"Last week, we discussed how we made our Native Bridge 5x faster than PhoneGap. This week, we’d like to share some techniques for making your application code just as snappy.For speed and responsiveness, we recommend backbone.js and zepto.jsTo make this more fun, we’ve developed a little example project, using a CSS reset, Backbone.js and a couple of pages with transitions. Our project will display the Trigger twitter feed and individual tweets. As usual, we’ll create Android and iOS apps from a single HTML5 codebase. Along the way, we’ll show you how to:
include your JavaScript files in your appuse Backbone.js to present a responsive interfaceuse a CSS reset to reduce inconsistencies across platformsimplement an example transition between views in your appPlease feel free to base your own projects on this – it’s a great springboard for a new project! The code is hosted on github here:



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