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VIDEO: Sen. Sanders talks with Ezra Klein about how to create jobs through investment in infrastructure:
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Repairing and improving roads employs people and it helps private industry to transport stuff over those roads, so it stimulates the economy in multiple ways.
the water mains also need  to be repaired. creates jobs and we have water to drink.
all these things need to be done. what to do about the republicans.
Let them move to Texas and try their ideal free market society after we cut all federal funding? That should make a pretty effective demonstration, proving once and for all whether turds float, and we can all stop arguing.

Of course they'd probably just invade New Mexico (or old Mexico) once they exhausted their resources.
This tax cut for the wealthy ,  is really working well ,for the wealthy, If all these job-creators went to Texas, who would do the work?
Jeez Blake...Bolling was really rolling there...and you went and ruined it with things like actual facts!
+Blake Alsobrook I was being facetious , i am in Texas, I know that Texans are trying to get by on less, Thank goodness for the weather and the flat lands we have that kinda let's you stretch out a bit.
Oooh boy where to begin...

Texas is the only state in the union that has to have textbooks printed just for its school system, since "the people" decided they wanted Thomas Jefferson, labor unions and separation of church and state edited out of history books, and intelligent design taught in science class.

Texas has the most overweight people per capita in the nation, and the highest incidence of heart disease, resulting in the few healthy people living there paying astronomical health insurance rates to subsidize the bad habits of others.

Texas is the only state whose governor is regularly quoted endorsing secession as legitimate public policy.

Texas runs budget deficits, but gets bailed out YoY with consistent revenue growth from whoring itself and its natural resources to the fossil fuel industry, then purports to be good at managing finances (much like Sarah Palin).

Texas took huge amounts of federal stimulus money, all the while railing about how government spending was the root of all evil and how Texas is the model for self-sustainability.

Texas's primary industry is one that contributes more than any other to the now inevitable unsuitability of the planet for human habitation (but great job on all that revenue guys!)

Texas is a hotbed for frivolous patent and IP litigation, as conservative judges there love sticking it to liberal tech companies.

Texas is as infamous for backdoor redistricting deals and insider shenanigans in state government as Chicago is for city politics.

Texas produces more waste per capita than any other state, and recycling programs are virtually nonexistent, even in larger cities that could easily sustain them.

Texans are the largest energy consumers in the country per capita, and 1 out of 3 cars registered in Texas gets under 12mpg.

Joe Barton, who called BP being made to pay to clean up the largest oil spill ever in his own state a "shakedown" and apologized (no shit actually apologized) to the CEO of BP in open session, is from Texas. He is now the chair of the House committee overseeing environmental policy.

I have lots more but you get the point.
Don't mess with it.

No really, Bubba will shoot your commie ass and Chuck Norris will look the other way.
I could not mess it up more than it already is, if I wanted to....
I mean really...what CAN you do with a genuine shit hole....hang an air freshener and close the door as you walk away?
I would recommend infusing the water supply with Haldol as a start.
I'm sorry but Texas doesn't really have a balanced budget right now. It's all smoke and mirrors. Perry did some pretty shady things to make it appear as though the budget was balanced last year, but it really was not. Among other things, they delayed giving the schools $2.3 billion by one day in order to push it into the next fiscal year and keep it off the books for that budget. They're also making ridiculous assumptions that there will be zero growth in the number of school children, even though Texas is one of the faster growing states in the country.
Actually +Keith Childers Because Texas is such a large part of the schoolbook market,  Texas effectively determines the content of schoolbooks for virtually the entire country.  Publishers aren't big on making separate production lines for the Bigot Belt and the rest of the states, so they let Texas standards dictate what the rest of the country is schooled with.
Actually actually Frank, read up on HBJ and how they had to fork their distribution process entirely to meet Texas "curriculum standards".

It has also created a counter-reactive market for texts that are not produced or used in Texas. Many school districts around the country have effectively boycotted publishers that do business with Texas, insisting (correctly) that any textbook that does meet Texas standards is revisionist propaganda and forbidding purchase or use thereof by the district. This has led, ironically, to some smaller publishers being able to make inroads despite higher cost, and has also accelerated adoption of electronic media.

But yes, it was certainly a national conservative effort to tilt education toward fundamentalism rather than a grass roots decision limiting the insanity to within the walls of the asylum. The Department of Education should have yanked all funding as soon as this passed; another one in the win column for Barry.
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