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New Bumblebee version 3.0.1 released.

Bumblebee v3.0.1. fixes the "GPU has fallen off the bus" error, buffer overflow error and several other bug fixes.

Upgrading is easy (Ubuntu):
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install bumblebee

Have fun!
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A very BIG thanks! For a CUDA/OpenCL developer having such a project which cares about the GPU is invaluable.
As usual, thanks for the work put on this ;)
can you try to make bumblebee installations on other distros so comfortable? i.e. opensuse, fedora.

i know there are ways to install it. i know. but not so easy & comfortable. i said. it is not just for me. i know all the instructions and how-to...but as i wrote before it is not that easy...
who said i did not try? ^^ 
i try and i can install it and i can use it. 

at the moment i am using ubuntu so i do not even need support for other distro.

but i do not just ask for me. so you do not need to show me other how-to. i just wanted to say "hey, there are other distros, too" 
+Tolga Aydemir One distribution for some and another for others :) Who said about how-to? :P I installed Archlinux for my mother. She is a novice and she makes it through. 
PS:I think, this is discussion is off-topic :)
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