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Can someone riddle me this Batman...if the GOP is all about smaller government, shouldn't that apply to the part of our lives which would seem to be the most personal? Roe v. Wade has been on the books for almost 40 years. How is it any gathered body of mostly white haired men presumes to make decisions about a woman's most personal choices. If you want less government, focus on the things that you should like jobs, road, foreign know the things a government should provide to its constituents and leave the deciding of personal and private issues to those best prepared to decide them...THE INDIVIDUAL whom it affects.
It is abhorrent that these kinds of things are even being brought up in this day and age!!!!
OH>>>> and i dont have the exact number but it feels like about 280 days since we lost our AAA rating and i think there has been a net total of NOTHING done to get it back. Again, focus on what you should. More of our governments collective shoulders against the rock and a whole lot see of their noses in our personal lives would straighten a laundry list of things out.
Cripes, now you got me on a roll...doesn't the 14th ensure the equality of all we really need 'womens' offends me that in this day and age women are some special class that needs special treatment under the law instead of simply being treated fairly as one would want to be treated. Crikey!!!!
The hand gesture Mr. Sander's accurately demonstrates in the photo...the sort-of universal accusation of another's male inadequacy...ought become the progressive's nonverbal rallying "cry" when coalescing publicly against this conservative movement of overcompensation and hostility toward women.
I think he's doing a dramatic interpretation of the surveillance video from Larry Craig's infamous restroom interlude.
+Alan Murray The Republicans want Americans to have the absolute freedom to do anything they approve of.
Republicans also want to get rid of big government and replace it with small government... that mandates vaginal ultrasounds, makes you take a blood test to vote, decides who can call themselves "married", and monitors every online and phone interaction on the chance something therein might be a terrorist plot.
+Keith Childers I've always assumed they mean small minded government. It's the only way it makes sense without being mind numbingly hypocritical.
It doesn't have to make sense. It just has to feel oh so right.
+Jim McMaster I ordinarily am not one for barbs like that, but that's quite a funny quip!
See...Pat...when you finally gave in as I hoped, you picked a jab for your personal approval that is actually sad, and not so funny, for the raw truth it has uncovered!
+Anthony DeTommasi It's not the kind of thing I would say or approve of, but it is funny, and I do have a sense of humour.
I generally agree with your viewpoints...just feel that addressing politely many of the trolls we see around here, is as effective and sensible as engaging a lemur in a discussion on manners, after it has flung poo in your face.
Mr Sanders, you are the best American politician. Can't vote for you though, I'm French, but I would if I were in Vermont.
+Anthony DeTommasi I would disagree. That's exactly what's great about Senator Sanders, that unwillingness to let oneself slip to the level of the general discourse, the relentless drive to a straight moral compass.

Politics nowadays are a series of gimmicks, postures and general demagogic behaviour. A quick look at the now likely candidate for the Republican nomination, Mr Romney and you're convinced that the world needs more people like Bernie Sanders and less of those partisan figures who flip-flop more than a pair of sandals come summer.
My moral compass curves slightly to the left... when I wake to relieve myself I am sure to flip a light on to ensure my aim.

One can remain moral and morally correct and still choose to stand up to bullies. I agree with your praise of Mr. create a strawman misrepresentation of my message to disagree with.

His post actually smacks of backhanded indirect insult by implication to my read...sortof self-contradicting a declared appreciation for the moral high road...although I am open to a different read since as his target my objectivity is in question.
Personally, when I attack someone, there will seldom be room for doubt about whether I am doing so or not...and almost always will it be in justifiable defense of myself, another or an ideal I value strongly.
We're going back. This country is headed in the direction of Iran - where the leaders make decisions based on religious ideals instead of rational thinking.
If my sons ever looked at me and said, "You're great but not worth as much as a man," I would be ashamed of them. It amazes me that these Republicans jerks can find a woman who will tolerate their ignorance, let alone allow them to breed. Speaking of breeding, I noticed something disturbing during the early Republican primaries. After Romney proudly displayed and introduced his 5 boys who were standing behind him, he then quickly mentioned his daughter was sitting down in the back somewhere. I hate that man.
Special interest tunnel vision has huge swaths of the various American demographic landscape, quite literally duped into believing lies and voting directly against their own best interests -- whether those neglected concerns be based upon race, gender, economics or less externally observable factors.

You will see this paradox emerge most prevalently over religion and its variety of subcategories, guns, and an unfortunate generalized bigotry that persists. Educational deficiencies and a healthy dose of global ignorance, certainly facilitate the phenomenon.
Anthony, I agree with you. Speaking from a conspiracy point of view and after reading "What's the Matter with Kansas," social issues are a great motivator for my fellow Americans to vote specifically against their economic interests. It provides the perfect venue for judgement of others based emotions, and the us vs them mentality provides the perfect opportunity for mob mentality. As for money and education I think when people talk about the American Dream dying, they are talking about the realization that they probably won't become extraordinarily wealthy. Our culture has become rampantly materialistic, and it's hard when that is flaunted so unemotionally and righteously by the haves over the have-nots.
You nailed it +Amy Mikkelsen!

Also, for MANY...Geez-us hath also commanded thow shalt vote avoid [fill in the blank of stupid].
Thank you +Anthony DeTommasi! It's fun to read these posts, and it gives me hope for America.
How dare anyone think for themselves!!!! An individual's views are those of the devil of course. Everyone knows God only speaks through the rehearsed sermons of their fellow man, umm I mean Priests.
Aye, Jesus's final sermon in the book of Matthew basically consisted of the following paraphrase:

"Okay guys, if you haven't listened to a single thing I've said in the preceding 1000 pages, listen to this. Take care of the poor and sick! No, seriously, I mean it. Pretend they're me if you need to. If that's not enough then ummm my pops will barbeque you if you don't, yeah that's right, crispy crunchy. No, guys, really... stop worrying about the gay guy, look over here <snap> <snap> Take care of the poor. Nope, nope, don't worry about money just take care of the poor the best you can. I really can't stress this enough."

The religious right has helpfully provided this modern translation:

"Food stamps are bad. Medicare is bad, except that part where the drug companies get free tax money. Welfare is bad, as is everyone on it. Universal healthcare is evil and should be fought as if fighting the armies of Satan himself. Everyone should only worry about himself... charity is more of a guideline than a rule. The most important political concerns of our religion are abortion, birth control, boys kissing boys, and prayer in schools. Make sure you put your cash in the plate. Don't worry we'll make sure it goes to those who need it... ish"
I know this quote is all over the place, but it's still fantastic.
"I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ." -Ghandi
If you don't respect all human life, then you have NO business leading a society of people. Just that simple
Who doesn't respect human life? I don't see that anywhere in this thread.
I've never actually seen someone +1 himself before. Well played Mr. Hargis, well played.
I started to +1 your quote Anthony, but then I realized it would be like +1 ing myself :)
Thick fingerz on a small phone?(not you Amy...proposing a possible cause for the +1 by that other guy)
A reference to Keith's earlier comment. Well, it's been fun. Have a good night gentlemen!
Hey man...I may just do it as standard protocol every time I post.
Truth be told...I momentarily presumed probably in error that he defined "all life" and what it means to "respect" that life in the same way as I do.

That is to say, that the statement would NOT mean that forcing a woman to incubate a platelet of cells good and respectful of life...and that denying welfare to the sick and poor is likewise NOT respectful. Even I, in my near infinite cynicism, can accidentally take for granted certain (ought to be) universal truths that seem to escape so many.
In my opinion, life begins at inception, repecting life is not the same as free will or allowing DUI, The defenseless need defenders and true leaders defend,
Respect all life to me includes all of the following, but is not comprehensive:

the born in addition to the unborn
Iraqi and Afghan civilians
people who smell bad
people who earn minimum wage
people who commit crimes
Palestinians and Israelis
animals, including those of the sport hunting variety
people who don't own guns
rape victims
people on welfare
children, particularly hungry children

Is it just me or does it seem like those who scream loudest about respecting life also seem to hold the narrowest possible definition of what they mean by life?
So John...does this mean you are cool with financial support for the poor and the sick?
its the American way, if we did more to help our own, we wouldn't be able to afford wars, that is for sure. I support the sick, but believe we could do more to increase free market jobs so there are less poor
Less war and more money to our poor and our infrastructure would be a good thing, correct?
not what I said, I don't generalize, any stimulus for infrastructure need to have a matching, rider I guess, to support free market jobs, small bus. to offset rising taxes and borrowing. Checks and balances, not checks and borrowing
No borrowing...asking about your beliefs as to feeding the poor...respecting their value as a society...governmental programs to feed, cloth and house.

No balancing considerations...just ending wars and the killing as a primary objective, and stopping the waste of money you identified.

These each are good and positive life affirming goals, right?
I don't give a lopsided opinion, I balance. I don't settle for an easy way, I dig deeper for a fair and balanced solution. answering questions like those is a political BS way of doing it and it has put US where we are
Like when the politicians promise tax cuts and reduction of government...they are really offensive in their bs, because they don't balance the need for social programs that keep the poor fed, right? Instead they should redirect the military spending as a way to balance, if I understand you correctly.
I wouldn't call this poison except to the degree LSD laced grape koolaid could be labeled as such lol
For sure...brain cells die from drug induced hallucination.
No, I would leave military R&D alone, world is to messed up to fall behind. In reality, you cannot cut taxes unless you create job growth, any tax cut is offset by other taxes or fees without taxable job revinue, it is a lazy way of doing it and no one digs for answers anymore, it is just chess pieces with tax and printing the dollar. Most of the job growth lately is due to industry building up labor for the upcoming stimulus, once that moves on then we will see a worse unemployment rate and economy. I am for feeding the needy, but within limits and not illegals. Pursuit of happiness does not include unlimited food stamps
How do you create real job growth? I am having trouble following you when you push so many concepts together, using undefined terms that may mean one thing to you and something else entirely to little magic phrases that trigger some deeper understanding that you have and I am trying to follow.
I counted 18 talking points in one paragraph. Impressive.
I don't take the easy way...I am looking for balance...John?
How should we increase jobs for real...not temporary bs?
Seemed like you joined the thread looking to talk...I am trying to understand what you are saying.
Behind us are the days of Humphry Davy, Nicola Tesla, James Watt, Richard Feynman, Paul Dirac, Albert Einstein and other heretics who selflessly worked to unravel the mysteries of the world. In front of us are the days where idiots plan to send us back to the days before those men. We're not going back, we're going WAY BACK.
Anthony DeTommasi Amend the Federal community reinvestment act, to address unemployment issues and do so without tax revenue. The amendment will help not only employee's who are about to lose jobs due to a failing business, but can be used to start new industries with a proposal that will meet a banks criteria without fear of high risk interest. I also would like to say, that all my ideas, plans and programs are considered without government funds. I work on these idea's in the sense that government funds do NOT exist. This plan may also allow business leaders to look into our foreign trade markets and develop industries that will allow US to compete on an international level and reduce the foreign trade deficit, thereby creating jobs here and keeping outsourcing to a minimum.
+Anthony DeTommasi Yep, totally missed the comments above yours and ended up replying to you thinking you were aiming your criticism to Senator Sanders. The rant kind of of sounds stupid now :)

Sorry about that. problem...yeah, you accidentally stepped into a meta-discussion I have had with Pat as to the degree one should jump into the trenches to confront the trolls who flame Mr. Sanders' posts...nothing more.

John...I will get back to you.
We need more Bernie Sanders in Congress.
John...I really tried Bud...I have to throw in the towel though, just could not make sense of your plan.
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