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Today's news from Sen. Bernie Sanders:
Postal Service: The U.S. Postal Service "must be saved, not dismembered," Sen. Bernie Sanders said in a letter to the editor of The Washington Post. "Congress must lift restrictions to allow the Postal Service to become more entrepreneurial. But that approach should not include slowing down mail delivery and shutting down 3,600 rural post offices and half of the mail-processing plants," Sanders wrote. LINK

USPS: The Senate voted to debate a the bill that would give the postmaster general the tools he needs to delay and perhaps prevent the announced closing of postal facilities. The measure combines several bills including proposals by Sens. Susan Collins and Bernie Sanders, the Bangor (Maine) Daily News reported.

An American Oligarchy: America is becoming to a significant degree and oligarchy or a plutocracy. If you look at the growing wealth and income inequality in this country ... 93 percent of all the new income in 2010 went to the top 1 percent," Sen. Sanders said Friday on the Thom Hartmann Program. Republicans, he added, are "resisting even modest tax reform" like a bill blocked in the Senate on Monday to make millionaires pay at least the same tax rate as middle-class families.

Read the entire news here:
April 21, 2012. Senator Sanders. Postal Service The U.S. Postal Service "must be saved, not dismembered," Sen. Bernie Sanders said in a letter to the editor of The Washington Post. "Con...
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I could not agree more getting rid of the USPS would be a terrible mistake. It's the public option if that goes away private companies will raise prices through the roof!
In every way conservatives say they're for the small business, they really aren't. many small businesses still depend on USPS. They same with rural residents. Leaving only the "big boys" (UPS, FedEX, etc), the American People will loose out. Do they really think those guys are going to pick up the slack? Not everywhere and only probably with a hefty premium!
What can I say but "Amen!"
Dave I hope youu have evidence of that. The Postal Service currently delivers all packages for both those companies as well as the others in the package delivery business. None of them want to deliver to rural addresses so they pay the USPS to do it for them. So as far as already do a "mail" business and are equipped to go .... unless you have proof that has changed recently, you are spreading misinformation. So Stop it, please.
+Dave Spencer Who sends letters any more? That's what email is for. USPS needs to move into the package delivery business or go out of business. It's as simple as that. We could all do with less postal mail SPAM, which is all that the USPS delivers with the rare exception of a package or bill. Save some trees, stop delivering junk mail that nobody wants anyway. The world has changed and USPS, Fedex get it. The USPS doesn't.
"-if it's not something you want, throw it away. " But the problem there is that is WASTEFUL! Why waste the paper to send the same ad to everyone in town when 90% of them will just throw it away? The post office served a purpose, but society has changed and the post office has not changed with it. Paper advertising is a thing of the past. People in this day and age hit the internet to find what they want.
Dave--I agree with you. For individual mailings the USPS is still the best. But when I receive packages I very much prefer UPS since they will leave them on my porch rather than stuffing them in my mailbox down the hill. Also, as much as I would hate it, maybe the USPS should do away with Forever Stamps. They might save enough money right there to help with their problems.
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