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Spring Roof Maintenance

Spring is finally here and surely you are ready for the comfortable spring temperatures. However, let’s not forget all the hardships your roof endured during the bitter long winter months with excessive snow accumulations, icing conditions and gusting winds. You may have missed some roof maintenance issues that need to be addressed. With that said, now that spring is here you want to get your roof looking good again while ensuring that it is secure enough to provide shelter and safety for your family. To accomplish this task, you can simply reach out to the professionals here at Milliken’s Roofing.

Our qualified and highly skilled technicians are here to get your roof prepped for the spring and summer months ahead. Since climbing those not so sturdy ladders and standing atop your roof can be quite risky, it is best to rely upon the professionals to tend to all roof maintenance needs.

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Most Common Problem Areas of Your Roof System

Every roof, on every house, can suffer from a wide range of problems and issues. However, there are common roof components that tend to pose the greatest number of problems for homeowners. These specific roof issues are very easy for homeowners to spot and to identify and many times even repair on their own. However, if you feel that you are not able to attack these problems because you are not comfortable to access your roof and feel that the scope of the work is far beyond your capabilities then surely you want to hire a team of professionals.

Here at Milliken’s Roofing all our technicians and installers are licensed and certified to handle all types of roof system problems and to handle any and all types of roof installations and replacements as well.

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Storm Damage Roof Repairs
Posted March 1st, 2017

When storms hit, surely the amount of damage that can be caused to your home is immeasurable. Roof damage that is caused from storms accounts for millions, if not billions of dollars in repair each year. Severe rains, hail and gusting winds can cause severe damage to a home, and specifically to your roof. However, it can be difficult to spot and recognize when storm damage roof repairs are necessary following a storm. Your best first step to determining any damage that has occurred is to simply take a walk around your house after the storm and look for any signs of damage to the exterior of your home. Typically, if there has been significant roof damage, you will surely be able to see the damage at first look, but more often than not a closer viewing and inspection is required.

Roof Damage Following a Storm

The damage that can be caused to your roof from hail, winds and other stormy weather conditions goes well beyond the shingles. If hail is the culprit, it is important to check the vents, flashing and exhaust caps on your roof in addition to the shingles. When looking for signs of roof damage, rain gutters or spouts with dings, dents or bends are a sure indication of roof storm damage. Giving a close check for leaks in your roof or ceiling is also critical to your post storm inspection along with torn seams which can lead to serious water damage and mold infestation over time.

Here at Milliken’s Roofing, our highly skilled and professional roof specialists are here to take care of all your storm roof damage. We are here to answer questions, address concerns, perform a full post storm inspection of your roof, and to provide our top of the line roof repair services to take care of all your damage needs. After a storm has hit, homeowners are often concerned about potential damage to their roof, and, as mentioned, above it is sometimes difficult to spot and verify roof damage which is why it is important to reach out to our professionals whenever you feel your home may have suffered storm roof damage.

Our expert team will come out to your home and perform a thorough inspection and analysis of your roof identifying any damage that may be present. Upon completion of the inspection, we will provide you with a full estimate of all the roof repairs necessary in order to restore your roof to its healthy pre-storm condition. We recognize that most, if not all of our valued clients, have home owner’s insurance to which a claim can be filed.

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Milliken's Roofing, the Nashville Roofing Company You Can Trust!

When homeowners in South Nashville have a need for roof replacement or repair they look to the Nashville roofing company that can provide not only superior products and services but the confidence and trust every homeowner is looking for. Here at Milliken’s, roofing service is not just a word.

Our licensed and certified roofers are all about providing our clients with top of the line quality services that not only afford homeowners with a top-rated solution to their roofing problems, but also provide them with the assurance and confidence they need to know that their home and their investment is in the hands of some of the best in the industry.

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Avoid A Roof Collapse – Call Milliken’s Roofing your Nashville Area Roofing Specialists

when the snow accumulations are so heavy. For this reason it is important to make certain your roof is in good enough condition to withstand all the elements all year round, and especially in the midst of the winter season. Regardless of what type of roofing you have, rest assured our expert teams are here to provide you with all your Nashville Area roofing needs.

Snow related roof collapses are typically caused by excessive amounts of snow accumulation on a rooftop, regardless of what type of roofing it may be. A single cubic foot of snow weighs near to 7 pounds and when the snow is packed and topped with ice as well will weigh much more. In addition, should it rain, sleet, or hale these forms of precipitation will definitely compound the already existing problem if the moisture from the precipitation is absorbed into the roof.

At Milliken’s Roofing we are committed and dedicated to providing all our valued clients with top of the line products and services for all their Nashville Area roofing needs. Our highly trained and experienced roofers and specialists are here to offer insight and direction when it comes to avoiding a roof collapse.
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Trust Your Roof to a Top Rated Nashville Roofing Contractor

Homeowners in the Nashville area have come to know the friendly and professional roofing repair and installation experts here at Milliken’s Roofing.

A team of highly experienced and skilled technicians and installers, we here at Milliken’s Roofing take a great deal of pride in providing all our valued clients with quality products and services. Our award winning team and our highly reputable company strive to deliver superior roofing services in timelines that are accommodating to our clients at prices that are truly affordable from a top rated Nashville Roofing Contractor.

Having earned ourselves a notable spot at the top of the charts as one of the, if not the most trusted Nashville roofing contractor in all the region, we remain steadfast in maintaining that very position and recognition. Using only state of the art equipment and some of the best software available in the industry today, our team of experts continues to provide the utmost in quality services to all our customers in the Nashville area. Our experienced team offers a wide range of products and services from new and replacement roofs, gutters, siding and trim, to skylights, window installations, storm damage and chimney repairs as well. The team here at Milliken’s Roofing is the perfect team for all your roofing projects no matter how big or how small.

We take pride in our 100% customer satisfaction rating, and our professional roof installation techniques and procedures. Our dedicated staff members strive to exceed all our client expectations, and to provide superior roofing work that will last for years and years.

Milliken’s Roofing for all Your Roofing Needs

At Milliken’s Roofing you can trust your investment to our professional, highly reputable company and our experienced teams who will not only provide you with superior products and services but will also treat your home as if it were our own. We work alongside all our clients in our efforts to meet with all their roofing needs, their timelines, and even their pocketbooks. We pride ourselves on turning long-time dreams into realities and to helping clients to enhance both the overall appearance of their homes as well as the overall value.

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Donelson Roof Repairs and Replacements

Buying or selling a house is a very challenging task and one that requires a great deal of time, patience, preparation and know how. For many people, when it’s time to buy a home there are a select number of specifics they give primary focus to and surely the condition of the roof on their potential new home is one of the most important. With a fast growing, older neighborhood of Nashville like Donelson roof repairs can be something you find yourself having to do after you buy an older home.

With that said making certain that the roof of your home, whether you are selling it or buying it, is in ideal condition is every bit as important as the price you are willing to pay for the house. Since the roof of any house provides shelter, comfort, and security for the home and all its family members and it is vital to the overall construction and structure of the home, then surely it makes sense that you want the roof to be in tip top shape, again whether selling it or buying it.

Donelson Roof Repairs or Replacements
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East Nashville Roof Replacements

Are you a homeowner in one of East Nashville’s trendy neighborhoods of Lockeland Springs, Five Points, Eastland, Edgefield, Rosebanks, or Porter Hills who is in need of a roof replacement on your home? Have you encountered ongoing problems with your roof and find it necessary to replace it, and enhance the overall appearance and value of your home? If you have answered yes to either of these questions, then surely you have come to the right place.

The experts here at Milliken’s Roofing are committed and dedicated to providing all our East Nashville clients and those in the surrounding areas with top of the line products and services. We strive to deliver roofing services that are truly unmatched in the region. Having earned ourselves a spot on the charts as your go to company for all your roofing needs, our professionals are steadfast in maintaining that very recognition year after year.
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Nashville Roofing Company Milliken's Roofing Shares valuable Tips on the Roofing Language.

Most homeowners have to purchase at least one roof for their home in their lifetime. With that said, we here at Milliken’s Roofing company in Nashville wanted to share with our clients and readers the overall ‘language’ or terminology used by roofing contractors. Understanding and knowing the language and terminology can certainly be helpful when homeowners are discussing their roofing needs and issues with any roofing company in Nashville, and certainly with ours. In addition, a familiarity with the language will be beneficial when it comes time to look at and review your roofing quote or estimate from your contractor of choice.

The Terminology, the Lingo and the Language

Roofing Company in NashvilleWe will provide you with an alphabetical list of common words below that are used in the roofing industry and will afford you a brief definition or explanation of each.

Aluminum – Aluminum is a non-rusting metal that is used in roofing specifically for metal roofing and for the fabrication of gutters and flashing as well.

Aluminized Steel – Aluminized steel is sheet steel that consists of a thin aluminum coating on the surface that serves to enhance the steel’s overall ability to withstand all types of weather conditions.

Dormer – A dormer is a small structure projecting from a sloped roof, usually with a window. It is primarily used in attics to add some level of lighting and an attractive design to the constructed house.

Decking – Decking is the surface of the roof, usually plywood or a strand board.

Drip Edge – A drip edge is an L-shaped strip typically made out of metal that is installed along the edges of the roof in order to allow water to run off the drip clear of the deck, the eaves and the siding.

Eaves – These are the lower edges of the roof that normally you will see overhanging beyond the edge of the house.

Fascia – Fascia is a trim board behind the gutters and eaves.

Felt – Felt is a tar paper that is used by professional roofers, and is typically made of a combination of asphalt and paper.

Fire Rating – This is a system used for classifying the fire resistances of multiple materials. Roofing materials are given ratings of Class A, B, or C with Class A materials being those that have the highest resistance to fires originating outside of the house structure.

Flashing – A flashing is either sheet metal or other material that is used at the junctions of different planes on the roof and is used to prevent seepage of water around vent pipes, chimneys, valleys and joints connected to vertical walls.

Gable – A gable is a triangular shaped part of the end of a structure located underneath the roof and above the main part of the house or structure.

Galvanized Steel – Galvanized steel is steel that is coated with zinc that aids in corrosion resistance.

Gutter – This is a channel made of sheet metal that is installed along the down slope of a roof to control runoff water from the roof to the downspouts.

Hip – A hip is the external angle located at the junction of two sides of a roof where supporting walls are adjoined.

Joist – A joist is a horizontal structural presence over which sheathing is nailed and comes into play on a flat roof.

Louvers – These are slatted devices that are installed in either a gable or soffit and are used to ventilate air temperature and equalize the temperature as well under the roof deck.

Membrane – The membrane is the part of the roofing system that is accountable for waterproofing.

Satisfaction Guaranteed Each Time, Every Time

At Milliken’s Roofing company in Nashville, we are all about our clients. That is why we want to help all our valued clients to have a much clearer understanding of their roofing projects and be able to talk about their roofing needs or issues with our professional and highly experienced roofers. We fully understand that your house is one of the greatest investments you will make in your lifetime, which is why we enjoy working alongside all our clients when it comes time to discuss and resolve their roofing issues.

Our company has been recognized time and time again as one of the best all round roofing contractors Nashville has to offer. We are proud of our award winning presence and of our state of the art products, quality services, affordable prices and our highly skilled and certified roofers and technicians.

If you are in need of a new roof or have a roofing problem you need resolved, reach out to the experts here at Milliken’s Roofing today. We are truly one of the best, if not the overall best roofing company in Nashville and so proud of it!!
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