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Alex CAN talk, among other things.
I can't sleep, so here I am to ramble my thoughts away. Remember all the times I've been furious with school staff for not believing Alex could talk? And that one time I told you that Alex could me and I had to come to terms with the fact that he...

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Go. To. Sleep!
You remember the promise that babies will learn to sleep through the
night before their first birthday? I spend many nights cursing that
lie. I'm starting to think I will never get a full night's sleep again. I may be ok with that, but the temper tantrums...

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Taking On Depression... One Day at a Time
I've been angry lately. Frustrated beyond measure. I'm struggling with depression, which is an on-going battle for me that will never end, it is what it is, but it's been hard lately. I am medicated now, but since switching from Lexapro to Celexa because of...

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Mac for President!
I keep saying I'm coming back, but then I never do. I'm not saying it this time. This time I am going to say that my years of blogging and running a Facebook page have been an incredible help in what I am doing now. I have something new going on. I am the P...

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I pulled Goofy out of summer school.
I made a big mistake with him this school year. He's been having a lot of trouble since we moved, mostly on the bus and at home. I considered transportation as a related service, I told you about it a while back, I'm not sure if you remember.  I mentioned i...

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"Janitorial Work" for SN students- I call bullshit, too.
I ran into my aunt at the gas station today. I haven't seen her in a while and we've had a lot of changes. She asked me how things were going, and things are going great ! Walter is on the football team this year, Alex is loving his school, and Goofy...well...

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Planning for emergencies.
I seem to be losing my place as an autism blogger. Life is busy. There is so much to do. More than I can do, definitely. I'm so tired that I can't think, but then there is still more to do, and it's mostly reflex and reaction- living life on autopilot- and ...

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This April, I want to talk about...
March is ending, and April is beginning. You know what that means. Autism awareness month means lots of posts on all things autism awareness related. There are many examples of why we need this month, but I don't want to talk about Steve Harvey or Kathleen ...

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Time to meet the neighbors.
We've been here for four months. I've been fortunate enough to have only officially met one neighbor- who turned out to be cool, one neighborhood woman who seems to be...knowledgeable about what goes on here, and a young neighborhood couple who are definite...

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I cried today. I did not know how emotional a person could get over a phone call from a stranger, but the things she said to me... Goofy has a friend. Like, a real friend. Someone he really cares about. It started the day we sat down to fill out valentine c...
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