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When you're running Ubuntu 13.10 or later, you can install the packages from the repositories (including Linux Mint 17, where the Ubuntu Universe & Multiverse repos are enabled by default), you don't need to use PPA's anymore!

1. (Ubuntu) Enable Universe & Multiverse repos. This can be done via the 'Software Sources' in Software Center.
2. sudo apt-get install bumblebee bumblebee-nvidia primus linux-headers-generic
3. Reboot.

And have fun!
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It should work on Ubuntu 14.04 as well using the method described above. Maybe you need to install the latest Nvidia driver (which is now 331):
$ sudo apt-get install nvidia-331 nvidia-settings.

of better: use the 'Additional driver' app within Ubuntu. Or the Linux Mint 'Driver manager' to install the latest Nvidia driver.

It's NOT advised to install the latest version from

Than said. You also could remove Bumblebee completely and try nvidia prime:
$ sudo apt-get install nvidia-prime.

NOTE: Using nvidia prime it is not allowed to switch between videocards, you just login using NVIDIA card or using the Intel card. Bumblebee does offer the feature to run specific applications on a specific graphics card.
Good luck!
Well I am using Nvidia Prime now, before 14.04 I was using Bumblebee. 

While I like the performance of Prime, it has this very annoying bug with tearing screen, which is not present on Intel card and was hoping I could get rid of the screen tearing with Bumblebee. 
I am on Kubuntu actually and it looks like Kwin has some issues with Nvidia drivers. 

Thank you for your quick reply! 
The latest available driver for me on Ubuntu 14.10 is 331, 334 says
Package 'nvidia-334' has no installation candidate
I don't mind at all, I can't really see any difference between drivers and most of the games we play are not on Linux yet, unfortunately. Love Bumblebee though
Cool. Will it be updated like lets say firefox is updated? (So if new version of bumblebee comes out will it be updated in the repos?)
Good question, but I think that is the main goal of a repository. So yes, it will in fact update the package when there is a new package available in the repo. The latest stable version (v3.2.1) is coming from 26 April 2013. There is a lot of development is in the develop branch of Bumblebee. I really like to see the next stable version any time soon.
What about our own configuration files and custo? I had to build up a few scripts for bumble bee to work with my Asus n76... 
What about more integration between projects? What about making it more integrated with Wayland too? :D
When wayland comes out, Nvidia should be in the lead. They should create a good driver which also add support for nvidia optimus. After all they develop the hardware. Moreover, in contrast with Xorg, Wayland could support Optimus much better. Wayland is better designed for future usage.

Any idea, why Bumblebee Poject is not active anymore? It so much more usefull than nvidia-prime (log-out log-in)
Can't install it on 16.04, almost no guids on web...
+Gašper Sedej
One reason: the main developer Lekensteyn doesn't commit anymore:

And a lot of forks are happening (bad habit)... See:

Finally, I think there are too less moderators currently, who has write access to the github repo. Overall, too less issues get solved mainly due to lack of repository administrators who can for example accept Pull requests.

UPDATE: I received a message that ArchangeGabriel I’ll be back soon to fix some stuff.

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