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Developer, table top gamer, wood worker, part time mad man.
Developer, table top gamer, wood worker, part time mad man.


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The final assult of the floating castle Skyreach.

A word about experience points, encounters and the HotDQ module.

As we enter into the final phase of the adventure, you will be up against very difficult challenges.  Part of this is dramatic element of overcoming the impossible. But another part is mechanical.  The module is balanced for a party of higher level than you are currently

After Episode 3, HotDQ gives up on XP and converts to a milestone system.  Were this a casual game, I would love this approach.

However, as this is organized play, milestone XP is out, so I have used combat XP with some small rewards for combat avoided based on earlier examples from Ep 1-3.

As such is the case, you are not as high a level as the designers expect going into this last phase.  Personally, I am ok with this.  I have plans to offset this.  But I wanted you to know.  

Everyone should be a level 5 by the end of HotDQ using Organized Play methods. That will keep the characters legit for convention play.  But it will make this last phase very challenging as written.

Lastly, I want to mention that I plan on running Rise of Tiamat as non-AL game.  That means it will not count for advancement for Adventurers League and that if you bring AL characters, they should have non-AL character sheets that can advance separately from AL.

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Someone asked for a link to the custom fillable character sheet I was using in a game recently.  Here ya go

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Interest is growing at our FLGS for D&D.

We have been running Encounters since August at Flat Land Games in Wixom, MI  That first month of Encounters we saw many new people showing up each week, wanting to learn more about the new D&D edition and the league.  But over time, as you would expect, attendance stabilized and we had a good core group of players fill the one table each week.

Recently, however, we are seeing a bit of a resurgence in interest.   More new faces are showing up again.  We even had a well respected Pathfinder local give it a try.  

The timing might just be coincidental. But now that WotC has released all three core books, and two large adventure campaigns, it might also be that people are taking a second look at D&D and seeing something interesting there, something they maybe didn't see or didn't fully trust early on.

Small sample size, anecdotal evidence, all that.. but I think a good game with good reviews is helping rebuild the base a bit.  The Organized Play that was maybe dismissed earlier as 'cute'  is also gaining tractions now that WotC seems committed to supporting it. 

I am really enjoying running Encounters for anyone who shows up to play, so its great to see the game grow as interest spreads.

My class is done for the year.  I opted not to teach the next semester.  So...

I am able to move the game back to Wednesdays or up to Mondays IF that works better for everyone.  

Up side is that I can run each week vs 3 out of 4 a month.

Down side is I don't want to move it on someone if it doesn't work for them.  We already lost Austin and Tony because of the move to Tuesday, I suspect.


Please ignore the spam for me moving around the events.  I wish I could tell Google not to notify everyone when I make a change, but alas not possible

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The Redbrand Ruffians never stood a chance.

Lost Mines of Phandelver Part 2. was a blast to run for the very awesome people at the table.  

Highlights include a rouge at the bottom of a pit, not so sneaky thugs Larry, Daryl and Daryl (You suck Larry), a Tiefling Druidess / spying rat / Dire wolf / OMG LION and 'Glassdoor' getting saved by a kind hearted Dwarf Bard.

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Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions, pulled together by the Far West Regional Coordinator, +Arthur Severance  These questions deal with the faction kits from Encounters, Magic Items, & Official Rules answers.
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