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Some days I feel like I'm the inverse of that technology-whisperer kid from Heroes that can fix and control technology by putting his hand over it…

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San José, CA stands against Trump's agenda and his grabby hands.

#women #rights #immigration #environment
+Sara Barnett​
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Everyone should play / read this!


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Intriguing and fairly approachable talk. Why Mickey Mouse and his enchanted brooms are better than The Terminator for reasoning about smarter-than-human intelligence, and what to do about it.

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1. Value Human Attention
2. Be Honest About Dark Patterns
3. Respect Information Zones
4. Prioritize Quality
5. Discourage Addictive Usage
6. Provide Exit Points
7. Minimize Social Anxiety
8. Establish Holistic Metrics
9. Apply Principles Company Wide

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Making python guessing games for my daughter, to learn about what piques her interest.

Two observations:
• Making it talk is a lot more engaging to kids than printing output on the screen.
• Meaningful names help more than you'd think for an unfamiliar reader. Seeing "say('Hello')", a kid can deduce a lot about the structure and function at a glance, where "espeak.synth('Hello')" is only self-explanatory to reader with more background knowledge.

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Daughter had an off-by-one error in her count of days until Christmas, so I tried illustrating and explaining "fencepost errors" to her. She kinda got it.

+Brian O'Dell


Discovered a positivity hack to help me be more consistently grateful: say "what a gift!" in my head as often as possible throughout the day.

The neat thing about it is that in skipping ahead and taking it as a given that there is something to appreciate, my brain automatically fills in a "what" or two almost every time, and a "why" usually comes pretty effortlessly after that. Little things like snacks at work or calm moments or a small favor that wouldn't have brightened my day so much otherwise.

“You can learn many things from the past about how to conduct yourself, but there is nothing to learn from the past about how to be.” —Sadhguru
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