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"Live and let live!"
"Live and let live!"

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I feel so lucky to have been raised by Secular Humanist parents!

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When news spreads fast through the Internet, who is still willing to pay for an old fashioned newspaper that brings you yesterday's news? But 'free' news-sites paid for by advertisement are not independent. The Dutch news website de Correspondent figured they needed a different model and I think they're doing it the right way by choosing the background tales and the overarching story behind the fleeting news, paid for by paying readers. 

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Voor wie geïnteresseerd is in de Trump-regering en de dagelijkse ontwikkelingen daar is dit een dikke aanrader!

Dagelijkse nieuwsbrief die 's ochtends via de email verzonden wordt, geschreven door NOS- en Nieuwsuur-correspondent Arjen van der Horst.

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This is a worrisome outlook. Too many parties apparently have an interest in a war between the USA and Iran. Read this post !
"Two years ago, when Garry Kasparov, the chess champion turned political dissident, began to warn that Vladimir Putin sought to undermine liberal democracy—not only in neighboring countries, but all over the West—he was widely written off as a crank. After Russia managed to hack the servers of the Democratic National Committee and spread fake news on an industrial scale, his warnings were finally recognized as all too prescient. But it is only over the past weeks, as journalists around the world have broken dozens of stories about Russian meddling in the democratic process, that the sheer scale of this effort has become apparent." So begins an eye-opening article that lists scores of ways that Putin's renamed KGB has been waging acts of aggression toward almost all democratic nations.

Why this campaign to mess up the western democracies? Okay, first, Putin needs and promulgates his own narrative, that democracy is a fiction. That it has never worked as anything but a hypocritical hoax, perpetrated by meddlesome oligarchs -- exactly the situation in Russia, today. This narrative is now spread all across the far-right-o-sphere, in most western nations.

Second, from Putin's perspective this is payback time. The Kiev Revolution - when Ukrainians rose up to oust their Moscow-controlled president - was the last straw. Our press ignored the way Putin blamed (credited) Obama/Clinton with that setback, preferring to focus on Putin's "masterful" nibble-back in Crimea. But on a larger scale, VP had already been striving ceaselessly to form an alliance of anti-democratic nations, long before Ukraine was ripped from his control. That anti-western arc now sweeps from Ankara and Damascus, through Moscow and the Eurasian steppe, all the way (one can assert) to Manilla.

Although many Putin pals have spoken of this plan openly, the American right calls any mention of it "anti-Russian hysteria" and "liberals agitating for nuclear war." Silly on the face of it, these phrases have joined "deep state" and "facts are useless" and "democracy is always a fiction" as central memes pouring from the Fox/alt-right machine.

One key element of this arc (Reagan or Bush might have called it an "Axis of _) will be if Putin can seal in an alliance with Iran. Iranian militias already fight side-by-side with Russian special forces and Assad's army in Syria. But the full scale alliance -- including a warm water port in the Persian Gulf -- has been sought by Moscow for 200 years. Only, there's a problem. Iran's vastly complex and close-to-modern civil society.

Unlike our "ally" Saudi Arabia, half the population in Iran is educated, rambunctious and eager to join the modern world. The ayatollahs know their days are numbered, unless they can rally the people around some desperate struggle against The Great Satan. (Especially a conflict that's limited in scope, by the Russian nuclear umbrella.) Hence a war between Iran and the US serves so many interests! The mullahs want one, the Saudis (stupidly) want one, the Israelis (foolishly) want one, Putin is positively rubbing his hands...

...and Donald Trump has ordered a US aircraft carrier (ironically the George H. W. Bush) back into the dangerous, tight waters of the Gulf. Not to protect US interests! (We are now energy independent enough not to need forces in the Straits of Hormuz.) But to serve as bait for a "Tonkin Gulf Incident."

Am I paranoid? Bah. Every foreign policy related person in today's White House, along with Steve Bannon, Rex Tillerson and the rest -- except (thank heavens) for national security adviser H.C. McMaster -- has beat the Iranian war drums. (McMaster's predecessor had been the loudest drum-beater.)

Where are the right wing voices who've been accusing democrats and moderates of "war-mongering at Russia" when the real danger is an "incident" with Iran, leading to Vladimir Putin's dream-come-true?

Pray for the US Navy, and their sage-calm officer corps. That they can navigate harsh waters and even harsher interference from those who would spend our brave sailors' lives.

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Zo veel moois te zien aan goede films en TV-series, en zo weinig tijd om te kijken...

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And that's why I still use Google Chrome as my browser of choice ! :-)

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10 Strategies to go viral on any platform

This is a well thought out and explained guide about the details you have to get right in order to potentially reach a mass audience, i.e. to have a post go viral !

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How Facebook Is Making Membership a Prerequisite to Everyday Existence

If you haven’t and/or won’t join Facebook, you might end up left, like me, in a peculiar situation: the price of “sharing” a car equals money plus forking over a huge trove of personal data. Personal information is supplanting money as a form of currency.

This is what is scaring me about Facebook ... The monopoly they are trying to get through their platform on social logins. I just hope that Europe / EU will never allow for essential services to become Facebook-exclusive.

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Dit is geweldig! 

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“Challenging Islam as a doctrine,” Ali Rizvi told me, “is very different from demonizing Muslim people.” Rizvi, a self-identified ex-Muslim, is the author of a new book titled The Atheist Muslim: A Journey from Religion to Reason. One of the book’s stated aims is to uphold this elementary distinction: “Human beings have rights and are entitled to respect. Ideas, books, and beliefs don’t, and aren’t.”
--- Correct! As long as people with a religion don't try to impose their religious rules upon me, I have no problem with anyone desiring to have a faith/belief/religion in their lives.

Yet he is trenchantly critical of canonical religious texts. “Most Muslims are moderate, but whoever wrote the Quran, that’s not a moderate person,” he said.
--- Indeed!

Unfortunately, the distinction between ideas and people isn’t so clear-cut, especially in the context of high-commitment faiths, where beliefs are not just abstract conceptual entities but core aspects of personal identity. At various points in his book, Rizvi explicitly recognizes this. “In much of the Muslim world where I grew up,” he writes, “religion is more than just a belief system. It is inextricably embedded in every aspect of people’s lives.”
--- And that's why it is so difficult for people living in those countries to follow the doubts they feel about the religious upbringing they've had. It's really hard to break away from not only those instilled beliefs but also to break from the cultural expectations coming with those ingrained religious rules of daily life.
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