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So the drawing I had schetched out 2 years ago on this bfk paper, has finally been getting some attention. Still more tweeks to do but coming along well. Been forever since I drew so a little rusty. But all in all I'm ok with it. I would like to thank Vodka for the nights it helped to stead my hand. LOL

December 14th is the day I will say good-bye to WoW.  I have had fun and met a lot of wonderful people I call my friends.  This last expansion was, in my opinion, a let down.  I am not looking forward to grinding 12 toons to 110 nor doing a grind for spec specific weapons.  
I am also tired of the constant insults you hear in chat or in vent such as stupid, retard, idiot hell even "lazy" is a word used to describe people without flying that ask for a port.  Reminds me too much of high school and I have done my time there.  

The drama that is hidden in guilds, or in friends is also just too silly.  The last guild I was in broke up... because some asshole was a dick to a 16 year old because he was... get this... trying to make a second raid team... while being in the first team.  Took him less than a month to catch up to the raid team's skill and he also started to pull people in... yeah... a grown man yelling at a teenager for, enjoying the game and playing his heart out.  Oh and don't get me started on those that whine about how blizzard "broke" a class just because they don't care to put in the time to learn the new play style.  I mean really.

WoW just isn't fun and I do not see the next expansion being fun for me at least.  Again, it wasn't all bad.  I do stream, and will be streaming solo based games more than likely. I keep in contact with friends I have met and all in all, I had a rather good run with OxenRage.  I was able to pug the full 13/13 normal and heroic raid without needing to be in voice.  I did this by being a "clicker" and all it took was for me to watch the fights, read the boss info and tweak DBM for announcements specifically for me and my class.  So for those of you out that that say "clickers are shit" or "you need to be in vent" I say bullshit.

Life can be done in a multitude of ways.  The next time you think someone is doing something wrong because it isn't the norm think of this... a painter with no arms is able to paint a masterpiece far better than anything you could do on your best day and he/she use their teeth.  They simply don't listen to negativity from others telling them they can't do things or it is wrong.  They practice with what they have or know and therefore aren't limited by society's popular constraints.

I ask that you take that to heart the next time you feel the need to give someone shit on how they simply play a game.

Anyway, enough of that... soon Christmas will be here and I would like to end this on a positive note.  Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays or whatever December may bring your way.  Peace, Love and Hugs all around.  The next time you have a beer, wine or some drink raise your glass high in the air and join me in a toast,

"Love thy self, love thy friends, love this life". 

I have been giving thought to making Hunter video's again once the new patch drops.  I figured I would wait in case stats change per spec.

Last night I was talking to a friend and he kept using the word "broken" to  describe the hunter class.   When I started playing the hunter class I was SV.  Icy Veins was even saying SV was pretty much useless and was forcing everyone to hop on the MM and BM bandwagon.

I was one of them.  I noticed that focus was a big issue in my dps.  Everything I read said it would be till the tier pieces came out.  About a month of playing I started to notice many people were going SV.

I looked up Icy Veins and nothing about them getting better.  I checked Elitist Jerks and Mr. Robot to compare stats.  I was finding that almost everything was slightly different.

I took a solid day running dungeons and lfrs as a SV hunter.  I started to stack haste like you wouldn't believe.  Yes haste, seeing as how my focus was a big issue for me. I had other hunter's comment asking if there was a haste cap they needed to get to because they saw my haste stacking... and keeping up high numbers.

I am a clicker and some people just can't seem to get past the fact that it is possible for a clicker to be good.  Not only that I don't always listen to what a site tells me I should be doing because I don't play like a robot.

The hunter class had a lot of changes from MoP sure.  So did other classes.  I have 5 lvl 100 toons and soon to have 6.  Hunters were not the only class.  Yet, look at all the toons doing well.  It is because people wanted to play a toon they loved so they didn't just give up.  Hell even I thought about it at first.

No blizzard I will not have you alter something  I enjoy playing to the point I will quit and play something else.  If I give up it is because of ME not you.  I stacked haste to give me more focus regen.  I learned the MECHANICS of every fight to know what talents to choose.  I did all this as a clicker and I pugged normal and heroic HM without the use of "voice".  It is possible.  Anything is possible.

As with anything in life, you have choices.  If something is hard you can bitch and throw a fit and give up and blame this or that to justify your reasons for giving up.  Or you can take a bit more than a few attempts and dig in and force yourself to push through barriers that others have set in front of you.  Will this be easy, no.  When you make it, and with enough determination you will, you will OWN the situation you fought so hard to reach.

Hunter class broken? Not at all.

So, look for video's in the coming months and I will try my best to bring them to you.



The priest we had in our raid group is at last gone.  What does this mean?  We get our GOOD core people back.  Laughter is back.   Dare I say we will ENJOY taking down a boss and running as a team again.

This ass bragged all the time. Always pushed to hurry us up so he could down Garrosh and start heroics.  Also, made people in the raid group feel stupid if they made a mistake.

However, light has broken through and the venomous, toxic tumor we had slowly killing our team has been extracted! 

If you are reading this understand something; he was the 7th highest geared Holy priest on our server and bragged all the time and quick to post his numbers, (even said when drop from our group.. good luck you are going to need it) yet, everyone breaths a sigh of relief and no one misses him.  It is because no matter how good you may be... a team is strengthened by unity and respect towards its members. Not in belittling them and forcing a pace set for an individual's personal goal(s)!  

I would like to thank all of our current member's for their dedication towards the TEAM.  I am the one lucky to be a part of such a fun mix of people. Thank you.

“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity”
― Sun-Tzu

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Chillin with my BFF Sylvanas

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5.4 SV Hunter Rotation video for PvE has been made. Now you can get the jump on the new rotation before the Patch is out.

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