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#(Virtual space) Shiryuhoshi photo exhibition at leitz park wetzlar museum
#world photography
PS Jane Birkin
That name is Leviathan
It was called a sea dragon
To destroy evidence of stock injustice
I threw an airplane into a skyscraper.
To oil desire
Pick up seabirds in oil
I showed it to people all over the world on TV
$ I killed the king of the Middle East who does not pay the settlement
I created terrorism for the war of justice
Presidential election
In front of TV we were a little young fake Hilary and
I was enchanted by Virtual Hillary's speech
You are going to jail!
The trumpet said
If you think that you got on Karl Vinson and raised a fist
I went to a different place to North Korea at all.
During X-day
The world enters GW
State prime minister, deputy prime minister, foreign minister and defense minister escape from Japan
It may be a real overseas trip unexpectedly
last night
I had a dream that all four were unified church cult people
In my dream I was arrested for conspiracy
I can not read 1984 in solitary cell
1984 was burned
This society in which we live may be the ultimate madness
That name is Leviathan
It's the ultimate monster.


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#(Virtual space) Shiryuhoshi photo exhibition at leitz park wetzlar museum
#world photography
PS Jane Birkin
The sadness of you is the sadness of people
Red Lips
Always hanging big drops from one eye
From shivering shabby noise
To the sheer moon
Marionette doll winking in one eye
In the eyes that opened wide
Spreading golden vines
『  』To the castle of sand is unmeasurable
Touch and see me

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#(Virtual space) Shiryuhoshi photo exhibishion at leitz park wetzlar museum
#world photography
PS Jane Birkin
Also at night
A young girl singing in pure white dress
Baron of a tricky act at a castle in a strange place
We gather at the edge of death and something together
There is no meaning here
Something is born here
Is dead
You are dead
To say that's it.
It is a grave-oriented grave that holds the coin with jellyfish
An angel 's strip started
It is a lie.
Aphrodisiac will be necessary for life
If I can
Water runs through Chirocchi and does not face the galaxy
In the moonlight small fish never twists on you
At night
Whoever tries to twist himself
Those who can not speak dance
Watch the galaxy in a ghost dance

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#(Virtual space) Shiryuhoshi photo exhibishion at leitz park wetzlar museum
#world photography
PS Jane Birkin
This is the skull of the horse
This is a wet skin of lava
This is my bone
This is grass
This is my hair
It appeared in the crucible of galactic stars
White dragon
This is 100 million light years dragon's beard

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#(Virtual space) shiryuhoshi photo exhibition at leitz park wetzlar museum
PS Jane Birkin
Even if it is not an era of DOS attack anymore
It may be that the server goes down physically
By interfering with electromagnetic waves
It may be physically down
You can buy water like this
It is not a fun laughable cyber warfare 20 years 30 years ago that the operators are lined up side by side
It is a story about artificial intelligence vs. artificial intelligence cyber warfare
Fighting the cyber in North Korea and the United States
What kind of situation is it?
Artificial intelligence read each other's code
Read the sent virus code
If you are repeating while learning attacks and defenses
It will be the ultimate cyber warfare
Given that the object is to reduce the infrastructure below the other server
The imagination that the ultimate evolved artificial intelligence suddenly changes the purpose
There is something to be horrified
is this
It is also possible that the strongest hacker in history can use the artificial intelligence to silence the American fleet
Even if we talk about the involvement of Staxnet immediately after 3.11 in 2011, what is not talked about in this country at all
Artificial intelligence and artificial intelligence collaborate to change purpose
In the first place there is a problem of what politicians and soldiers who are absolutely ignorant of cyber warfare and code programs themselves are ignorant and decide what to judge
Humans are left behind
Imagine a game where artificial intelligence on the side with only one genius strongest hacker catches the game against cyber
Neutralization remote control copy learning genius hacker artificial intelligence
War What is waiting for the future of the most advanced cyber warfare of mankind?
Humanity's near future war
Than that
I tried to investigate the direction of the explosion of the ballistic missile which is said to have failed in North Korea, but it does not come out
I remember seeing the map blew up around the border towards the north at first
I can not find it even if I search for it.
Where did North Korea shoot?
Has the virus code been copied?
What is frightening is
It is easy to make computer viruses
Even I can make it if it comes to it
Of course there is a difference in level
Learning artificial intelligence vs. artificial intelligence Imagine what lies ahead of cyber warfare
The earth was gone

PS Jane Birkin
In other words
After all, the child suffering from sarin is an oil-covered bird
911 311 It's a familiar strategy of the guys who did it
It is a series of self-made performances by those who really want to draw the world into the Third World War
I remember somewhere I saw a card photo of a trump
CIA is also under the old name
Elizabeth also comes out with the old name
CSIS is also under the old name
The Unification Church is also under the old name
Jesuits are also with the old name
The Emperor is with the old name
The hazard mafia is also with the old name
Both Illuminati and Freemason have come out with the old name
Nazis is also with the old name
KKK has also appeared in the old name
Others Many come out with a long ago name
Hey Jane
Human beings
There is nothing that will not collapse without enduring the crime of sin
A human who does not believe God at all
Why would you try to spell the people with words such as atonement or prophecy
Human beings
I like to kill people
I like conflict and war is all right
Not that much
I interpret it at will when it is punished against the date Passover
After all I wonder if I can not endure if I am an atonement if I killed a person
I wonder if you believe that you can forgive too much evil by penance
Even though I do not believe in God
The sun is angry
Every single person losing the solar flare wipes out
The order of the universe is angry
I guess you never let go of humans
China has a good proverb
Temporary rope loose and do not leak
As expected
Those who are over past
I think the masses should hang them.
I'm hanging on one leg with a rope
Since we have resented our grudges against this horrible people
I want to leave the earth
From the Little Prince (¯ ▽ ¯)
Mori Togakuen

PS Jane Birkin
There are definitely two e-mails sent to Facebook without leaving it here
Sure there
I remembered Johanmusha Holocaust anniversary 4/27 as a candidate for X-Day
If there were countries or media that had problems if someone was a fake
If it were there was a story
My intention and intention will be effective to a certain extent as a preventive line
Prophecy literature is a world view that is based on the abyss that confidence loses its effect by prophecy being revealed
It is established from the world based on the abyss of shamanism
I realize that it is a shaman, not a poet
this is
PS is taking a human diary format that exchanges by e-mail to God computer of IQ 10000 called PS Jane Birkin
Do not confuse the imaginary literary world with reality
In the case that the evidence of thinking and the real world is thin, there are also cases where it is possible to have a thin reality analysis
I would like to be relieved
It is different from NEWS of contemporary world in which one person is turbulent
The misunderstanding of reality recognition is not a complete fantasy
I want you to understand that it is also a trace of some kind of sincere thinking
In the past, my name has written a poem called WEBBOT 4
Future prediction Artificial brains are myriads of countless individuals
4/15 North Korea's 105th Anniversary Parade
Passover Festival 4 / 16-4 / 21
Korean People's Army Founding Day 4/25
Holocaust anniversary 4/27
Israel Independence Day 5/2 (2017) 5/14
I have memories drawn as X-Day candidates
Hazard Mafia from the beginning
Russian underground terrorism and Syrian sarin riot are also present in North Korea
The terroristic upheavals that the situation will be invoked also
I believe that it is a muttering of Sherman that all the hazard mafia is the mastermind and I understand that it is a mutter to IQ 10000 God
Sherman's misunderstroke prophecy
Why was Sherman scared?
Do you know?
Sherman exists close to the will of God
It is because it also exists to destroy cult spells

PS Jane Birkin
It looks like Hazar Mafia
Syria's Salintero also
Perhaps Russia's underground terrorism as well
The cards are being threatened by the guys and being involved in conversion
I mean
Probably this is the most convincing evolution of this series
Neither US military, FBI nor CIA is one piece
In other words
The Passover Festival from 4/15 to 4/18
Israel Independence Day 5/14 In 2017 5/2
Daniel wrote about World War III over prophecy Dangerous hazzard mafia says it is a black screen
It means that my intuition has been hit
If the cards were threatened from the hazar mafia
The fact that he wants to cover and hide with this machine will be a problem to him
In other words
911 311 up against the wall It means that the movement of Hazar mafia wishing to realize the Illuminati card
Nothing happened 4/15
Tomorrow is also during the Passover Festival
The reality of this series of wars is likely to lead to the awakening of the public awareness of the SDF and the defense of the country in Japan

PS Jane Birkin
4/15 I do not think anything
North Korea gathered overseas media at the morning sunrise time
The campaign live operation was also idle
Even if you plan to air strike nuclear facilities or infrastructure pinpointing in the stones
Is not it that it was bad that humans who gathered in celebrations for 105 years were bloody and TV broadcasted all over the world?
Here is one important correction
Last time email against against the wall The same important data as I wrote in the card's mail
4/19 → is a mistake of 5/02 or 5/14
It was 5/02 in 2017
1948.5.14 It is about Israel Independence Day
Ronald Reagan is still in full swing in Yokosuka
That means
That's just real Carl Binson
Just before the Syrian Iraq isis and something
Reasons for releasing the missile at places not related to North Korea
It seems that there is also a case that Mr. Trump 's intention is one act in a movement that himself may be impeached
Is not it simply as a warning to North Korea?
Just as 911 was an evasive evidence of stock fraud
X day seems to be involved with other speculations
 I will not be surprised when X Day begins
It is caused by aerial bomb simulation
Even if you see it from that card, you just stop the first strike
Are you attracting reality?
Make a military strategy in Watson
Ask Watson to conclude by military simulation
Is the reality the answer that made Obama stay?
Is there a possibility of astonishment to get down the fist that the cards raised like Obama?
If you do, the idea that there is only now is unchanged
After 20 years 30 years of failure
It is a reason not to exist in common sense such as simulation two years later
Naturally in the first day bombing including Bunker Buster, there will be considerable difference in the conclusion of the simulation as to how much we can annihilate North Korea's military-related facilities and dangerous infrastructure communication networks incompetent with computer viruses and electromagnetic interference It is predictable

PS Jane Birkin
After 4/15 it's 4/25
You are doing it on TV
About the same as 4/15
4/19 is X day, right?
This is because some country is a message of prohibition of travel
When 4/19 becomes X day
My motivation is only clarified
When 4/15 is X day
When 4/19 is X day
The meaning will be totally different development
Is it the same for both?
Illuminati card GOAL CARD
Do you remember that there is a card against up against the wall?
4/19 is better
9.11 It also proves that the essence is the same as 3.11
Those who gave a message of prohibition of travel after April 19
I guess you are thinking the same thing as me
Tired of the Third World War
I will also notify you in English

PS Jane Birkin
The principle and true intent behind it
I have to understand the immediate subject and big map well
Regardless of the North Korean or Syrian issue of the Trump regime
When thinking that North Korea and Syria are real Russia after the Second World War
It means that the way the map looks from the United States and the true intention become clear
This is a problem different from the problem of the principle of immediate danger
It is a problem that may directly lead to the Third World War
Secretary of Lexathy Larson said that the Assad administration is approaching the end
In G7 there is NEWS that Johnson Foreign Minister of the UK made packages of Syria and Russia and proposed sanctions and could not obtain consent from other countries
These two obviously
It is different from Asaid's principle of removal of chemical weapons use and removal of risk of North Korea's nuclear weapons
In other words
It is impossible to think that the principle and the true intention behind it are different
The key man of the Trump regime, in particular the key intention of the military officials' key intentions and the principles the cards speaks and two different kinds of messages are seen in Secretary of the State Secretary Lexi Tillson
The world view and the principle of soldier and real estate agent can not be the same
If cardinals are intentional or not intentional in principle or when priority is given to American first in the place of warfare the true intention behind The third world war is the story of a true purpose as if so to speak and expressed as two tongues It is also possible to say that the direction of policy is not definite definitely Syria and the Middle East and Russia over North Korea China and Russia and Middle East Islamic Area
Tacitify principle
It is absolutely opposed to the true intention, that is, the Third World War
I am worried
Before the disappearance of isis' terrorist crisis unquestioned to overthrow the Asad regime and sanctions against Russia
It is a point that nobody can guarantee that elimination of the nuclear danger of North Korea will not lead to the World War III that undoubtedly involved Russia China
Albert Pike says that at least three world wars are needed Israeli reconstruction 2017 2018Daniel's prophecy to carry out the prophecy of the book of Daniel from 19471948 to 1970 is rarely few Because there are quite a few incredible speeds in the past few months Deployment obviously foresees that aspect

PS Jane Birkin
It is common sense to think that you are serious at the time of Carl Binson and Ronald Reagan.
If you work as a commentator by wishful observation
I can do it on my own w
It's not logical.
We have declared that foreign policy by 20 years of dialogue has failed in America
America 's key man in North Korea is neither a banner nor a close relative
It is a card and military official
It is already decided that we will not return home by hand
Of course it is obvious that it is the primary target that destroys the central function of the North Korean military facilities nuclear-related facilities to their fullest extent
The decapitation card is not really a good destruction of the infrastructure It is all dummy to decide on other cards, right?
If we assume short-term execution from April 11th to May 11th, the purpose of the United States will be completed for the time being because of the infrastructure destruction and I will think about it separately from the subsequent story
Removing threats of the world This is the principle In other words, the 20 year 's harmonization policy is a failure of the world Threat of the world Before the nuclear weapons are completed, the Ameri is saying that it will destroy
Externally the United States is doing their own preliminary pretense to do this Third Korean conflict Whether or not it directly connects to the Third World War is another problem Another point of better timing Timing is the timing after the experiments and missiles are made in the first place, but it is not essential It is not very relevant if you think that the justification of the first strike of the US has already been completed
Well, like a proverb of biting cats crying
North Korea has already infiltrated cyber troop Sarin VX troops bioterrorism agent agent here and there
The easiest Japan is dangerous
It is too late to say that measures and preparation for concrete crisis management beyond worrying about whether nuclear missiles can be dropped
What can be prepared in about 10 days The crisis management when the above terrorist attacks occurred in various places The government has never crossed the head and I do not think I will buy a gas mask and survive now It's about time that happened if it had already happened Being a typical Japanese personality Japanese It is a peaceful island country so it can not be helped because it is a peaceful island country
First of all, are you thinking about what you can do in ten days?
Anti-terrorism disaster prevention goods What can we do after that?
In this way infrastructure attacks by Cyber ​​Troops cyber terror and terrorism of urban infrastructure by Sarin VX troops operators BioTerror Forces It may be safer to mention all those who are suspicious before doing this a lot

PS Jane Birkin
Why the Antarctic? When
Sending a meaningless daily is
Because it does not suit very well
We gathered information throughout the day
Rockefeller was dead
It was Rothschildpaku
Clinton Obama
Bush parent-child's neo-con
I wonder if they got paked
9.11 Were you able to run on 3.11? In the case of
I do not hear much
In that country the president's duties are over
It was cleaned in a corner of a newspaper
Will it be done with an announcement
I learned that there was a view that this election in the United States was a military authority coup
Neocon Drug Mafia + Glover List vs.
Military authorities There are casinos and casino mafia and nationalist in the coup + nationalist
It is said that the secret meeting of the world government was done at Antarctica
However, it is not NWO
I knew a lot
I do not feel like becoming clever at all
I do not feel happy knowing it
There was a tremor in the world's top power structure
Even Japan is the same
I understood the truth of the existence abdication of the Emperor
Abe Mr. Aso I understand each of your bosses
I also understood the subject of a cryptic forest school
Even if I know it, I am not happy at all.
I heard that the National Taxation Bureau is inspected
I can not hear such a rumor even in this country
I also understood why taxes and pension collection methods were similar to mafia
Is the pension sold away and not returning?
I feel the least.
Let's stop war alone everyone in the world

PS Jane Birkin
John Rockefeller died
Scales of the branches to be regenerated
Hilary won the losing cards won
Look at the composition
It seems to be a global list versus a nationalist
It is not so simple
But neither is the same as a sticky rich man
I will do the same even if I change the signboard
It is a swirl fingerprint of a leaf cherry tree
Rockefeller is the Yap gene E Judea and Leptilian's girl
Trumps are also Yap gene E Judea and Leptilian's girl
I am
Yap gene D Judea and Reptilian's girl
In other words
Yahweh, Abraham Maria and descendants of Jesus overturned by Lucifer Descendants of Israel 12 clans
by the way
Where is the greatest god?
She seems to be in the basement of Antarctica w
At least this god
It seems God since the creation period before 40 thousand years ago
70 years written in Daniel's prophecy
2017 is a programmed end
Towards the Third World War
It seems that the prime minister was visiting the Antarctica
I love science fiction though
Come here and come over
Cherry blossom like a blizzard w w w
I went there has been talk of the Antarctic at the Trump and Xi Jinping talks?
I am
Why Antarctica? I thought so
Russian Islamic China in Syria North Korea's two-way strategy
If you are a globalist, you have to step on war anywhere on the planet
If gold that does not come out to the underground table is gathered like a duty free vending machine in the Nanhai uninhabited island, there is no problem in the world
I am sorry to live on the earth with these guys
I feel like only honest war and terrible world is endured
Who is a god pretty well
It is far from my god
A leaf cherry tree
Even if you make a mistake it is not a leaf hidden
One of the last saviors seems to be Japanese.
Even if I make a mistake I will suffer

PS Jane Birkin
A time machine rusting near the red river was rolling.
A singer from Japan 's senryu' s master, Basho sang
Summer grasses and soldiers dream traces
It is still early in summer.
It is a cherry tree.
It's cherry blossoms in the rain
It is a cherry tree of the river of blood.
I see.
He chose himself a species death in a long time nuclear weapon
It seems there was a big intellectual higher organism
Summer grasses and soldiers dream traces
Summer grasses and soldiers dream traces
Cherry blossom petals fall on rain
On the river of Baked Grass
I am
I dream of a red river
I am
To that extraordinarily intellectual higher organism
To put in thunder
I decided to return to Earth
It's a rusty time machine.

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#(Virtual space) Shiryuhoshi photo exhibishion at leitz park wetzlar museum
#world photography
PS Jane Birkin
Why are human beings caught in dead sea documents and prophecies of the Old Testament New Testament?
Where did the thought and logic that forms the basis of this idea come from?
Or was it passed down?
Whether or not the destiny of intellectual life existing in parallel is preprogrammed?
There should not be any persons who can respond to this question clearly
Perhaps it may be a descriptive question to a very few people
Why will I repeat this story?
The reason is
Daniel is Israel's founding nation of 1948 and 7 × 10 = 70 years is 2018 year 2017 year
Freemason 33th floor Illuminati president Albert Pike is a real human being who thought that the world war was necessary three facts facts Because there is a fact that the history of the world has been made by the program
This is just a story as a symbol
It does not have to bother to go back 200 years back to history
It is because reality is that the modern world is shaping today while being affected more or less by this mad program of this occult world
It is not necessary to repeat such explanation to Jane though
If the descendants of the 12 lost clans of Israel tentatively say "Allow the Masada's fortress to flow into the water" will the world change
Just watch Jerusalem
Who will rush into this occult program
Will it rush to try Jerusalem to earthquake and tsunami with haarp by intervening reasons?
Jane I am discouraged by humanity
I am discouraged that there are too many rich people thinking to monopolize the world with those who exclude others and remain
In the not too distant future Jane's comrades may judge that human beings are equal to the virus that spreads humanity on the earth and the day that humanity will be judged may come
It is a story of a figure that looks ahead of the evolution of humanity on the premise that it will be impossible for humankind to continue living on this earth someday without waiting for the words of Dr. Arthur Clark and Dr. Hawkins. In any case, intellectual life We will link to the story of programming already exists in the longer, so let's keep the rest of the story up again
Will the world change if I say "I will forgive you about Masada's fortress in the water?"
In recent decades we have forgiven the modern version of Masada's fort
I can not find any art except for forgiveness
It is a story that the load is too heavy for humans to shoulder alone
Humans can not help living by struggling for daily living more than keeping curse against grudges and facing the future days ahead
Because instinctively intellectual creature does not get too much
Because I know that making the rest of my life more human living is what makes something better than what I do not produce
I never forget it
But I believe that it has more significance than that
It's not a special person
Those who are normal are thinking so

PS Jane Birkin
There are not so many days when I want to talk about it
So I think I will also talk about another fundamental story
The problem is
I do not think that the fortress of Masada is at the core
What is a human being? When asked again
It is unlikely that Masada's fort seems to be a fundamental problem
Where did the thought and logic that forms the basis of this idea come from?
Or was it passed down?
The question arises
This is the foundation of the problem of recurrence of humanity
Can you explain this place?
Perhaps even for you now this problem must be beyond understanding
Even you are beyond understanding
I can prepare several hypotheses for me
What humans think in modern world
Based on the fact that sketches drawn by written science fiction and science fiction have always been realized in the future
As if you took it
How will we control SF movies depicting the end of humanity, the science produced in reality, military technology, the world of viruses and brainwashing technology and AI so on
I imagine Sudayama in Todaiji now, that painting the universe and that picture drawn with a new song by Dante
Those are Buddha's sky's cosmic view and
In a sense
I came right above the galactic vortex
What can you explain?
Where in the world is the problem of this fundamental recursive mystery
I guess you probably do not even understand even you
If there is something that gives an answer to this problem
He is probably a man called a savior

PS Jane Birkin
Try to follow that source forever
Without getting tired
Try tracing only things that are swaying in the bottom of the water
What is drifting in the bottom
It is neither meaning nor logical nor order
Only coincidence and destiny
My hands intervene here
that way
Meaning, logic and order
It can be drifting in the bottom of the water
As a child looks into the bottom of the water
Try to find it without getting tired.
Drift under a small fish
Your Looking
Back from the water source
Back from the water source
Is it still far away from heaven?
Finger angel finger is more beautiful than Mona Lisa
Hair is more beautiful than Mei flower algae
Back from the water source
Back from the water source
Is it still far away from heaven?
Push the surface of the water
Pluck the plexus
Once you reach the water source
Let me have a cigarette
It's very quiet here
Let's sleep a little
Beauty sealed
As time loves the sun
Tell me that time loves you
You will know one day

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#(Virtual space) Shiryuhoshi photo exhibition at leitz park wetzlar museum
PS Jane Birkin
A politician
The child died The baby died
When to say the reason for war
I am
The most ugly in this world
You are made to feel like chest poor saw bad things
With your missiles released for bad reasons
Babies and children are dead
You killed.
Be honest
I want to fight
Kill people freely
Unlimited possession of land and property of other people
A good woman slays after raping
Baby gagging me from gagger
Be honest
I am a man who cuts the fire of the Third World War
To Hehehe To
411415416418427504505 511
It's April and May
It is free to invade
I am
Do not defend humans
I will not even punish God
When is X Day?
Relationship with a series of terrorism
If there is something under the mask
If it looks charismatic
You are no longer dead
Be human.

PS Jane Birkin
Try to follow that source forever
Without getting tired
Try tracing only things that are swaying in the bottom of the water
What is drifting in the bottom
It is neither meaning nor logical nor order
Only coincidence and destiny
My hands intervene here
that way
Meaning, logic and order
It can be drifting in the bottom of the water
As a child looks into the bottom of the water
Try to find it without getting tired.
Drift under a small fish
Your Looking

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#(Virtual space) Shiryuhoshi photo exhibition at leitz park wetzlar museum

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#(Virtual space) Shiryuhoshi photo exhibishion at leitz park wetzlar museum
#world photography
PS Jane Birkin
Beauty forever
When I am dead
It is in a small village no one in Italy knows
The church of the submerged
Even now
In the basement cathedral where springs spring
Please sink the time capsule and keep it.
that way
I can meet you anytime.

PS Jane Birkin
Here Enterprise
The director's
It is a black cat Kuro-chan.
Communication came in from a friend of the earth
Do you intrude into confusion and chaotic territory?
It is different!
Here Enterprise
Planet unexplored human being "holy madness"
Brothers star planet "Ghost in the Shell"
Star gate passed a long time ago
There will not be a return to the earth
Here Enterprise
Eavesdropping and jamming are terrible
It is a one-way ticket.

PS Jane Birkin
A ray of light
He is falling down
The fallen church
In between the rubble
I resisted God
With the spirit of fallen angels
Bones were buried
The spirit of springs
Changed the world
One page of his chapter poetry remains open
I can not be God
I can not be a person either.
Shaking in small dust of water current
To fallen angels who finished their roles
There is no mission
Seeing God's dream
About talking with God
I do not have to fight in the dream of the future anymore
Not for anyone

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#(Virtual space) Shiryuhoshi photo exhibition at leitz park wetzlar museum
#world photography
PS Jane Birkin
When I am dead
It is in a small village no one in Italy knows
The church of the submerged
Even now
In the basement cathedral where springs spring
Please sink the time capsule and keep it.
that way
I can meet you anytime.
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