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Offering compliance solutions for a global marketplace
Offering compliance solutions for a global marketplace

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1 Day Left to Register! Compliance for Wearables – Webinar 2/10
Webinar Description
By some estimates the Internet of Things will be comprised of over 26 Billion devices by the year 2020. A large part of these wireless wonders will be attached to people. Wearables are growing at a fast clip, from the first “Smart Watches” to Bluetooth-enabled bandages. And it won’t just because we’ll be pining like Theodore Twombly for his operating system love interest. Devices will sense our location, provide ever more sophisticated health monitoring and reporting and keep us connected in more ways than we may realize.

This webinar will focus on regulatory aspects facing wearable device manufacturers. The global market for these devices is expected to reach into the billions. EMC, Safety, Environmental factors will need to be considered for product developers and distributors.

In this webinar we will examine the following aspects of wearable devices:

Radio Spectrum
RF Hazards
ROHS and Recycling requirements
Labeling & Language
Testing requirement

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Webinar Date
2/10/2016  1:00 pm – 2:00 pm ET

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Today's Engineering Menu: Wireless Certification, MIL-STD-461, Product Safety, and more!

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Next Week! Lasers in the Workplace: Essentials for OSHA and ANSI Compliance 

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SAR & Radiation Hazards Webinar- 8/19. In cooperation w/ RF Exposure Labs &@InComplianceMag

MIL-STD-461 Testing - CS114 Webinar. Presented by Washington Labs, In cooperation with Interference Technology…/wllacademy-news-2015-Webinar-Series-MIL-ST…

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Product Safety Requirements Webinars:

Jun 18, 2015: Electrical Shock Protection  
Jul 16, 2015: Insulation Design w/Creepage & Clearance  
Aug 20, 2015: Fire and Flammability  
Sep 10, 2015:  Mechanical Requirements, Stability  
Oct 22, 2015: Risk Analysis  
Nov 19, 2015: Thermal Measurements  
Dec 17, 2015: Submissions and Approvals

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#IEC #CISPR #FCC Testing: Transient Immunity (ESD, EFT, Surge) Webinar - 1 Week Left to Register …

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Commercial Wireless Compliance: FCC Part 15 Essentials - Webinar by @mvio on 5/20 #FCCpart15

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EMC Standards of the IEEE EMC Society: Webinar April 29 #EMCwebinars #EMCStandards #EMCSociety 
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