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"Don't be so stubborn in your ideologies, that you become foolish in recognizing opportunities." ~ Richard Bravo, 2017

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Early Bird Access! If you're doing design for your job or business, check out #Canva for Work...

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Brand Marketing Like #DonaldTrump : 7 Steps To Kick Ass Branding
New article published in Real Estate Weekly of NYC by yours truly. Give it a read, +1 and share ~

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Stressed Out About How To Start A Business Online?
Get complimentary access to my Niche Marketing video course so you can cut through the bull and get started today:

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If You Want Success, Put Your Head Down, Tune Out Distractions, And Get To Work! #hustle   | +Richard Bravo 

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Have Faith & A Burning Desire To Just Keep On Going No Matter What Happens | #entrepreneur | #RichardBravo​ |

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Are you creating awesome content but struggling to get your stuff positioned in the search engines? In this post I’m going to walk you through my 10 Step Content Optimization Recipe to help you get better rankings, more traffic and more customers...

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Basic Economics: 💰
"You Get Paid On Your Value To The Marketplace."

I'm often asked "Where do I start? What kind of business should I start?"

The topic of this post is the basic foundation of entrepreneurial economics. Simply said, YOU get paid based on the value that you bring to the marketplace.

Want to get paid more? Get better.

Now this isn't an esoteric conversation about your value as a person. Everyone is valuable as a child of the universe. What we're talking about here is black & white. What are you worth to the market? You've got mad skills or you don't.

Whatever the answer is YOU can be successful.


1. Start by taking inventory of your skills. Now filter through which skills can be used for a simple cash exchange between you and a customer that needs those skills?

2. Take that list and sort it by the things you really enjoy doing in order of what you love the most first.
3. Now that you have your list start doing some basic research online. Start with the skill you most enjoy doing and see if there's a market for that skill.

You may be great at getting rid of clutter, organizing and beautifying your home into a functional, yet aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. Do some research on personal organizers and professionals that specialize in that area.

If you find blogs, products on Amazon, Twitter chatter, groups and pages on Facebook, then odds are you could probably break into that market and get paid to provide your services and knowledge to that audience.

4. Repeat that process with your entire list.

Now get to work. You have a functional list of potentially profitable skills that you're good at that someone may pay you for, right now.

The trick is not to procrastinate. Do it. Put one foot in front of another and start building your network and building relationships in the market. Look for job listings, freelance gigs, anywhere you can find work doing what you love and you're good at.

Maybe you built your list and saying to yourself "Well, I know how to do that, but I'm not that good. It's just something I dabble in because I enjoy it." No problem.

Is it something you would LIKE to do and get paid for? The you have another task ahead of you - Get Better.

Remember we're talking about the VALUE you bring to the marketplace. If you enjoy doing something that could generate an income for you, but you need to get better at it, then do that.

Study, do research, build a Twitter list of people doing what you want to do and follow them. Do the same with bloggers. Read books in that field, follow the authors. Create a swipe file, a physical or digital folder in Evernote for example, where you save articles, images, links and other material from the experts you're following. Study their stuff.

The point is, if you aren't quite where you need to be to enter the market, then simply get better. You can control that piece 100%. Practically everything you need to know about just about anything is available on the internet somewhere.

I'm studying quantum mechanics and physics through MIT for FREE! That's one hell of an expensive education, but the internet has made education OPEN to anyone willing to seek the wisdom and knowledge they are looking for.

So get out there. Get better, always get better, even if you're pretty good now. Never stop learning. Never stop seeking true wisdom. And always, always, look for ways to make yourself more valuable to the marketplace.

Do these things and I guarantee you'll be on your way to earning exactly what you're worth in a free & open market.

GOT QUESTIONS? I've got answers... Ask Away!

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Steeping a new batch of my WhiteFlagVapors gourmet brewed #ejuice . The flavor profile is a black honey vanilla bourbon. First puff results?... So far so good! | #WhiteFlagVapors  
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