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Michael Roads
Born in England in 1937, Michael Roads discovered at an early age he had the natural ability to communicate with nature and go beyond linear time and space. …
Born in England in 1937, Michael Roads discovered at an early age he had the natural ability to communicate with nature and go beyond linear time and space. …


This will be my final Google+ post. After participating in Google+ for quite some time, it becomes more and more apparent that it’s a relatively unused format for me, so I invite you to join me on my Facebook personal page: . . . or my public figure page
Both of these pages are far more active and inner-active than Google+. If you don’t care to participate in Facebook and would still like to receive my musings, email Carolyn at and request to be added to the email list that sends out my posts about every 10 days. Thanks for being with me here . . . and I hope we can continue to stay in touch!
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MICHAEL'S MUSINGS: I am foolishly writing on a topic here that I know nothing about: cannabis oil. Well, at least I can spell it! Although I know almost nothing about it, I have read quite a lot of research into it. I have also read of its amazing and prodigious healing qualities. It is obvious to anyone that cannabis was such a wide-ranging healer - up to a hundred ailments, apparently - that big pharma decided to shut it down. As we all know they did this super effectively by demonising it. Although in recent years some leeway has been made in relaxing the stupidity of the laws that ban it, countries like Australia still make it a criminal offence to grow or use for medicinal purposes. Or, if it is no longer a criminal offence they certainly make it very difficult and expensive to obtain. About 500 dollars for 5ml. I am not sure why the Netherlands have totally decriminalised it, but I very much approve. I am almost embarrassed to admit that the demonising of it was so effective that I believed it for many years. Since then I tried using it for my once-upon-a-time prostate which is now perfect, and although I did not get a cure, it fixed a few other very minor health issues. Surely it is about time we stopped allowing big pharma to rule our choices when it is our own health at stake. Support the people who promote the medicinal use of this life-saver.
Seriously, medicinal cannabis for yourself is another way of 'consciously' choosing . . . self Love!
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MICHAEL'S MUSINGS: It's been a long time coming, but as the world knows by now the 'marriage for gays' vote went through with a resounding 'yes' on Wednesday in Australia. How times change! I remember soon after I emigrated over fifty years ago that the, then, famous ballet dancer Sir Robert Hepman fled from Oz to England because of the persecution he received here simply for being a homosexual. Does this public vote of over 60% approval for gay marriage mean a greater tolerance of our differences? Somehow, I think not. I think that the average Aussie is probably just as intolerant as ever - especially when driving! I respectfully suggest that this vote means that Love has more meaning to us today than it did in previous times. For too long gay people have been regarded as sexually deviant, meaning that gay relationships were all about deviant sex. Now, I think that people are realising that gay marriage or relationships are really and truly about Love. When my grandchildren were very young and I actually knew them, I loved them very much . . . but this had nothing to do with sex. For too long we have thrown Love and sex into the same bracket, but slowly it is dawning on people that they often are very, very different. Sex can express hate and rage as effectively as it can express Love. I could give the metaphysical reasons for male and female homosexuality, but this is not the place; I sometimes mention it in my 5-Day Intensives. I would prefer that we celebrate the movement toward the people of the world embracing Love in a new, and far more open manner. It's about time.
This is why I continue to recommend the life-changing practice of constantly and 'consciously' . . . choosing Love!
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MICHAEL'S MUSINGS: I was reading a post by an old New Zealand friend, Andy. At the end of some yarning with an an old bushman friend, his friend told him that he, Andy, "didn't do nothing" - presumably with his life. After reflection, Andy decided that he did nothing very well. I smiled at this. Good for you, Andy. So what is nothing? Sorry, but a life of nothing is just a concept, it has no reality. I happen to know Andy well enough to know that he is very comfortable in his skin. That in itself is an accomplishment that many wealthy achievers never manage. Okay, so Andy did not become a mover and shaker . . . thank God! We have enough of those people who move and shake when they have no idea of what they are moving and shaking. To live a life of quiet contentment while growing in consciousness is a very long way from doing nothing. We are not here to become famous, or politicians, or headliners - we are all here to grow in consciousness. So my message to Andy - if he reads this - is that in my book you have been a quiet achiever in all your time spent doing nothing. You have found inner peace with yourself along with a wonderful lack of ego. In our lingo . . . good on yer, mate!
And by the tone of his post I also reckon that Andy just might be good at constantly and 'consciously' . . . choosing Love.
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MICHAEL'S MUSINGS: I was rather shocked to learn in Australia that about 40% of people in Homes for the Aged 'never' get a visitor! Not on their birthday, not on Mothers Day, not on Fathers Day, not at Christmas . . . never. What is wrong with us? How sick and sad can we get to ignore our aged parents or relatives like this. Okay, I can understand if they have serious dementia, but this was simply about the neglect of the aged. Are we so self-centred that we forget our aged relatives, or are we a non-caring people? When I emigrated over fifty years ago I was aware that I was leaving my mother. I felt for her, so I decided to keep in touch. No computers, no Skype, just handwritten letters. I wrote a letter to my mother every two weeks for the next twenty-five years, and according to my brother who lived in England nearby, she lived to get those letters. She kept them all, rereading them often. Eventually she developed alzheimers disease and she no longer knew who sent her those strange letters. That was when I stopped writing. I gave her a gift, yet she also gave me one because I learned my skills of writing over those years. How to say plenty with the fewest possible words. How to create a word picture so that she could see our home and visualise many of the events in our lives overseas.
Those letters were my way of choosing Love for my mum. If you have a forgotten relative, consider yourself in their shoes, and how you would feel. It is really not so difficult to 'consciously' . . . choose Love!
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MICHAEL'S MUSINGS: A woman wrote saying that she had planted two trees in her garden fifteen years ago. Now the lot next door had been sold and the new owner asked her to cut down one overhanging tree to enable him to build. She was unsure of her feelings about this, or what to do. This was my reply:
Let us just suppose that a large elephant walked into your garden, and this elephant was hungry . . . as elephants usually are. It would walk up to both of your trees and probably push them over, if it could, or if it could not it would rip off every branch it could reach to devour them! The elephant would not debate with itself whether this is right or wrong or good or bad or should or shouldn’t. Neither would it offer the tree any consideration of how naughty the elephant was, from the trees perspective. It would leave all such conversations to humans!
So now we come to your question. In Nature all life is One, including humans. Every single life form on the planet is, in truth, one united consciousness. The very fact that your conscience is troubled by the act of cutting the tree is registered in this one consciousness. Seriously, there will be no retribution. You can cut down that tree with no remorse. It is already a movement in consciousness that this will happen and the tree knows of this. Be at peace with your act.
You can remove the tree for your new neighbour as a 'conscious' act of . . . choosing Love!
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MICHAEL'S MUSINGS: I am typing this from the Airport hotel in Kansai. We have all heard that there are three types of people: those who make change happen, these who watch change happen, and those who ask, "What happened?" You will notice that the latter category is well filled, along with all those who watch, but not so many make change happen. In truth, those who actively participate in change are the only ones who change. Those who watch change and even have there lives changed by change are nevertheless unchanged within themselves. And of course, those who know nothing of change just follow along. When change is forced upon us we do not change, even though outwardly we may appear to conform; inside is a grudging resistance . . . and conformity is not change. When we embrace change . . . we change. And when we embrace change and willingly change life can become rather like the tiers of a waterfall as the water flows from one level of rock to another. As we embrace change the rocks of resistance become malleable and life flows in a far more uplifting way. As a species we do not embrace change easily, so it is mostly thrust upon us. We are all overly fond of our comfort and the only way to comfortably change is to have no attachment to your comfort zone. In many ways 'real' change is a choice, yet it is a choice made in consciousness rather than in the non-comprehending, clinging intellect.
One path that embraces change is to constantly and 'consciously' . . . choose Love!
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MICHAEL'S MUSINGS: I find it very interesting that most, or many people in Iceland believe in Nature spirits. In Oz, or America, I have no doubt that, comparatively, only a very few people believe in them. I have no doubt that the closer to the Earth/Nature a person lives, the more likely they are to accept spirits of Nature. Consider that we see less than one percent of the electromagnetic spectrum that we experience as vision. So we know that our vision is incredibly limited. We see less than one percent of what is! When a person states, "I only believe in what I can see," that person is never going to grow in consciousness. And I have learned that as we grow in consciousness, so we see and experience ever further into the electromagnetic spectrum and hear further into the acoustic spectrum. We need to believe that we are far more than we think we are. Our physical eyes and ears may be limited to that less than one percent, but we are not our eyes and ears; we are, each one of us, a Being that far transcends our physical limits. The trick is not to accept the limits of our physicality, but rather to reach further into our metaphysical capabilities. Most people are too busy in one way or another, so very few people get to experience themselves transcending their own physical limits. But . . . it is very possible to do this.
We stretch and grow when we hold a focus of constantly and 'consciously' . . . choosing Love!
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MICHAEL'S MUSINGS: I am going to write about gratitude and appreciation. Are they the same, you might ask? Maybe they are, a little. When I see a beautiful flower, I feel both a deep appreciation 'of' its beauty and a deep gratitude 'for' its beauty. I am immensely grateful that Carolyn is in my daily life, yet I also feel so much appreciation for the qualities that make her the extraordinary and Loving person that she is. I would suggest to you that appreciation and gratitude can be life-changing. Where you focus your energy flows . . . and connects . . . and creates. When you feel appreciation for the little things in life, knowing that these are truly 'big' things in disguise, so more of this flows toward you. Most people are more easily inclined toward criticism than toward gratitude. You could say, "But life has been terrible for me," and I would express my sympathy, but I would also tell you that you are the creator of your life. Nothing came from 'out there' to terrify and persecute you. When we have continuous self-conversation that is negative, so the negatives enter our daily lives. When we have self-talk full of gratitude and appreciation, equally this is the energy flow that we create.
Could this be why I recommend a constant and 'conscious' choice of . . . choosing Love?
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MICHAEL'S MUSINGS: I remain amazed by the numbers of people whose whole focus is on the wrongs of the world. Even some people who read my Facebook look for what they can criticise or snipe at. Why do they read my words? If they don't like what I say, why read me? How can people turn goodwill into ill will and expect to thrive, or expect their lives to go in a good direction. Even as you read these words right now, you are creating the direction and content of your life. Are you people aware of this? So many people who live in illusion react to anything or any words that threaten their illusions, their prejudices, their beliefs, their judgements. And they expect to grow! When you argue to stay the same . . . you stay the same. Please, if you don't like what I write keep off my page. You never need to worry about blocking me because I 'very' seldom visit anyones Facebook page. A couple of my sons, a close friend or two . . . and that's it! So if you do not like my musings, unfriend me, or whatever works for you. My musings are for people who are open and becoming more conscious in their daily lives, not for cynical people full of judgemental negatives.
So smile folks while you now 'consciously' . . . choose Love!
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