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1,470 people who made more than $1 million in 2009 paid $0 in federal income tax. (Source: +The White House)
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Society has no bearing on if there's a structure for people to get rich. They do it entirely on their own, and clearly do not use poor people's shared resources like roads, or the labour of people who went to public schools. Why should they pay taxes? They earned their capital gains exemptions and various tax credits.
and if they complain, give them a choice between Buffet Tax rate or FDR tax rate which was 94% on all income over $200,000 ($2,624,093.02 in today's amount)
+Crystal Franklin Not at all. What makes you think that? ;)

Oh wait I'm not logged on with my GOP-Troll account. :P
Yeah, lets tax the shit out of the people who create the jobs.. Real smart.. You and your nazi asshole president need to be tried for treason and thrown in jail.
haha really? So then were do jobs come from? The government? HAHAHA The Govt can't give you ANYTHING they havnt already taken from someone else.
And btw, if you're making over a mil a year, you're not doing it alone. You have employees, vendors, suppliers, and LOTS of other people that make it possible. Every wealthy person KNOWS you have to have a TEAM to make the kind of money they are making. I'm not rich. Not even close to it, but I'm not going to ask the govt to go after them so I can get a hand out. It's called FREE MARKET ECONOMICS.
+Tek Netz You have nothing to back your statement up and you've even managed to throw the word Nazi into the mix. You are a bonafide troll through and through.
The super-wealthy don't create jobs, the middle class consumers and workers do.
We have centuries of history to disprove your little myth of "trickle down" economics.
+Tek Netz Nobody can "give" you something they haven't "taken" from someone else. Give and take is a part of all commerce.
Woah, I was kidding when talking about GOP trolls... but I guess they do like to pop up for real too. :\
why cant we just see what is right in front of us
we are humans not commerce....
we take only from eachother....
and we poison only eachother.
... waiting for the Reaganoid/neocon deathray to reload...
Middle-Class "Consumers" create the DEMAND. Workers create jobs? Really? Just like eggs make chickens? You're obviously another sheepole enjoying the spoonfed grul the media and obama administration are feeding you. When Mr. Rich Guy goes out and spends a few million on a house or a yacht that doesnt create jobs? When he starts his mega-corp, that doesnt create jobs? Oh wait, you're of the Obama mind-set, so if its not a union or govt job it doesnt count right?
Insert confused not sure if troll or just really stupid face.
Fair Share.. haha more fnords from the Gestapo administration.. How about this.. Lets get rid of the illeagle federal reserve, stop spending trillions of dollars on illeagle wars, and abolish the IRS.. No one pays any taxes.. We seemed to do great without an income tax the first few hundred years of our country...
+Tek Netz Your neocon gun is set on auto, and you're firing all over the place. I'm probably the most anti-Obama person you've ever met, you dumb hick. Bernie Sanders has been outspoken in his criticism for Obama as well, so if you think there is some conspiracy going on that makes people think the rich need to pay their fair share then I'm afraid you have been spoonfed the lies my paranoid friend.
How is my saying that the workers and middle class create the demand and jobs any crazier than you saying that the rich elite create the jobs out of thin air? Neo-liberal coward.
I'm for the expiration of the Bush tax cuts, but I need to warn people to not get too caught up in the Buffett rule. It's a political distraction to invoke the appearance that leaders are doing something to address our fiscal irresponsibility. This rule will generate a total of $31 billion dollars over 11 years ( ). To put this in perspective, the projected deficit over that period is 7 Trillion, amounting to less than half of one percent of the deficit ( same link ).

This rule is an example of a wedge issue that is used to create the perception of choice when you are at the polls. The choice however is should we go 7 Trillion dollars more into debt or 6.969 Trillion dollars more into debt. That assumes that there will not be reflective spending passed with the passage of the Buffett rule. Statements like the one above are engineered to be divisive without giving a clear picture, because it isn't apparent what the average tax rate for these million dollar earners are over a significant period of time. It only gives a capture at a specific moment in time, rather than proving systemic issues.
The problem isn't that there are rich people. There are two problems. The smaller of the two problems is that a combination of tax breaks/loop holes are allowing a portion of the wealthy to pay little to no taxes on their income.

The larger of the two problems is that as American productivity has increased, the wealthy have been taking a larger percentage of the wealth produced for themselves. This chart helps illustrate that shift:
Not surprised, the rich will always be rich and the poor will sometime make it.
+Ginger Disciple Is your argument about taxes seriously that not all wealthy people work? If they don't work, then what income will be taxed? So what does it matter?

And the chart demonstrates the shift of net worth over time, showing how the wealthy are claiming a larger percentage of the wealth generated by this country than it used to.
that is totally right! they should have to pay too!
What a hell is the IRS doing about this fact? I applaud the courage of Senator Bernie Sanders in revealing about it. It's not only the rich but even some politicians manage to evade paying taxes until such time as they aspire for some office in the government. I know that there are so many rich in this country who can manipulate their taxes so that they only pay a measly sum while we bear the burden of paying our taxes loyally since we cannot afford to hire lawyers to defend us from such an anomally. We need more Senators and Congressman like Mr. Sanders to represent us and expose the corruption of the powerful rich.
I don't think the IRS can really do much about it. Technically they aren't doing anything illegal, they've just found tax breaks and loopholes. It's up to congress to fix this.
How is it that people don't understand the difference between Capital Gains tax and Federal Income tax??? Seriously... Those people who paid no Fed Income tax probably didn't work at a job that paid them incomes... Therefore since they aren't paid a wage (ie salary) they wouldn't have paid Income Tax as they were not earning an income.

Instead they paid what is called a Capital Gains tax. This is a tax on all gains they received in the sale of stocks/bonds. If you want to comment on the unfairness, why don't you look up how much the beloved congress pays in taxes and what they spend our money on...
+Crystal Franklin Because most businesses are S-Corporations, LLC's and Partnerships, where the business is not taxed at all. All profits are distributed to the owners as regular income. So tax depreciates income, which, trust me, goes back into the business as much as possible. Higher taxes = less employment for every small business, which is 80% of the businesses out there.
Knowing this, republicans and democrats will lead the call that Austerity Measures be imposed on the poor working class of this country, instead of equalizing any responsibility. The rich are sloughing off their responsibilities, on the poor not just in the United States; but World-wide. They and their international cohorts propose the continuation of an organized "Free Market" of crime; and are attempting to put the "Worker" and "Masses" in their place (our necks under their storm-trooper boots). They wish to Assert the Authority they themselves seem to think they alone have; over any other that exists; and over the will of the people; for they see that as a hindrance and an impediment to their Global Markets and portfolios, and their absolute control over the Resources of this planet; including and up too the "Human" commodity. Their agenda is total control over your mind and body. Given this you have to realize there is an all out underground war against any dissent; total vilification of the Occupy Movement; Socialists; Scientists; Environmentalists; Health Care Advocates/workers; Educators; et al. People who want "Good" things for "Other" people; are now seen as an Evil on the face of the land, How and why did the Dem's let it get spun thataway?.It seems that the Dem's are asking us to sing Kum ba ya with little dictators and wanna-be Nazis yet again by re-electing Obama; whatever. I'm going to vote my conscious; I'm going to vote GREEN not Goldman Sachs. What is democracy without choice? and Without voice? which is why I choose to give my choice; and voice to the more progressive and honest bunch of Joes and Janes of Main Street America; and the Green Party Platform; and will vote for any person of any party who stands by it; if today Obama would adopt the Green Party Platform; I'd vote for him; but he's not going to do something as "Radical" as changing parties in mid-office? Only Senators and Congress-members do that right? What better move could he make? Bringing the most progressive party in America into the White House, you'd still have a primarily Dem Senate, and maybe Congress; and we know the Media will never; ever; mention the Green Party again; and the Money People would make sure no Green ever got on any ticket, so if Obama would become a Green while a sitting president; he would be a World-wide Hero; the First GREEN president in the world, and it would do more to drown out the cries of 21st Century fascism; than any other event.
+Glen Hards The top 10% pay 90% of all taxes collected. How is that not more than their "fair share"?
+Joel Kolodziej The top 10% owns 80% of the nation's wealth, and actually pays 70% of the tax revenue, so it sounds like they're getting off easy.
Amith F
+Donald Hume Then lets offer tax write-off's for re-investment into business. But wait, we already do. Maybe these individuals made massive investments into their business and wrote it off against their tax. We need more data on that for this to be a fair debate. What I'd like to know +Bernie Sanders is what write-offs brought them down to 0 or we may end up with the wrong outcome. That way you can plug the writeoffs (loopholes).
+Donald Hume If the percentage of taxes paid by the top 10% jumped from 70% to 90%, it's only because they took on an even greater portion of the nation's wealth. Their tax rates didn't change.
The top 10% pay the most in taxes because: if 90% is accurate; its because they have 90% of the income. Now we all know that is what might be considered a vast disparity of resources and wealth. Not what you'd call fair. When someone with a very limited income; pays taxes daily on the products they buy; the cars they drive; any property they may be able to hold onto; insurance or rent; medical and dental; groceries and gas; this doesn't affect the uber-rich; yet they still have the audacity to call for us; the Workers; Grandparents; and Children of America; to bite the bullet; while they climb into their Sauna and eat Caviar, and smoke Cuban Cigars.
Amith F
+Donald Hume 60% of Americans make less that 40k a year. How do you expect them to pay taxes. Even if they did' it won't amount to very much would it.
+Kevin Burger As I've said, we don't tax wealth, we tax income. And it's probably grown because they've stopped hiring. That money wouldn't have been income in the past, as most businesses are LLC's and S-Corps. So they are probably doing what all of us are doing - hoarding cash and paying down debt.

The fact is, the top 10% have 43% of the AGI yet pay 70% of the taxes. I think they are paying their fair share.
+Amith Fernandes Let's presume those 60% pay a net $100 into federal income tax, for a moment, shall we? This amount should be trivial for nearly everyone to come up with over the course of a year.

Over 300 million Americans works out to 180 Million Americans paying the assumed $100 a year in federal income tax.

Which works out to $18 billion in tax revenue. And they likely will not even notice the $0.27 it takes from them daily. Up that by a factor of ten, and we've paid off one of the stimulus packages in a single year. The $2.73 a day might be a touch more noticeable, but not really all that painful.

The real trouble is the nearly 50% of Americans that pay a net $0 (or less! Meaning they are paid to simply file!) in federal income taxes.
+Glen Hards See my post above. They have 43% of the adjusted gross income. You might call it a vast disparity, but would you expect the top 10% to make 10% of the AGI? Obviously, 43% is probably in line with what you would expect. So yes, I would call that fair.
Amith F
+Johnny Waid And that $18billion will contribute 0.001% of the $14 Trillion debt. What problem are you trying to solve for?
234,000 made over 1m in 2009, so not really a big percentage. I like Sen Sanders but misrepresenting data is the spectre of Fake News and Rush Limpballs.
+Amith Fernandes My point is for $0.27 per day per non taxpaying American we'd have a measurable increase to tax revenues. $2.73 per day per non taxpayer is a much greater impact.

The solution is not to hit those carrying the bulk of the burden with even more to carry. It's to make the many many many hands we have all carry a little light load.
Amith F
+Donald Hume If you make 40k and it costs you lets say 30k just to pay your bills, and feed your family. You have 10k of disposable income. Even if the govt takes a 10% tax of 40k. Your disposable income is now slashed to 6k. That's 40% less on discretionary income. Now crunch those numbers to someone making a Million.

But I guess you could just eat less food or live in a car right?
+Amith Fernandes Actually, 50% of Americans make $50k a year (that is the median income).

And for the record, the top 50% have gone from paying 92% of all federal revenue to 97.5% since can we stop all this "not paying their fair share" bs? Or are you not going to be happy until they are paying 100%???
+Amith Fernandes I'm not going to argue that the "rich" can't afford more and pay more, as they currently are. And yes, even after taxes they have far more disposable income. But that doesn't mean that someone making $40k a year shouldn't have to pay anything. This post by Bernie is saying the rich are getting off scot-free, which isn't true. The fact is a large portion of our population IS getting off scot-free. And I was in that group when I got out of college, but I still paid my share of taxes. So I know for a fact that someone making $40k could easily pay 3% in taxes at least, whereas now they are paying nothing, and are probably getting money back to boot.
+Donald Hume That's not what median means. It means half earn more, half earn less. You are confusing median with average.
Amith F
+Donald Hume I'm not in favor of anyone paying more taxes. If I had to chose I'd place it on the richer more endowed person and place a sales tax on the poor person. That way If you decide to spend it on a fancy pair of shoes you pay a tax. If you are saving it up to go to schoo maybe you don't.
+John Bill Sorry for wording it poorly. Yes, median means half above and half below, so half of this country makes $52k or more. Which was my point.
+Amith Fernandes As you can probably tell, I am a staunch conservative, with a few libertarian leanings. But I have no problem with a progressive income tax that places the majority of the burden on those that can afford it. But there is a limit. And we are past it. Way past it. Yet you keep seeing these posts and comments from Bernie and the WH about the rich paying their "fair share", as if they aren't already.

To me, it's simple - bottom 20% pays nothing. 20-50% pay 5% up to 10% (on an increasing scale). 50-75% pay 25% tax, and the top 25% pay 35%. Then allow mortgage and child deductions, which cannot decrease amount paid by more than 5% for each bracket. Done deal. 80% pay something, no one carries all of the burden, and I guarantee this raises more revenue than the current system.

But first, can we get spending under control?? No one should pay a penny more until spending is 18% of GDP. Period.
Amith F
+Donald Hume Agree with everything you said there. I'm not suggesting that everyone should'nt pay tax -- Just the way in which you tax it. (Sales Tax). There is an order to this though.

FIRST Spending as a % of GDP targeted yearly or the beauracrats get spanked.

SECOND The top tier loopholes that were created by special interests, lobbiest and tax specialists to NOT pay 0% have to go away.

When all that's been done you can go after the weak meek poor and everyone in between for more taxes.

You can do them altogether but without one and two happening all it will do is kill consumption and indirectly business demand because what would be going to businesses will now go to government and indirectly end up servicing the special interests too PLUS raising taxes on 60% of Americans is political suicide. So +Johnny Waid Gain $18 Billion. Cost - Their careers.
+Donald Hume No doesn't mean that either. That figure is for households, as in whole families. Median income for individuals is $26,364, big difference.
My suggestions to those who want to pay less taxes is to save and invest more money. It is simple as that. Let your money work for you and pay just 15% on your long term investments and dividends that you receive.

What if you are unable to save because you've selected a less lucrative field or you chose not to educate yourself? This is America, and you're free to reinvent or choose a different path. I didn't mature until I was 28 years old, and it hit me like a ton of bricks. It wasn't until then that I realized that I was responsible for my own success or lack of.

So don't punish me because I choose to save.
there obviously exists something like trickle down stupidity as well...@tek netz: go back to school!
Amith F
+Lux Vega Selector A lot of the comments are predicated on incomplete and/or incorrect data. Education is definitely needed. And I don't mean Glenn Beck or Fox News.... :)

It's ironic to watch certain people discrediting, dismantling and dismembering the very institutions (albeit imperfect) that made this country the awe of the world and being indoctrinated with the notion that just being born on American soil is what made them great as they slowly dismantle the institutions that created the upward mobility.
I really think we need to look at a plan like Simpson Bowles for our long term financial strength as a country. It might not be perfect, but the right hate it because it would eliminate tax loopholes and cause the rich to pay more. The left hate it because it reforms some of the social safety programs that help the poor and elderly. We need Washington to work together instead of the constant bickering that seems to dominate our political discourse as of late. If we don't work together, this great country will surely fall apart. I don't get why we all talk about such a high debt, but never seem to do anything about it. Let's raise the Capitol gains tax to 22% and put that just to pay off the debt. Let's balance the budget, by pulling out social security and Medicare, and increase the taxes for those programs, or at least eliminate the 102k cap on Social security. There is a lot of things that we could do, but no one in Washington has the cajones to do it because there is no term limits, congress is in a continuous reelection cycle.
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