Sharing some of my business tips here...

This is how I ship my fine art prints to clients. The important thing to note here is that I wrap a sheet of paper around the print to stop it from opening up inside the tube. If the print opens up in the tube it's a real pain to get out, and clients can end up ripping the edges of the print from tugging at it.

I print instructions for the client or framer to tear off the paper around the middle of the print to unroll it, so that they tear the right place and not the print. I even leave a tab on the sellotape so that they can see where to pull.

I also cut a piece of plain paper the same size as the print and put that on top of the print before I carefully roll it. If you don't do this, you can damage the face of the print by rubbing it against the back of the print as you squeeze it down to make it small enough to fit into the tube. It also looks much more professional when the client or framer unrolls the print.

If there is any space at either end of the rolled print in the tube, I put some cut bubble wrap in there to stop the print from moving up and down the tube, again possibly damaging it.

The paper in the bottom left of the photo is a certificate of authenticity, that I include with every print I ship.

I ship most of my prints overseas, and need a strong tube, which I sourced a number of years ago after much trial and error. The tube is plain, but clean. Once inside the tube the client get's a definite sense of quality as they see how much trouble we went to to protect their print during transit. People like quality, so even if it takes a little more preparation and thinking about the product, I always try to provide as high a quality product as possible.

I hope this helps if you ship prints yourself too. If you have any tips for me, please share.
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