Chō (Director of the Shibu) to my senior deshi, Sensei Artis Pabriks in Latvia. This invitation was extended to Sensei Jean-marie Perrier in France who is the second most senior Shinjinbukan instructor in Europe and to all other Shinjinbukan instructors actively teaching in the Europe, with active members currently located in Latvia, France, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Ukraine.

From this point forward, all those members listed above, who I supervised under the umbrella of the New York Shibu Dōjō are no longer part of my Shibu and are cordially invited to join the Shinjinbukan European Shibu Dōjō. My role as Shibu Chō, teaching at the Shinjinbukan New York Shibu Dōjō will continue covering other geographic locations outside of Europe. However, I will always be ready to assist the Shinjinbukan European Shibu Dōjō as a Komon (advisor) and will continue my collaboration with all Shinjinbukan members in other Shibu’s located in North America, South America and Asia.

To my friends in Europe, this is not goodbye, but instead:
Ganbatte Kudasau (Try your best)

Jimmy Mora
Renshi, Roku Dan 

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Dear Shinjinbukan members worldwide,

In principle, I usually stay away from politics, military or religious matters, but in this case I must denounce the terrorist attacks on the innocent civilians in Paris. For this reason, I was deeply concerned about the safety and welfare of our members in France and Europe.

However, since I have not heard any report of casualties among our members, I regained my peace of mind.

I ask all our Shinjinbukan members to brace yourself, training as before in the quest of the principles and the philosophy of Ti.

Once again I ask you to join me as we offer our condolences and prayers for all the victims in Paris. 

I pray silently for your blessings and happiness.

Onaga Yoshimitsu
私は、政治、軍事、宗教にコメントしないと言う考えを持っていますが、このたびのフランスでの惨事は、場合によっては私達同志にも被害があったか も知れ ません。
幸いにも誰かが怪我をしたとか、亡くなったと言う報告はありませんで したので、安心しています。

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