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I wrote my first post on LinkedIn. In advising folks on how to improve their search relevance, my first question is generally which search metrics they are tracking and which they think are important. I made this list so I have a quick reference guide to metrics I find useful.

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Setting up for the Super Bowl party in downtown San Francisco timelapse. I filmed a night of setup from the 1 Market Building which overlooks the Super Bowl party.

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For anyone who's ever been on a beach and curious.

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OMG... has a bird singing opera
Animated Photo

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Fight the anarchy if you can. Someone brought to life the XKCD's web comic #724 Tetris Hell.

Can anyone beat my non-record of ZERO?

#xkcd #tetris #casualgaming  

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Today: Announcement which may win a Nobel Prize in physics, at Harvard–Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

#nobelprize   #physics   #natureofreality   #universe   #science  

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Donut Earth?
Very good writeup on stable alternative shapes of planets.

"According to the laws of physics, a planet the shape of a donut, or toroid, could actually exist — but it's extremely unlikely to ever form naturally. But what if an advanced alien civilization decided to build one? What properties would a toroid-Earth exhibit? And what would life be like?"

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Some interesting data analytics by my bright friend +Jay Zalowitz showing the differences of Auburn & FL State football fans.
Our company, ReferralFeed, put together a study of the students from the schools in the BCS national championship tonight. We found some pretty interesting and fun tidbits about their alumni: 

#auburn #floridastate #bcs
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