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ALiVE - the next generation dynamic persistent campaign for ArmA3. Developed by the Multi Session Operations team
ALiVE - the next generation dynamic persistent campaign for ArmA3. Developed by the Multi Session Operations team


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SpyderBlack723's ALiVE tablet has been ported into ALiVE, here we are testing it's awesome features. Create and modify waypoints for profiled groups, spectate groups, instant join groups, intel displays and more!
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Checkout a quick video with a small feature in the upcoming 0.9.5 update. Make sure you also check out other Johari music right here on youtube.
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Compatibility & Enhancements

This release is a minor update to ensure continued compatibility with ArmA 3 Stable patches, popular mods (CUP, RHS, etc) and to start to introduce some of the early insurgency features. This release includes support for the very popular Bornholm map and IceBreakr's Panthera for A3.

We have added an IED module to provide ambient IED and VB-IED as well as adding Roadblocks to Civilian Placement module to allow missions makers to build insurgency-like missions. This is the first step towards a fully integrated insurgency system which ultimately will allow Military AI Commanders to execute insurgent style tactics and strategy.

And finally we've also added an option to Military Placement modules to create random camps in the wilderness away from existing built up areas. As usual you'll find a bunch of bug fixes and improvements too as we implement some of the new array commands and code optimisations provided by BIS. Server admins be sure to get the new @ALIVEServer plugin too![1]  

Release Highlights

Bornholm indexed for ALiVE
Panthera indexed for ALiVE
Compatibility for CUP
Compatibility for RHS (improved)
IED Module added to provide ambient IED and VB-IED threat
Roadblocks added to Civilian Placement module
Random Wilderness Camps added to Military Placement module
Updated @ALiVEServer plugin for improved performance and reliability
Major fix for Server Exit and Save based on BIS changes in 1.32 and subsequently reverted in 1.34
Improved support and compatibility for Iron Front
Lots of bug fixes and performance improvements

We highly recommend updating your server with the latest @ALiVEServer folder from the release package or re-downloading it from WarRoom Server Setup page. It includes some important fixes!

The Usual Link Fest!
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Consolidate, Simplify, Stabilise, Enhance

Our goal for this sprint was to review the current state of our code! We fixed and stabilised where necessary and ensured that ALiVE remains aligned with our aim to provide an intuitive modular mission framework.

Feedback from users suggested ALiVE wasn’t as easy to use as we would like, so we have made some changes to how the modules are structured.

We have renamed and combined several, added guidance to the module “Show Info” tabs as well as the in game Field Manual. Full details are on the wiki.

Please note, in case you have an issue loading a mission done with a previous version of ALiVE, update the modules in that mission.
We have left the old modules hidden in the background to give you time to transition over but please update your missions as soon as possible.

The legacy modules will be removed in an upcoming release!

Module Consolidation. Several modules have had name changes or been combined into a single module.

ALiVE (Required) - now includes the Garbage Collector and Single Player Save options.

Profiles has been renamed Virtual AI System, otherwise remains the same.

ALiVE Player Options now includes View Distance, Tags, Crew Info, Player Persistence and Admin Actions

Military Placement modules have all been renamed to be more consistent.

OPCOM has been promoted to a Military AI Commander.

Player Resupply has been renamed Player Combat Logistics to more closely align it to the Military Logistics system.

ALiVE Tour is a new showcase that provides an in game tour of ALiVE features in a live environment.

Field Manual now has several new entries with notes on how to use ALiVE features in game.

Compatibility for RHS.

Indexed Bornholm terrain.

MANW Competition
In other news we have decided to enter the MANW competition, if you enjoy ALiVE please lend us your support!

The Usual Link Fest!
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ALiVE 0.8 Released!
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ALiVE - 0.80 Multispawn Tutorial
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ALiVE has entered the Make ARMA Not War competition, please lend us your support!
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