OK, for the record, i am not nor have i ever been a fan of boy bands or K-Pop. that being said, i've just seen one of the most breathtakingly ballsiest pieces of marketing and manufactured pop ever.

+James Wood (and his fondness for pretty-boys) shared "Mama" by EXO-K, a fairly standard-issue K-Pop boy band with sort of an emo/Twilight vibe. but, what's this prologue crap, with its barely tenable English, about a tree being split in two? mirrored shit?

there are two bands from the same production company, one for Korea and one for China, and they've released the same song at the same time in each market. presumably, they'll continue to release identical or similar songs at the same times.

look, it's the Chinese version, EXO-M!
EXO-M_MAMA_Music Video (Chinese ver.)

yup, it's the same song with nearly-identical videos, performed by two different groups of guys in two different languages:
YouTube Doubler: http://bit.ly/IvhOtn

what's extra-silly - or brilliant, depending on how you look at it - is that they have some mythology that explains the two bands (pay no attention to the man behind the curtain). even better, there's a fucking prophecy about some big shit in the future. a prophecy, people! i feel like i've stepped a few decades ahead in to William Gibson's future, where pop figures command cult-like followings. or Metalocalypse, anyone?

congratulations, Lee Soo-man, you just blew my mind. not necessarily in a good way.

according to the PR lackeys, that can apparently read the future:
EXO-K and EXO-M are new boy groups who will lead the world music industry from now on! They are making their debut on the same day and time with the same song in Korea and China. Since it's something that has never been tried before, it will be good enough to capture the attention of fans not only in Korea and China but all over the world.

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