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From 2008 - 2010 Verizon spent more on lobbying than on taxes:
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How much did they give in political donations?
Well that sounds about right. Isn't that how it goes for almost all industries with actives lobbyists? It seems to me that they've all made the calculation that it's cheaper to fight the taxes than to pay them. Is that not #ProofPositive that they pay too little? Idiots. They would save money if they shut up and just pay the taxes.
Who are you trying to kid david russel? The article you posted is an opinion piece in the nytimes by a verizon bigwig. Is that what you're posting as an argument? Come back when your research skills are beyond that of a 3rd grader. Thanks for trying!
Well, compared to the "facts" posted on a cell phone gif... Verizon is a public traded company. Their tax records are public record. If I make a gif saying that you made billions and paid zero taxes, would you believe that as well?
David, that's a letter to the editor from Verizon's communications officer, not an article
I'll be the unbiased person and ask +David Russell to show evidence of what he says because I'm supremely curious to know the real truth when he comes to serious issues like this. I don't hear many arguments against what +Bernie Sanders is saying which makes it even more important that we know all facts before we start acting upon what we think we know.
That's why I no longer use them. They are all about profits and to hell with the consumer.
:D very successful business...people!!! So now I/we think am I a business woman, NO I am a slave for this BIG Business and I was studying 16 years to be a slave...sad.
Based on this what Sanders is saying could be a political half truth which wouldn't be right. All in all though I think we still consider his actions and suggestions as a senator to still be justified even if it based on the evidence you showed. And I would be making too big of an assumption to think you were arguing against that.
That NY times article says taxes were deferred, meaning they didn't pay it, YET!
Yes, Thanks for the figures. But people would like to know 'what and who' that money was paid for. Or should people boycott these brands till they make full disclosures.
I do agree that our tax law is severely flawed. I am blessed to make a good income but, the fact is, the more I make the less (percentage wise) I pay due to legitimate tax breaks. Of course I take the breaks, so maybe I'm partly to blame? That said, I don't see the tax laws ever being made fair. The rich benefit far too much from the current situation.
How many of you guys have presonal private lobbiests that can get deferments on your federal taxes?

That's all it boils down to.

Verizon and many other large corporations (1%-ile) pay lobbiests to hijack the law and circumvent taxes, but assuming you are a voter, you can't even afford to play on the same level field. IOW your federal reps have been hijacked by big money. Depending on what extent what I am saying is true, is how wrong your system is. You have to do something about that, else you are pro-rata slaving away to big-money corporate personhoods.

+Kris Poole "the government does not make jobs"

That's just patent ignorance. The government pays for and employs a lot of your teachers, a lot of your state and federal workers. Be they road repairers, state troopers, soldiers, medical practitioners, etc etc.
I don't understand why +Bernie Sanders keeps posting stories like this. Did they break the law? If not its their money.
The point is not that they broke the law. The point is that the wrote the law. The point is that the law is written for the Verizons of the world, and the Romneys of the world, and not for the rest of us.
But in Bernie's world it's all HIS money.
Dann D
Verizon its really evil
Good example of corporate greed and the value of K street. I thought we were going to change?
dont worry a lot of that money will now shift to Apple and/or Google
Isn't it great to have a monopoly on reliable 4G service?
The point... just like +Bernie Sanders and +Buddy Roemer keep saying....basically - if we could get money out of politics we could get the Lobbyist Elephant out of the room when laws are being made/bills being drafted....then MAYBE we could eliminate the corrupt politics that allows this kind of favoritism and we could restructure things a little more fairly. I UNDERSTAND that it benefits all of us the HELP big industry thrive...but it SO unbalanced that the middle class and poor - who are least able - are having to bear too much of the load to help corporate America prosper.
Zero in Federal taxes?? What's with that? ?
Come on... How much did they invest in development of new products, etc.??? How many people do they employ? Statistics are always misleading when one has a Socialist agenda like Bernie Sanders! If he wants to change the tax laws, let him propose something!
It's not really misleading at all. It doesn't matter how much they spent in R&D if they received more in tax rebates than they did lobbying in Washington. The point is tax payers basically paid Verizon to influence congressmen.
+Gayle Heatherington you need to spend money to make money. R&D comes out of the company coffers. Whether or not they make it back on a successful product or not has nothing to do with taxes except to be a business expense and that can be written off.
Every time you see something like this, you should turn to blame the Government (who we, the people, elect and pay to enforce this) and not the big business. UNLESS the business broke the law, it is ultimately the government's fault for not "fairly" taxing as they should.

You can blame big business for lobbing, but at the end of the day, no one put a gun to anyone's head and forced them to make a decision. The politicians, with their own free will, chose to write tax laws the way they have. We the people elect and pay these people to look out for our collective well being. Unless they can justify how in the long run, in a round about way, or something not yet mentioned, this tax loophole was to the benefit of the collective whole of America, out weighing it's loss of revenue, then it is their fault.

People are quick to blame the "EVIL" big business' but fail to understand who is responsible for their regulation. As a business, it is your job, and purpose, to use all avenues available to you within the LAW to out perform against your competitors, as you know they will as well. At then end of the day our politicians are failing at doing their job, it's that simple. Every time you see something like this, let it influence your vote, not your purchase.
Yes. That's what he's saying. We need to fix the government so this stops happening.
+Brandon Whitelaw Yes, that is +Bernie Sanders and +Buddy Roemer s' agenda and why they are trying to get the Supreme Court's decision on campaign reform overturned. They agree that corporations are not to 'blame 'because they are working w/in the rules. I agree they aren't doing anything "illegal"; however, that is not to say they aren't being immoral by taking full advantage of the corrupt system by fueling the greed that has allowed the current system to become so well developed for their advantage by MASSIVELY funding their lobbyists who work their mojo on 'our representatives' (I use that term VERY loosely). I for one would love to see how it would be if Lobbyist could not give $$ to politicians...if they could only depend on LOBBYING to make their corporations' effective could a lobbyist really be if they could only use reports and statistics and words to influence??
And they are still trying to find ways to cut costs and saying "everybody's doing it" yet they're making tons of money unlike these struggling businesses trying to stay alive. They refuse to commit to the employees that helped build the company and continue to ship jobs overseas to places like India, Philippines, Mexico etc. And people wonder why the employees are willing to strike. 
See: President Obama's last SOTU
Don't blame business for shipping job overseas. Blame the unions and the government tax structure. Yes, some businesses are driven by greed but most are just making the best decisions they can given our current system. Actually there is enough blame to go around to everyone! A little less villainizing and we might find some solutions that work for everyone - the rich and the poor.
Yes blame the unions for trying to get contracts for employees to guarantee their jobs won't get shipped to India so Verizon doesn't have to pay health insurance under the current contract that they agreed on...but wait I guess going back and taking what you agreed on is okay because we're in a recession huh? They have the nerve to have the ads showing employees saying "We are the network" but after the network is built they sell out the employees. They offered employees $50K to quit...then hire more employees overseas at a fraction of the costs. People have no faith in their futures with the company. 20 years ago people could retire from the phone people don't even know if they'll have a job 5 years from now. No wonder why stuff like the housing market isn't doing well, I'd be scared to buy not knowing my job is secure.
Yes, Steve, you are right. But we won't change anything with angry rhetoric. What you are asking Verizon to do is keep paying its workers much more than they can get the same thing for overseas. Really? Seriously? After all, that will only raise the price of using Verizon and make them noncompetitive. We need a better solution than just empty criticism. Have you got one? There are probably plenty of people willing to work for overseas wages right here in the US if the unions would let them. The fat-cat Union bosses are no better than the corporate execs in the greed department.
+Gayle Heatherington that is not a good argument when they paid zero taxes and made $32.8 billion in revenue. In Q4 of 2011 (just by the way) they lost $2 billion, without bringing any employees from overseas.
Well Gayle, why you can see they are making plenty of money with the formula that's gotten them to this point. Your prices haven't't gone up any more than say Cox who doesn't employ union employees who has local customer service. In fact around here Verizon is cheaper. And to say they can get the same thing from the lower paid people they employ overseas isn't true either. I'n sure there is anybody willing to work for less in this day in age but that doesn't mean its right to cut off the people that built your company after its built to save money. How many places u call where u wish u were talking to someone you can understand... much less know what they're doing. Trust me Verizon isn't known for good customer service because the international agents are providing it. When I'm at work people are relieved that I'm American and that's a damn shame! I guess expecting a business to care about its employees futures is too much to ask.. but if the company hadn't been such a great company to work for in the past; people like ex CEO Ivan Seidenberg who started as a cable splicer out of high school would never have a chance
I see this several ways.. the best coverage is Verizon.. due to the fallen economy the world which we live in has become "get it anyway u can." I was with Verizon wireless and had the best coverage.. they have done what all major corporations has done.. drop what got them there.. take what they can get..and put all the billions of dollars in there pocket.. so do i blame them? No! I blame the ones who lets them do it.. needs more limits..
I see where there are not stopping it.. still happens.. so can't blame Verizon.. cause they are for themselves. We the people have the right to have other phone service.. we don't have the right to stop what they do..
I agree with you +Joshua Megnauth but I think it's funny that we associate the term "liberals" now with not wanting to give a bunch of companies a shitload of tax breaks. It's funny that "conservatives" are now the opposite. Don't take that the wrong way. It's simply an observation on how inaccurate our terms for political orientation (if I may use that term) have become.
We do have the right but to get enough people just seems too impossible... congress has a has their hands in it.. now how to we get them to stop.. we propose and they reject..
Yes. That. Wait, what's Marxist Libertarianism. That's all I saw and I can't make any sense of it haha

Before you respond, I'm going to Google it. ^_^

Alright I guess it makes sense. Whatever!
Hey, I'm really good at politics. I wouldn't exactly call Marxism anarchy but I can see where you're coming from.

I guess you could call me a liberal as well.

The anti-gay marriage thing is killing me for it's blatant disregard for the First and Ninth Amendment. Republicans suck.

Something something.

I like politics.
Most companies are enjoying tax loopholes. I don't see much wrong with it. It is congress' job to fix the tax loopholes. Since congress can't agree upon anything, we have to live with it. For those tax bills which made some sense, they were dead before arrival, like the Obama tax committee proposal around late 2010.
That's a pretty good return on investment. Shareholders should be proud.
+Stephen Stillwell Subvert the democracy of their country, make a profit. Yes, I'm sure they're proud.
I'd say they got their money's worth!
+Joshua Megnauth I don't think you'd find many Marxists who would agree with your analysis of Marxism; Anarchosocialism is its own trend, and has always been distinct from Marxian politics. You might find the differences between Bakunin and Marx to be worth looking at.
Well hey, if they aren't paying taxes, then I won't either. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander.
+alan buchanan First, if we're going to tackle the problem, let's fix it. Second, there's no way lobbyists are going to be keen to be taxed, and they have the influence to stop stuff like this unless we end their influence.
Alright Senator!!! Keep talking, shout it out!!
Nobody focuses on taxes anymore, it is such a shame!
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