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Hypocrites are the one's morality ..
I love Bernie Sanders. He is a GREAT American who speaks for the working people.
Thank you +Bernie Sanders ! I am a Nurse Practitioner who provides health care to those poor and uninsured patients that you are trying to protect. The hypocritical "deficit hawks" want to take away federal grants to Community Health Centers that provide the the only safety net for many Americans and give the money in the form of tax breaks to wealthy individuals and corporations. Shame on them !
Well said Sir! I am by nature an Austrian School free marketeer, but it needs to be said that the Republican administrations do tend to increase deficits and debt. Reagan is quoted as some sort of guru, but he significantly increased US debt and ran deficits year after year.
kick some ass Bernie Baby....I love him too Charlie!
Who are the younger aids situated behind Mr. Sanders? One of them seems to be getting a kick out of what he is saying, or how he is expressing himself. I'm just wondering what function this boy serves, what he is there for, and why he is smiling.
Senator Sanders: You are the definition of what our elected officials should be. You always seem to first always have the people's back. Thank You So Much
+Elizabeth Mccafferty - to the individual as 'privileged purveyor and acceptor of knowledge 'in-the-self' ', sure, perhaps, unless he shares with us in an honest-enough manner, but;

I'm sure someone knows why he is in that room, all-dressed-up, Cheshire Cat grin on his face. That would satisfy an enquiry in a general-enough manner to extrapolate in a base-satisfactorily manner.
Bernie Sanders dominating like he always does.
Want to turn around this Real Estate Market ? Bring back the ASSUMABLE
mortgage. Put homeowners back in control of the little equity they have in their homes. The FHA & VA can guarantee the loans like they did before. When CONVENTIONAL non -assumable loans took over,homeowners lost the right to sell their homes to whomever they wanted to. The banks took us all down this road to foreclosure hell.
I think you are on to something here. The assumable loan makes the banks a party to the deal, but removes their power to kill the deal. I have to assume that most people do not recognize the fact that if you can't sell the home to a qualified buyer of you choice when and if you so desire, it doesn't really belong to you.
.+Ml Hayes Excellent point ,When FHA and VA took away the assumable mortgage they took all the freedom out of the "FREE" market. It's OUR government . Let's start by making all new and existing FHA and VA loans assumable .
The deficit hawks are hypocrites! Go Bernie, why can't we go snag those Cayman Islands shirkers? I'll bet that they're mostly those "patriotic" flag wavers who profit from fear and warmongering, great pretenders...
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