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"cuando uno no vive como piensa, acaba pensando como vive".
"cuando uno no vive como piensa, acaba pensando como vive".
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It's American Heart Month. Understand the risk factors and help protect your heart from cardiovascular disease!

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CVS Pharmacy president calls for empowering women to know their numbers to help reduce heart disease.

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First Open Source Malaria paper might be of interest to a number of people in this community:, along with a lay summary in The Conversation ( and a "Credit Reel" blog post giving the back story ( By chance this coincided with the release yesterday of the report of the UN High Level Panel on Access to Medicines ( which says "the world must take bold new approaches to ... health technology innovation".

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Check out this playlist on YouTube:

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The heart♥ magnetic field is 5000 times more powerful than the brain magnetic field and a special array of trans-linguistic telepathy categories can be accessed thru emotions of the heart. Perhaps positive thoughts and the positive emotions and magnetic fields they generate play a great role in our health.

Interesting facts: The average heart beats 110,000 times a day, 40 million times a year, 3.5 billion times in a lifetime. Your heart produces enough power in 1 hour to lift 2,000 pounds 3 feet off the ground. In one hour and 15 minutes the heart could lift a Toyota Prius! The heart begins to form in the fetus before the brain. The electrical impulse of each heart beat can be measured 3 to 4 feet from the body. The electrical impulse of the heart♥ is 40 - 60 times stronger than the brain. The electrical impulse of the heart is many more times stronger than any other electrical impulse in the body. Different people's (or even animal's) heart cells, will all beat in unison in a petri dish. Different people's brain cells in a petri dish will not communicate with each other and die.

Some say that if we are close to each other's heart♥ electromagnetic field and emotions of peace (each emotion was shown to have a peculiar ♥heart rhythm pattern) radiate out as we are meditating on world peace (this meditation can be done in the lunch room of any company - some scientific companies have meditation rooms for people to connect with their ESP and soul), we may be able to create a powerful special scalar and electromagnetic field of Peace that affects mass consciousness and brings world peace. :)

Everything in the world starts in our mental and emotional worlds, so if globally we promote a culture of gentle tender soft sweetness, astral awareness, telepathy, peaceful music, meditation and peace, we are more likely to reach World Peace. :) Meditation was shown to reduce violent deaths - as this 4 min video explains ►

Since electromagnetism is related to GRAVITY as Einstein was talking about in his unified field theory attempts, understanding what goes on in our Heart could literally Lift us Off the Earth, creating Levitation of the Mystics as explained below: ► "The Katha Upanishad (1.12-13) mentions aa puruṣa (man, being) of the size of the thumb (aṅgúṣṭha) enshrined in the interiors of the heart (hridaye guhaayaam "cave of the heart") of a human being.
"The purusha, who is of the size of a thumb, resides in the body.
The purusha who is the size of a thumb is a light (jyoti) without smoke.".

Interesting concept of the Upanishad of the "self in the heart" and also three fold flame, pink, blue, yellow - of the i am folks (, theosophists and others like them (hard to know who got the ideas from who). the Sikhs talk about this higher dimensional gate too so to speak. interesting is that the magnetic field, possibly a magnetoplasma of the water device mentioned below, if it has one and anti-gravity, the magnetic field of the heart is 5000 times stronger than the brain - rotating magnetic field - and the heart may store a lot more information than the brain in some other dimension of a peculiar type - as naturally obvious - at least information related to emotional states it does store more than the brain or crown etheric center. But since Emotion and Feeling the Future is key to seeing the Future and Shifting Timelines towards that Future where your craft is off the ground, as in the time shift of grinding gravity by bidding time as explained in the Telepathy Walking post or telepathy habits post section 9 (, water grinds at rock and melts it as in Chapter 78 of Tao Te Ching, so does time melt gravity maybe with the aid of some magnetoplasma sometimes, it may have a relationship to the water-device activation - the emotional coherence of the saucer lifters - thru the heart. To manifest reality of "being off ground or world peace or etc", we feel feel feel feel feel it already realized, hence the HEART lifts us off the EARTH - same letters? The 3 fold flame ideas were associated by theosophists to . However, Ballard Guy the guy who started the I AM movement (and claimed to have met St Germain, while being accused of faking it and plagiarizing some book) is reported to have copied his ideas from other people, and those from others, etc - so hard to trace where some of these concepts originate exactly, i mean before Upanishads, etc. But interesting stuff. Just because Guy Ballard may have made some stuff up doesn't mean he didn't get some things right. very hard to prove of course that this place around the heart exists unless one sees it in another dimension in all people and finds a way to photograph it, perhaps or some other way to prove it at least to people who can see stuff beyond normal perception. while many people think this is all pure nonsense, ☺♥, i think emotions can provide far more info about everything than normally thought about - but we have become very "scientific" and emotions are always ignored, lol, we are in the head totally sometimes. it's telepathy of the emotions that tells a lot of info about others and how we may bring world peace or calm a leader, etc. Moreover, realistically, since gravity and electromagnetism are linked, to understand gravity and its relationship to self and the feet there is no better place to study that within self but in the heart where the strongest electromagnetic activity exists.
If you think about it, the heart pumps, cycles, (rotation of poles of magnetic field in the water device for saucer lifting using astral fields - as explained in this post) blood (mostly water), life, nutrients to the brain, and all organs too, it's a pump - some cows can live for a days with an artificial pump. the magnetic field around the earth, and heart (notice how heart and earth are the same letters rearranged) its toroidal geometry properties, ♥, relationship with sun and earth magnetic interactions, poles, fluctuations, etc may all play a role in water device activation explained in this post. ♥

Trans-linguistic emotional telepathy thru the heart- resonance of the saucer inhabitants via magnetic field of the heart (5000 times stronger than their brain) and emotional oneness makes it easier to key in the astral force perhaps via alignment with the solar-earth magnetic factors, etc. Gravity and electromagnetism are obviously tied into the astral force and all other forces.

It's kind of funny the ancients said heart is place of special something and today with science, we see magnetic and electrical fields are way bigger than brain.

Wikipedia says "Sri Aurobindo mentions that behind the ordinary chakra of the human heart region, inside a deep cave nihite guhayam as described by the Upanishads, is the center where a divine spark is present. Certain other Upanishads describe the purusha to be of a golden (hiranmaya) hue and the purursha as a golden being (hiranmaya purusha). The purusha is seated inside the cave of the human heart. The Brhadaranyaka Upanishad in V. 5.6.1 and the Chandogya Upanishad in V.3.14.3 maintain the size of the self to be equal to a seed. The Shatapata Brahmana, V.10.6.3, mentions that the self: the interior of my heart, is as tiny like a rice or barley or millet seed and golden like a smokeless light (or flame)."

It would be interesting to find out what geometry for saucer inhabitants and arrangement maximizes the strength of the magnetic properties and geometry to lift the saucer faster - Like in a circle, 30 feet away, 7 feet away in a square, etc. with respect to the water device in the center. :) There might be a big difference as opposed to random position. Some math needed, lol. If we try to open a wormhole in another dimension or something, resonant geometry may play a role. ☺♥ But anyway, it's all speculation now. :) connecting universal fields sharing geometry, activate dimensional counterparts to further sync and use each other for easier lift off? this could be one of 4 billion mechanisms, that may explain why arrangement may make a difference. Because the astral fields have geometry and we tap into astral force thru human beings, material objects cannot tap into it. So, just as in a circuit you got to have transistors at the right place, etc to optimize effects, the human heart transistors, so to speak, with the Three Fold Flame so to speak, might generate best effect in a position or geometry.

It's becoming clearer that only very benevolent and universally kind human beings can tap into this force and lift the saucer even if they have all word instructions and saucer in front of them. If you do an ESP experiment it's often times not reproducible, since not all have same ESP or effect on rice or whatever. Same thing here, one can know everything how to build the saucer and device and everything, and try it and it won't work, because the soul is not really close to God so to speak, to universal loving kindness gentle tender soft sweetness, etc... This tech seems to be (i am 99.9999% positive it is, but use seems to be to make it more aesthetic) one that can never be misused.:) Only angel like people can actually pilot such a saucer, people who would find it inconceivable to harm another human being with the 3 fold flame inside their heart region, the flame of God as some call it. That's why sharing everything with all doesn't harm anything, since it only raises their spiritual evolution a little as they read about gentle kind tender soft ideas. There are no fears, since like A Course in Miracles says thru some people channeling Jesus or saying they got some idea from some place in the infinite mind field "What is Real cannot be threatened", Love is Real, fear is illusion something along those lines if i recall the quote well. That's how it seems to be. Not that i think anyone might get the saucer design exactly any time soon. These are just random speculations and thoughts - which may not be always literal.

It's the ultimate tech in terms of safety, no mean person can use it. It kind of reads the soul of the user so to speak. thru the universal grids, so to speak. Trying to discover it is like the race to become Godlier, bring World Peace, stop killings and maybe thru that discover antigravity thru astral fields. People have "space race" or "sports race", this is a different type of contest, the contest to become angel like too while learning some tech and science. The 5000 factor for heart over brain magnetic field seems to relate to the 50-500 astral potential gradient, and the 550 nm the most visible color for the human eye, in relation to the astral purple - cross dimensional geometry of resonant fields perhaps - pineal - third eye, heart secret higher dimensional place of the "3 fold flame of God" or "golden purusha" as some Upanishads call it, etc. Golden Body of the "ascended people" like Vallalar and others, 550nm looks like Gold spirit a little, like in that Star Trek ascension clip. No wonder gold and purple are 2 of many people's favorite colors, i always wondered why, maybe it has something to do with this? plus same people's eternal obsession with levitation. Correlation is not causation, of course, but something strange is really going on here.

Three fold flame is reportedly having yellow (gold), pink and blue. Pink and blue when mixed give lavender-purple. Back to Gold and Purple. or 550 and purple. 550 nm and 500-50 gradient. 5=3+2, see below about the math of 2 and 3. Strange coincidence i only realized now. Maybe there is something to it we don't know. Interesting thing to research indeed. What are the astral fields counterparts for the heart magnetic fields? Anyway, the people who are operators of craft, their astral heart area discs may enter into resonance with water device disks and facilitate this unique change in matter of the entire saucer.

Metaphors are so hard to decode, it's hard to know what is literal in these telepathic ideas or wild imaginations. :) But it could be that a lot of things are VERY literal, with the right units, re: 50-500. astral potential, as explained in this post. you can make up a unit that fits 50-500 exactly if a 10 fold difference is what starts levitation. Who knows? Just so funny. :) We can perhaps smile and keep on researching, ☺♥, until we figure out what the deal is with the mysteries of the HEART and EARTH, AND MAGNETIZING thru the Heart THE future of lift off the Earth, same letters. :) May take a few decades. :)

If discovered, this tech will cause everyone to want to become an angel and use it to go shopping or to school instead of driving autonomous neolithic cars, etc. It would be a cool game changer, an aid and motivation to bring World Peace. Hence, i often think about antigravity in this sense. It would bring Heaven on Earth if enough people want to become angels and pilot it and be inhabitants or users of the craft, since no inhabitant can be on craft unless they too are angel like - it blocks the astral force. :)

Anyway, some people will think this is a joke or overactive imagination, like the other 5 million people who make jokes about saucers or aliens. But it is really possible that some real info may be in this stuff. and not being just a parable to help people think about World Peace and magnetize it by virtue of just thinking about WORLD PEACE. :) thought creates reality. :) I really have no clue if it's a nice story or some real science in it too, the spirit guides that seem to relay this information are not giving out this info, it's better for our conscious minds to not know things until the time is right perhaps. :) Time alone will tell i suppose.

One thing that seems truly important in understanding this technology, if we can call it that way, is that the 4 forces of physics can be perceived as subsets of Astral Force (unified field theory) and Astral Force is not a Force per se, but Divine Pure Loving grace Soft tender Gentle Sweet Universal Loving Kindness of the saints, etc. When we are in fear, we release in our physical body chemicals that have a certain geometry and effect on the body, stress hormones. When we are in joy, we release happy chemicals. When we are in universal (not individual for a person) love, meditation cosmic consciousness experiences, bliss, etc - we release different "force fields" in the subtle bodies and change the geometry of the astral fields, thereby allowing wormhole synchronization and connecting the cosmic astral force of the universal grids with the individual human heart, astral and physical components for the activation of the water device. The water device actually makes the whole process much easier, so that people don't need to become super-sages to operate the craft. However, even without the device, super-sages can lift the saucer. The thing is we don't have the information about the exact geometry or whatever, but the design may be ultra simple to make a little device of a few dollars the size of one's waist circumference and try to practice the Heart Geometry Change at the Astral and Physical Levels, thru Replacing Fear-hate-Anger-Negativity-Judgment-Desire-To-Harm-Meanness with Kindness-Forgiveness-Selfless-Mercy-Compassion Smiles-Nonassuming-Understanding, etc. Once one practices and attains some change, one may be able to levitate one's body only for 1 mm or a small object placed on the disk. For a few hundred dollars one may be able to build a device that will enable the lifting of oneself a few centimeters and for a few thousand maybe lift 2 people a few feet. Not sure, as technology is mass produced for people to try Change their Heart Geometry spiritually to be able to use the mass produced technology, it may actually lead to price drops and simplest devices may be available at the 1$ stores. However, changing self is 1 billion times harder than changing your car, clothes, living space, since the Self has been created by tens of years or thousands of years of activities. So, it's not like we have any proof we started being spirits or living in any dimension THIS LIFE at conception. As such, i don't necessarily think that mass producing 10 billion devices will mean more than 10 people will be able to lift off the ground at first. Once one does, he can become a Heart Geometry Change teacher and teach others, etc... and this will shift the consciousness on Earth towards a world of Peace, Non-Killing and Harmony, a Heavenly Earth. One thing that you may realize from math is that half the numbers in existence are divisible by two and a third divisible by 3. To obtain the highest number of numbers divisible by any two numbers, you need to choose 2 and 3. There is no other choice. We exclude 1 since 1 is not really a division, all numbers are divisible by 1. This has implications possibly for vortex of wormhole math, since math and physics go hand in hand so for the maximum excitation deexcitation and release of astral dimensions energies, certain geometries and basic geometric structures may play a fundamental role in the design of the water device - otherwise, it will require super-sages to use their inner beyond conscious mind knowledge to lift it. Turning Fear into Love activates the astral heart geometry, and activates the water devices, starting lift off. To what extent one has to turn fear-paranoia into universal-love-trust is a mystery, but it's obvious that nobody will ever be able to use astral energy to lift anything, convert elements into others, teleport, ascend, etc unless they become like a super-sage or angel. So, in as much as people are in fear that someone may discover this, lol, first, it will never lead to any issue, since the saucer can only be operated and have in it people who are of that astral vibration of Universal Mercy-Kindness mentioned above. These people are angels who would never harm any human or even animal, and so it it inconceivable for them to use this for any violent purposes or to kill anyone. They can only use it to heal people. This technology is the Healing Grace Technology, it only reveals itself to those who have become more like the Amazing Grace of God, Tao , Great Spirit, or whatever you want to call it. Thus, there is no fear. Interoperability of wormhole vortexes makes 2-3 geometries and related stuff the favorite probably for a variety of reasons - related to the building blocks of the universes. I believe that whoever is going to figure this out will help us get closer to World Peace, since everyone will become a fan of this device and try to change their heart geometry to be able to live on cosmic energy without eating or levitate and glide to work or teleport to another continent to help others, etc. International ESP or World Peace Olympiads could focus on trying to understand this levitation application of telepathy, as a way to catalyze world peace and transformation of our consciousness towards Paradise. :)

More on the Water Device mentioned Above:

Hypothesis: the levitation of small objects or people, as in teleportations of people or objects, may be accomplished by a change in the astral potential gradient between the feet and the ground - using TELEPATHY with evolved spirits or even the Cosmic Consciousness Field or zero point energy field consciousness. Explanation of this is found after the telepathy links below:


Pre-conception and pre-birth Telepathy

Daughter reads mind of her mom exactly

Telepathic boy who can also read in 7 languages

In physics we got 4 forces. Let's say we discover a 5th one, called astral. And as we develop the science we come up with astral potential gradient, or astral potential difference. Tesla said "the moment science begins to investigate the non-physical it will advance in 10 years more than in centuries so far". If the feet reach an astral potential of say 500, and the ground is at 50, it's easy to lift off the ground, as anti-gravity effect is generated by the tender soft gentle application of universal mercy by the operating soul of the human body. The conscious feminine meek humble gentle tender soft operators of a craft, in unison, can get the astral potential of their saucer to lift up a lot, where the anti-gravity field reaches a bigger value, able to lift the whole saucer.

As to how this might be done, perhaps, just like a compass needle orientation is influenced by the earth magnetic field, the orientation of the subatomic level astral field is aligned towards Earth for humans.
What happens when we change this spin towards the Cosmos of Infinite Tender gentle Soft Kindness, we automatically start to become anti-gravitic due to a difference in astral potential between feet and ground. Here is good to recall the Telepathy habits related to the legs and walking from the longer Telepathy post ►

The spin change can occur while we lie in bed and perhaps, thru a certain inter-dimensional shift of astral field vectors, dematerialization can occur too, for the purposes of teleportation or just vanishing for a while. The exact knowledge of this is certainly a mystery, but it's possible that by deep introspective contemplation meditation one may discover more about this.

"While you talk, remember to also listen" Lao Tze.

The interesting thing related to this is a dream about 5 hearts (5 operators of saucer using astral potential, or 5 discs or what?) that links to some Telepathy experiences pasted at the end of the post and someone suggested to make a post where people can share their interesting dreams as a comment. Normally we think dreams are just random ideas related to stuff we think during the day about, wild stuff the brain invents, etc. But since this was related to some awake telepathy and other telekinetic telepathic experiences (pasted at the end), I thought it may have something useful to someone 50 years or much longer from now, if they read this. Unfortunately, like with obe and nde, a lot of info you receive in a dream gets wiped out intentionally, or we forget, so I only recall a few things, being related to someone and the 5 hearts and some info.

5 blue-lavender shimmering hearts, 2 hearts were very close to each other and overlapping one third or so and 3 separate. 3 hearts were equally spaced (the hearts were not filled with spheres, but the contour was tiny shimmering spheres of blue-lavender light) and 2 of them were overlapping about 1 third of the heart width, but at an equal distance from the other 3. ♥♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ The distance between unjoined hearts was about 2/3rds of the heart width, but i cannot do that in this typing. Anyway, just a random image the brain might have created as i thought about stuff, but it may have a meaning that in the future may become more obvious - maybe related to time, fractals, and souls and time shifting and timing. So I am writing it down, since it may be a symbolic communication of some sort related to ASTRAL POTENTIAL GRADIENT DURING LEG (of a human or other physical craft) LIFT OFF AT LEVITATION. 50-500 difference astral potential difference. I assume a time-shift is related in some sort of way, as in wormholes bending space in Alcubiere faster than light travel. It may relate to the inter-dimensional geometry of some flux fields that trigger some sort of alignment too during anti-gravity lift-off, not just more mundane things like the timing of something. Perhaps the fractal may relate to
to understand this simple notation is to realize that f is a unit of distance

H1-5 are the 5 hearts. h1 is 1 factor from h2, h2 is 4.5 factors from h3, h3 is 5 factors from h4, h4 is 5 factors from h5
F is here a distance equal to a third of the heart width. The stuff between the hearts is the distance in F united between heart centers.


I am not sure if factor in both equations are related and how.

factor=consciousness factor incorporates 5th astral force perhaps

The dream also reminds me of the sp3d2 orbitals, like we find in SF6, and many other compounds.

In some telepathy, the idea of platinum colored light came about, so maybe there is a link there. Platinum has 117 neutrons for the most common isotope that is 34% of all Platinum. It also has 78 protons. Could this relate to the astral potential gradient spin change device in the saucer that is activated by the human soul and allows an easier liftoff than if done wholly by the souls of the inhabitants of the saucer without such a device? :) Never know. wikipedia says " Its name is derived from the Spanish term platina, which is literally translated into "little silver". Pt has It has six naturally occurring isotopes. I don' think the platinum metal itself would be needed in the device, but the geometry of some orbitals and things about the structure that is helpful in designing the device. Maybe look at platinum or d2sp3 orbitals and other data of PtF6 ( and it helps building the device. Nobody will figure it out without permission from the higher spirits, it's too complex. Anyone who has read any physics papers about quantum mechanics or quantum chemistry like stuff knows it's really ultra-complex.

But perhaps, someone will be meant to know this info many decades from now or longer. i do recall something about If7 and SF6, as in PtF6. We got 6 quarks 6 leptons in physics. Quarks seem more important, The name lepton comes from the Greek λεπτός leptós, "fine, small, thin"

wikipedia says "By considering the propagation of the negative energy modes of the electron field backward in time, Ernst Stueckelberg reached a pictorial understanding of the fact that the particle and antiparticle have equal mass m and spin J but opposite charges q. This allowed him to rewrite perturbation theory precisely in the form of diagrams. Richard Feynman later gave an independent systematic derivation of these diagrams from a particle formalism, and they are now called Feynman diagrams. Each line of a diagram represents a particle propagating either backward or forward in time. This technique is the most widespread method of computing amplitudes in quantum field theory today. Since this picture was first developed by Ernst Stueckelberg, and acquired its modern form in Feynman's work, it is called the Feynman-Stueckelberg interpretation of antiparticles to honor both scientists. In 1941 Stueckelberg proposed the interpretation of the positron as a positive energy electron traveling backward in time."

Spin change of astral force during start of levitation may relate to the time shift and some matter-anti-matter like type of oscillations (may not be antimatter at all) that lead to the "PtF6 like" device being used up over time as it is converted into energy. Who knows? Just saying.

Matter antimatter or matter-unknown yet matter oscillations may be a key to starting the chain reaction for rapid ascension - into an astral energy body. People in ESP area often think ascension is impossible, but there are chain reactions in nature of all kinds, so it may be some kind of chain reaction too that speeds up a process that normally would take 10 million years or longer if one was somehow using astral force daily - in an astral exercise to affect matter and time-space around one's atoms like 1/3rd of the radius around each atom of one's body, like the 2 hearts overlapping in the 5 hearts dream. Granted the 6 quarks have some +2⁄3 e, −1⁄3 e charges. I wish we would have one day someone do the ascension miracle on live TV :), or anyway, taped, etc. it would totally change science, if this is truly possible in reality, not just fiction. I see no reason why it would be impossible if we have 11 dimensions in string theory, etc. is interesting. The experimental search for flavor oscillations in the Bs system was achieved in 2006 by the CDF experiment. The precise measurement of the frequency of Bs - Bs oscillations achieved is also explained at

Gentle Tender Soft Light, turn our bodies into light, teleport us day and night, help us live on cosmic light. :) lol

I was thinking more about the dream, and something came - a vague idea of how teleportation, dematerialization and ascension might work. These are forms of telepathy since you just change coordinates of small particles between dimensions and of energy strings.

1 Physical template -> 2 etheric template -> 3 astral template

Understanding this is going to be tough, unless one knows the missing information. But it may have some truth to it. The atom has a radius r, and around it at a distance of r/3 (i mean at 4r/3 from the nucleus) there is a field or shall we say wormhole gate that might allow the physical-etheric transfer of matter from etheric to physical when one materializes, and from physical to etheric when one dematerializes to teleport. The excitation and deexcitation processes speed up millions of times at such ESP Advanced Telepathy paranormal events, where we define excitation as to move of certain atomic components towards the wormhole and passing into the other dimension and deexcitation as the opposite. Perhaps, at ascension, the same process repeats, except the wormhole is located at 2/3rds of the radius from the edge of the atom (5r/3 from nucleus) and the process is irreversible, one way mostly in day to day life, at ascension being millions of times stronger - this may be a mechanism thru which the soul influences physical etheric structures - via deexcitation, as in birthmarks matching death wounds or soul healing the body. Whether this is factual or a way to relate something related to ascension, teleportation and astral potential gradient, i am not sure - but i thought to write it down. It may be that during the 50-500 astral potential gradient difference between feet and ground, there is an increase in the excitation of all matter with a certain "astral force spin", including "PtF6 like" device and inhabitants, except in sentient ensouled beings it's reversible and more easily fixed by eating, etc, while in the device not so, leading the device on a big craft disappearing if the craft is big, after a while. The bigger the craft, the more energy for anti-gravity, and the more need of matter, the faster the device disappears and needs replacement - basically "quarks as fuel" type of thing. But that's a very simplistic way to define it as, and incorrect too, since it all depends on the 5th astral force used telepathically by the saucer inhabitants to lift weights way greater than their body weight. The device would not be needed for 1 person to levitate himself or a group of 3-5 people or so. :) But one guy to lift a big craft is a little hard without the device, unless one is really tuned in into the astral force. Anyway, it's a nice theory. Who knows? From a pure physics standpoint, an individual able to tap into higher dimensions well, could move 1 billion tons, in theory, but in practice such an individual may never exist, since he would be spirit. So "If you have faith (and knowledge), you shall move mountains" quote of Jesus gets a new meaning now. :) People always speculate they moved megalithic structures using some fancy tech. It might have just been ropes, but anyway, interesting.

Maybe there is some connection between - the telepathy walking habit 9 that talks of shifting poles of magnetic field, PtF6 device, 2 discs like the 2 hearts and 3 discs like the 3 hearts. Not like the Olympic games logo of course, but stacked on top of each other.


Vegan Billie Dean was able to telepathically perceive and feel the suffering of animals since a kid and has 7 vegan dogs. She predicts we will all be vegan and then breatharian.

Vegan Dexter Del Monte uses telepathy to help locate a missing dog and helps a cat to stop urinating

Precognition related Telepathy (see studies proving precognition is real)

Padre Pio mind reading cases (very long post)

Spirits use Books, etc and Telekinesis to confirm Telepathy (this post has a listing of other similar 5 related experiences)


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