Interested to see how your prophetic words play out. I'll +1 it in the meantime.
Google 'Plus One' will kick off a 'war of maturation' for the social web. No more holes to fill or platforms to evangelize. The prize will now be: who is most perfect. The public will no longer settle for 'good enough,' or 'this platform solves that platform's problem.' Google 'Plus One's' failures or success are less relevant than the attempt and will represent a benchmark for success. The mainstream - online and offline - has embraced the social web. Hyperbolic media evangalize (or lack thereof) aside, Google 'Plus One' represents a massive market place shift in accepted norms for the behavior of media and technology companies. Google's platform may fail and it may not be best-in-class - now, or in the futre. But it's existence represents a true sea change: Embrace, or die trying.
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