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Oh, right. Im supposed to post on this..
Oh, right. Im supposed to post on this..

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Oh look, another hole in the wall operation..
(Tue09) Love the work of John Pugh. Check out his site:

These incident reports are hilarious:

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Check out the pics and a behind the scenes video that my bro did at Leicester City FC. Some AMAZING shots! ... just from kicking a balloon filled with water ;)

Read about it and view the video here:

A Photoshoot with Leicester City FC (4 photos)
4 Photos - View album

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(Wed02) Amazon announces details of its new Kindle model. Bottom line: $199, 7-inch color display, no 3G, no camera, no microphone, Android OS.

At half the price of an iPad and with more books to choose from, it's a very attractive alternative to an iPad.

But forget the Kindle vs iPad, Amazon vs Apple discussion. What makes this new version and the reduction of prices of the other Kindles so interesting is that they are another nail in coffin of legacy (ie, paper) publishers.

What would you buy an iPad or Kindle these days?

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