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A great ghost.
A great ghost.

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A last throw of the dice to get Cena to go over with post-pubsecents; possible heel turn on the cards.

Mick Foley Returns to WWE 2011 (with John Cena & The Rock) "This is Your Life" - Raw 11/14/11

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I'm trying not to live tweet the Cher Lloyd album. It's so zeitgeist, it's unreal. Some amazing stuff abounding, but it's wobbly in the middle (terrible ballad & abuse of _Buffalo Stance_).

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The title of this link is "Things That I Said To People At Culture Hack North".

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Wonder if Marcus Brown is hanging out.

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See you over there, quitter.
Google want me to change profile name. They want my real name. If I don’t do this they will kick me off of google+. I’ve changed my name to be my real name (the one in my passport) to avoid being unceremoniously asked to leave. That would be rather embarrassing.

Instead of being booted out, I’m leaving of my own accord.

Google’s real name policy is a farce, their approach, at best, sloppy and at worst antagonistic. Regardless of how much fun I’ve had on here (and I’ve had a lot of fun) I’m simply not prepared to support their approach to what they think the internet should be like.

I’ve met a lot of new people and had a lot of fun. I hope you had some fun with me too. Many thanks for all of the comments, the banter and the fun.

I’ll be leaving my profile up as a testament to what this all could have been like. But I’ll not be coming back. I’m over on twitter, I’ll be blogging and as of this lunch time, I’m on Diaspora. Ta Ta.

Much love to you all,
The Kaiser.

Google+ kicked me out of das NamensKriegszimmer with +The Kaiser and +Herr Breitenbach

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Some post-wordification about MemCode PLC.

MemCode are now accepting applications for Alpha Readers to be the first to receive and be implanted with a Memory by us:
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