For those who are not aware yet - +Alexander Monakov's primus solution is what most would call "done" now, and definitely ready to try out if you're still using optirun!

Simply download and compile, then use the included primusrun script instead of optirun. Keep your bumblebee daemon/settings as they have been for optirun, no need to change anything - just replace "optirun" by "primusrun". You'll have to set it up manually for now, but it only involves 2 (single-arch) or 3 (multiarch) files so is relatively easy.

Main advantages this has over the optirun/VirtualGL solution:
- Less overhead (better framerates!) and cleaner solution (no networking or compression involved at all).
- Fixes the "bug" that causes bumblebee to shut down the GPU too early sometimes (no more need for the "optirun bash" workaround - ever!).
- Less buggy/glitchy, easier to debug.
- Only uses/starts secondary GPU for OpenGL parts of applications - everything else remains on your main GPU (power savings).

Give it a spin and make sure to report any bugs/problems you find on the github issue tracker for primus (see link -> issues).

Most of you are probably wondering - will we pack this as part of bumblebee in the future? Most likely, yes! We have to get the team together and make some decisions about this and what will happen to optirun first (on some distros - specifically those that use statically compiled - primus will not work (yet?), so the VirtualGL solution should remain available for that small group of people...).
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