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Whooo hoo managed to play with both pastels and some very quick acrylics with minimum mediums. The following is one of the acrylics photographed and a layer of texture added in PS - all of it for fun. Painting to music that makes you want to dance has some very inspiring moments :)

The textures I add are almost always my own from photos, drawings, odd bits of painting, or digitally painted as backgrounds & textures. I have a great time doing those but it's just as well I have an external HD or my computer would burst from overload lol.

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Either very late or very early depending on your point of view :)
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Mark O
Very nice indeed, (-;
Thank you Mark, you were quick.
Thank you to those who shared this - +Diniz Art you were quick :)
Mark O
+MisTikkal Rosy It's a slow rainy morning here, So I'm monitoring my Google! (-;
Gorgeous palette, and I love the sense of play! Glad to see you've found some mediums you can work with again. :)
Dv hour
Ahhh a fellow artisan. I love hearing about mixed medium pieces. Pastels have always been among my faves acrylics are among my least fave. I also enjoy dance pieces . I'm an appreciator of degas , my professor also used to draw ballerinas all the time . Nice to meet you. :)
Well playing elsewhere for a little while Marilyn so nothing around my home :) But yes, it was great fun. Just not something I can't do often. +Marilyn Fenn They were small (about A4 size) so nice and quick :)
Hello Dv, nice to meet you also. I've never been much into acrylics, but can no longer use oils, so this was pure fun. +Dv hour
Well Mark I hope that your slow rainy morning is a relaxing one, and it was nice of you to spend a few moments of it with me :) +Mark O'Shaughnessy
Dv hour
yeah when i was reading your profile i wasn't clear, it looked like you said you could use oils but i wasn't sure if that was what you meant. Anyway why can't you use oils any more, just curious.
Mark O
+MisTikkal Rosy My pleasure, Thanks for the circle and look forward to your posts! (-;
Dv hour
oh ok fair enough no need to say more. i just thought it was a complete hatred of the medium, and my whimsical mind started wandering and thinking you both had a verbal battle like in the cartoons :) smile
looooool I've been known to have that kind of verbal battle when I'm working digitally and the computer has a tantrum, but never when I was working with oils. Acrylics sometimes, not oils. And pastels - wellllllll love the pure colour :) +Dv hour
Wonderful to see this, I can tell you had fun creating it! Thanks for telling your process too. I am glad you were able to work on it, beautiful! :)
Simon K
love the soft mix of colours
+Melodie Douglas Thanks Melodie :) not at all the kind of music we were dancing around to at the time, but yes, the feeling is (I hope) one of warm togetherness.
Thank you so much for the plus's and shares
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