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Am I still allowed to be an active member of society?

To whomever decided that my prior profile picture was too risqué for google, relax. I hope this new one doesn't offend. Some people are just too sensitive...and I guess that just means that the rest of us have to change to make them comfortable. Welcome to America. 

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Love this look!
Beautiful "Moroccan Spice" look by Ely Marino using Motives!

Get the look:
1. Begin by applying "Birch" on too the brow bone! Use "Cappuccino" and apply in the crease.
2. Taking "Vino" apply to the outer corner of the eye sweeping the corner in the crease for some added depth.
3. Pat "Moroccan Spice" onto the lid (discont.)
4. Use "Vino" and apply it underneath the lower lash line! Then using "Moroccan Spice" apply to the inner corner of the eyes. 
5. Taking "LBD" gel liner, line the eyes. — with Siriana Make Up.

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Sounds like you have a very high and tight scrotum. If you have difficulty with the largest ring on a CB, I don't know if you will find a larger ring out there. Make sure you also are experimenting with the post/spacer sizing. 
I bought my first chastity device this week, previously i was only remaining in chastity by myself but only last 2 weeks. So, i decided to buy one. I'm using the CB-6000S and it fits well but in about an hour or some my balls started to fell cold and turn a little purple. When I remove the device I had noticed that i have pressure marks in my ball sack. I'm using the biggest ring. Is this normal at the beginning? Should I buy another device or is it a way to adapt this one? Thanks a lot!

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Love this.  Must remember it.

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Lovely sentiment! and Halloween is a FRIDAY?!?
I met her in a club down in old Soho, where you drink champagne and it tastes just like cherry cola-C-O-L-A cola... #Crossdressing  

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This is hilarious!! When you get asked to do the impossible... #ProgrammingHumor #Engineering +Sam Okes 

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HA! I've been there.
This is hilarious!! When you get asked to do the impossible... #ProgrammingHumor #Engineering +Sam Okes 
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