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Walden Bodtker
Incredible engineering creator of fun innovations
Incredible engineering creator of fun innovations

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hey +Google Chrome I liked the app store button in the bookmarks bar in the previous beta build. Any way you could put it back? Also the search bar home screen was great. Hope to see these ui features make it to primetime

New Relic is such an amazing place. I am so fortunate to have the opportunity for career growth with them. Portland!!!

Stupid thing of the day.... I live in Portland and don't own an umbrella.....

Oh, what a displaced day. Gonna stay in... or go to the library and study. 

Today feels kinetic. I feel change a coming

Gearing up for some roller derby!!

So tired... 

Thinking about a move to Portland, OR

I am enjoying being back in a real city. It feels good.

Happy to be back in the states. Everything is a WIP right now but I'm drawing order out of the chaos
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