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Hi everyone, two posts for you to follow up on the photography recommendations series:
Part 2 looks at camera apps for blind users. In blog form:
and podcast form:
 Please enjoy, and of course do let me know if you have any other great photography apps I've missed!

And part 3 adds some much requested information - the table of data I compiled with the information on each app I reviewed as well as images of every app at both regular and extra large DPI:
Also a note for those who have started following the blog recently, the main page at: has all the entries collated in a fairly logical order, from purchasing a device through setting up and adding apps.
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Hey everyone!

We recorded a podcast today (well, an audio file as it's not a series, but we hope to make more on different topics!) on the accessibility features of RapiTap! and particularly a walkthrough using the game with Talkback.

It goes for 17 minutes, so we'd be curious to hear your thoughts on whether that is a good length or too long or short (With the business name, maybe we should have made it "22" minutes, but hey, we left you five minutes at the end so you can get a few games in yourself!
Here is the link to the file to download:

Or if you head to: you can stream it from the site itself.

Hope you enjoy it, and the game of course - happy RapiTapping!
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Hi everyone,

We just pushed a new update of RapiTap! to the Play Store so you should start seeing that in a couple of hours.    Mostly a minor update with a couple of fixes, but also some love for full screen mode with a new compatible mode, and Hard mode is now compatible with full screen.  We've also made it clearer which modes should work well in full screen mode.

New: Extra mode: Peek-a-Boo, only one tile or decoy at a time, suitable for full screen.

New: Hard mode now suitable for full screen mode.

New: Labelled which game modes are not suitable for full screen mode.

New: Additional explanation of some statistics when viewing detailed game information.

Fixed: More comprehensive fix for the game start bug identified previously.

Fixed: Decoys may now appear in tile 1 (on game modes which support decoys).

New: Smaller file size.

If you do enjoy the game, please do give it a good rating on the play store as it helps get the word out to others.

If you encounter any problems or have any suggestions, then please do get in touch as we're very responsive to feedback!

Happy RapiTapping!

- 22 Point.

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Hi everyone,  Big news today!  22 Point are very pleased to be able to share with you that QuickTap! has now evolved into our first fully published app - RapiTap! The perfect short, fast-paced, heart racing game!

Thank you so much for your help beta testing the app.  As members of the group, you will be able to download any other new beta releases I upload and of course we'll keep the page up to date with news and info.

The full version of RapiTap! costs $2.99 (AUD) and is available from Google Play here:

The lite version gives you a taste of the action before purchasing and is available here:

Tap the yellow circles as fast as you can, but avoid the red crosses. Sound easy? The concept might be, but see if you think so by the time you get to "Impossible!" mode.

- 11 game modes / levels!
- 11 board sizes from full screen to 10x12 grid.
- 4 themes, from easy to see bright shapes and solid colours, to the challenging “Stripes of confusion”
- Suits all players, those with limited reflexes through to robots with lightning fast reactions.
- Great for children – uses eye-hand coordination.
- Fully Talkback accessible – also ideal for developing and practicing “Explore by touch” skills.

Speed of the game is based on your reaction time, so you really are playing against yourself.

RapiTap is one of the first accessible, real time reaction based games available for Android and is a quick adrenaline rush for anyone, fully sighted or not.

Please E-Mail us with any ideas, suggestions or bugs in order for us to improve your playing experience – all feedback welcome.
Most importantly, please enjoy the game!

Kind regards

The team at 22 Point.

Hi everyone, we've uploaded a new beta tonight with a couple of things to look out for:
- A new theme "Stripes of confusion" - very challenging visually!
- Completely redone the scoring, much simpler now, higher is better, as with most games!
- Random bugs squashed.
- New improved random bugs introduced! Also please don't forget to post your thoughts on the name if you haven't already.
The game should update as with any other app from Google Play, but if you haven't registered as a beta tester yet, you'll need to do that first.


The 22 Point team

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Much as I like the name “QuickTap!”, searching the Play Store, there are already a number of apps called “QuickTap”, “Quick Tap” or variants, so I'm looking to come up with a more unique name.  I do like the ideas the original name evokes Quick (fast, agile, speed, swift etc) and Tap (beat, strike, touch, react) etc.  The alternate names I've come up with so far are “Rapitap” (a shortening of “rapid tap”), “Tapagil” or “Agitap” (again a shortening – agile and tap) or use one or other words in a language other than English - after a quick play on Google translate the one I like most is "Tippen Schnelle" (or "TippenSchnelle" as one word) which is "Tap Fast" in German. I've put a poll below, but please do comment with any other suggestions as well!  What do you like?
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Tippen Schnelle

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Here's the link to download QuickTap!  Enjoy and do come back (or E-Mail) and share your thoughts! -

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QuickTap! in it's largest grid - 10x12 (I can add larger if anyone wants?  Curious if people like the bigger grid modes?)

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QuickTap! in 3x4 grid with solid colours

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QuickTap in 2x2 mode with default graphics
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