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Sen. Sanders talks with Michael Eric Dyson about JP Morgan and Wall Street's influence on Congress:
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"Bust the Banks Barry!" needs to be the chant from the progressive caucus at the DNC.
My Human wishes J.P. Morgan well. They have his money.
I have money in Chase, but not for long.  My human is pissed off.
Congress is government who is monopolized by Wall Street, talk about ironies, the incestuous relationship they engage in is vile. One of two points when writing the constitution was to limit how much power to allow the government and how Congress should be elected by the people or the legislatures. The Constitution is an example of cooperative statesmanship and the art of compromise, Washington has gone so far off message, it's incomprehensible.
"Take names and kick ass, Senator!" Long Live Thom Hartmann. is fully comprehensible Angelica it boils down to greed, graft and corruption...which has been around since the first footlicker sucked-up to the tribal chief for an extra hunk of woolly mammoth.

What it reprehensible. What it comprehensive reforms, regulations and broad impeachments.
+Anthony DeTommasi some criminal prosecutions would be a nice layer of butter cream frosting on top as well. Barry and W can share a cell, and Clarence can bring them their dinner.
I am glad to see some network is talking about this seriously, I was at a bar yesterday and CNN was on, talking about the hearings. The headline they showed the whole time was "[bank leader] warns against further regulations" and all the commentators talked about was how the hearings were more of a pleasant, inconsequential visit. We need more networks that take issues seriously and talk to people like Sen. Sanders and less networks that pander to those who are in charge.
Why? Why? Why? don't the American voters realize what is really going on? Poor Bernie seems to be standing alone these days. What will happen if Romney succeeds in his message of runaway capitalism? I suppose the nation really is mired in greed and the republican voters are just so selfish and horrible that they are willing to throw the majority of Americans into the crapper. Sadly, these same voters won't realize what has happened until it's too late and they too are being flushed into poverty. More deregulation is the very last thing we need. Thank you, Bernie for all you do.
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