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While I don't always enjoy Chu's so-called storytelling--some of the segments feel entirely too forced--it doesn't change the fact that the LXD features amazing dancers and provoking choreography.

Not a bad way to spend SUN afternoon...

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What am I doing awake at this hour... maybe a lullaby will help

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It's been a while, but this deserves another look... especially if you've missed it the first time. Alma feels very Pixar'ish, but it's not. And subject matter = not-for-kids. Unless your parents are the Tim Burton variety.

Trying to wind down the day... enjoy
Go full-screen on Vimeo. Don't short pan the experience.

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Not only has +Sammy Hagar made it onto G+ ... he's already moved onto Hangout -- so G+ is past tipping point, I'd say?
Here I am at Saturday's hangout -- I can't believe they got me front of a computer to try out this thing. Lucky for you I didn't have to type! Better get your questions ready for the next time we try it out!

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Interesting story premise. However, when it comes to Disney... I've learned to be careful with my expectations.

Ha, it's so new the URL doesn't work yet.

The Odd Life of Timothy Green
sometime in 2012

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