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Lorena Avila
I love cats, especially my baby Sophie.
I love cats, especially my baby Sophie.

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Hello everybody! The title of this post says it all, but I will start from the beginning.

For a long time I struggled when trying to go out on trips because of my cat. I love her so much that I didn't want to leave her alone because of her food, her litter box, etc. Plus, I didn't want to pay expensive pet sitters for coming an hour a day which for my cat wasn't really a real companion after all, only a food deliver and a pooper scooper.

I learned that there are so many products on the market to help cat owners like me to automatically feed my cat and also automatic litter boxes that clean themselves and even automatic water fountains!

But I never thought this path was going to be so hard. I found so many offers of different devices with lots of good features but also very bad flaws that I didn't know where to start.

That's when I decided to create a website to help people like me that don't have time to read hundreds of reviews to decide the best fit for their pets.
Through my investigation of all these products I became kind of an expert of automatic devices for different purposes. I learned that what it works for one pet, it doesn't necessary works for another one.

Yes a few months ago I accomplished my mission of finding the best automatic feeder and automatic litter box for my cat. I can go out on trips without worrying about my Sophie anymore.

But what's an automatic feeder?

An automatic feeder is a gadget that dispenses food at scheduled times in the amounts you choose for each meal. The unit will repeat this schedule every day. It is like an electronic pet sitter pouring food in your cat's bowl every day at certain times, breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc. The best fit for my cat I found it with the Pet Feedster because it's the only unit that works with AC adaptor and batteries in conjuction as backup. This way I leave for trips without worrying about power outages. No matter what happens my baby Sophie will always have her meal served on time.

What about the litter box?

A self cleaning litter box is a device that has the ability to clean itself and hold the waste somewhere until you dispose it when time to do so. Here the investigation went very far and just a few months ago I found the perfect solution. It wasn't easy. There are many products out there that may work but with some flaws, especially the units with rakes because an automatic rake will never replace the human eye and human scooping. But they certainly help.

The most reliable self cleaning litter box I found was the Litter Robot III Open Air.

Regarding a cat fountain my cat doesn't mind drinking from a water bowl so we leave a big pot with water for her when we leave. If your cat likes moving water there are plenty of pet water fountains to choose from. What I thought it was the coolest idea was the Aquapurr system that provides your cat a water stream from where your pet can drink water at will from the sink.

Now I can leave for trips for up to 4 days and I know my cat is going to be taken care of. I still ask a friend to come check on my baby but not for food or clean the litter box but just checking if she is OK and not stuck somewhere with her claws :-)

I hope you can benefit from my experience and choose the best solution for your cat. I certainly did.

You can check my in-depth reviews for all these devices on my website.

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How to stop your cat from ripping off your place with a cheap cat scratcher! They cost less than $4 in Walmart.

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Cats taking care of a Museum, they're awesome!!

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Learn how a single woman started fighting against animal cruelty. A real story of love and care.
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A great cat toy, you can get 3 of these for almost $2 in Walmart. My Sophie loves to play with these!!

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My cat checking out her new tunnel

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Check this great idea for a cat toy! your feline friend will have hours of fun playing with this! Make sure your cat isn't a foam chewer though. I bought this package from Amazon and it comes with 56 balls in 4 sizes.
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Poor baby, doesn't want a bath. He doesn't even take a treat!
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