Thinking Out Loud About Carrier IQ

Many of you early adopters in Google+ have been in the tech industry for a long time and I'm wondering if you, like me, think that the rest of the world is grossly misinterpreting what Carrier IQ does and why carriers and manufacturers use it in the first place.

The analogy I'm thinking about is computers and computer repair. The more your computer knows about what was going on when X application crashed, the more internal diagnostics and IT can help you.

The more Carrier IQ tells carriers about what makes their networks work well and not so well, doesn’t that mean the better those networks and--by extension--carrier handsets can become?

I'd love to hear from those in the IT field about whether or not they think Carrier IQ is evil and if consumers should be trying to turn it off on all their phones. Is this akin to killing Dr. Watson on Windows?
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